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  • 11 Tips to Impress a Ukrainian Woman
    Today's article will be devoted to how to impress your beloved Ukrainian girl. Believe us, this is real for anyone who is ready to show wit and who has the appropriate desire. And if you have a problem with your wits, well, you have us! We know a lot about impressing a Ukrainian girl.
  • Sex with a Russian Girl: How to Get the Best of It
    At one time, in a liberated country that gained sexual freedom, it was only heard of Indian Kamasutra, French love, and Swedish family (as Russians call a family made of three partners). But was there really no sexual tradition in Russia before? Of course, it existed. But not all Russians know about this. We will arrange for you a small but fascinating excursion into the history in order to understand Russian women and their attitude towards sex better.
  • Do Russian Women Want to Leave Their Motherland?
    Many Russian girls try to find their happiness within their own country believing in their good luck. Those who feel different and cannot become happy there start looking for the right men abroad and get such a label as “Russian brides”.
  • Creative Ideas for the First Date with a Russian Girl
    The first date determines the development of the future relationship. There is nothing wrong with a classic dinner and a movie. However, would it not be better to add a little spice to the relationship?
  • 10 Tips to Turn a Ukrainian Girl On in Bed
    What can be better than watching your girl being turned on because of what you say or do? It is incredibly pleasant for every man to realize that whatever he does, he does it right.
  • Kissing a Ukrainian Girl: Perfect Your Skills with This Guide
    Let’s find out how to kiss and how to get a girl to kiss you. Following these tips, you’ll experience the pleasure of Ukrainian women dating.
  • Choosing a Gift for a Ukrainian Girl
    There are dozens of presents for girls in a modern store. However, are you sure she will be glad to have the one you have chosen?
  • Dating a Girl in Her 20s: Tips and Tricks
    When it comes to dating after 40, men prefer to date sexy young girls. Senior dating sites often offer dating young Russian girls, because they are brought up according to patriarchal rules, where man is the main authority in their lives. This way of bringing up often results in young Russian girls dating older western men. But, senior dating requires certain rules, and whether you date a Russian or a western woman, you should know them.
  • Difficulties of Finding Love in the Modern Era
    “Why can't I find love?” remains one of the most popular questions among representatives of the millennial generation.
  • The Problems You May Face When Dating a Ukrainian Girl
    Dating Ukrainian women both online and offline remains the second most popular dating activity for western men, topped only by dating Russian women. But, the lack of knowledge about the cultural peculiarities of the post-Soviet states can cause serious dating problems.
  • 5 Secrets to Pick Up a Smart Girl
    Doing my regular online research a few days ago, I discovered many men complained they couldn’t find smart girls to date. This really surprised me. In fact, our world is full of different ladies and great many of them have a high level of intellect.
  • How to Get a Kiss on the First Date
    When it comes to a first date with a new special person you’ve met, the most popular question is gonna be “how to get a girl to kiss you?” Let’s approach this matter comprehensively and figure out how to make your date flawless and what girls think about kissing.
  • Why Exactly Should You Marry a Ukrainian Woman?
    Slavic women today become super popular marriage materials all around the world. In particular, Ukrainian girls gain more and more attention from foreigners. What makes them so special? Read and find out!
  • Simple Guide to Flirting with Ukrainian Girls Online
    Over the last decades, international dating and marriages have become the established trends. The growing proportion of people prefers using online dating services to just wandering the streets in searches of a compatible partner.
  • How to Treat Ukrainian Brides
    You don’t have to be very handsome or wealthy to win the heart of a Ukrainian girl. These girls (like all women) fall in love with the way you treat them. Your behavior towards Ukrainian brides will define your success with them. Since all women are different, you need to find a special approach to the woman you want to date.
  • Where to Find Ukrainian Brides in Ukraine
    There are a lot of foreigners looking for a Ukrainian wife these days. No wonder. Russian girls (general term for women from Ukraine and Russia) are known for their beauty and personal characteristics that make them perfect marriage material. If you’ve never dated women from other countries you may be wondering how to organize your searches and what to expect.