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12 Overweight Dating Tips for Guys

Today we will talk about overweight men and the impact that their excess weight has on their dating experience. What things about overweight dating should you know? How hard can overweight dating be for men? Is “large men dating” impossible?

dating tips for fat guys

Honest Reasons Why Being Overweight Is Nearly Always Bad

It is believed that now, obesity is an increasingly growing problem in the world. In every country, more and more fat people appear. It is generally accepted that the largest number of obese people in America is due to their crazy appetites (this is not just about food). However, in any country, there are people with such problems. Before we find out how to date when you are overweight, let's try to figure out the disadvantages of being fat.


Obesity is not only a bulging abdomen, an overwhelming ass, and saggy sides. This is the direct cause of more than 30 diseases. The excess weight gives a huge load on the cardiovascular system. Often there are problems with the excretory tract, this guarantees a disease of the bones of the joints and spine. And this is only a small part of what is suffering in our body about obesity. This problem can be solved with the help of hard training and proper nutrition.


Modern beauty standards dictate their conditions. In society, it is considered the right to be fit and slim, which inevitably equals a huge number of people. No matter how you feel with one or another body shape, others will consider you to not be normal. Fat people are doomed to public censure, even if they do not hear it directly.


What to do in retirement? Certainly not let yourself get out of shape. You cannot walk for a long time, lead an active lifestyle, and a house without an elevator will be a real curse. Stretching will help increase stamina, improve joints and stretch. These exercises are largely suitable for overweight people.


Completeness affects not only how the environment will relate to you, but also how you will relate to yourself. Each reflective surface will remind you of being overweight. As a result, it will be more and more difficult to pull yourself together and go in for sports, especially when the arrow on the scales insidiously approaches the number 100 and overtakes it at indecent speed. All this makes one be dissatisfied with oneself, and with life itself as a whole, forcing one to be in constant stress.

But excess weight is not a reason to deny yourself the joys of dating. We’ve got the best site to meet women for you today, and it would be a sin not to use it. Don’t waste your time and meet thousands of women that are waiting for a man online.

Are Overweight Men Attractive to Girls?

Do women like overweight men? This question is hard to answer, all of us have different preferences, and it’s just the same for women. Sure, fit guys are generally preferable to overly skinny and fat men, but still, there is a market for every physique, body shape, etc. There are several reasons why girls may prefer guys with a dad's body physique and avoid guys with ripped bodies.

do women like overweight menA ripped fit partner puts pressure on a woman that is out of shape, she feels uncomfortable, as if she has to keep up with the same standards as her partner, thus there is no sense of acceptance, there are just awkwardness and a sense of guilt.

Also, when we talk about something rather more intimate in nature, about sex in relationships, everything is a lot more subjective, it all subjective, personal, and very intimate to everyone.

There’s one neat reason for dating someone overweight. Most likely, the desire to lay on something that resembles a pillow is an instinct that we endure from childhood. Soft things give a sense of security and comfort. I remember one of Harlow’s experiments, in which little monkeys preferred to spend time not with the feeder that had a wire on it, but with the soft feeder, which, in fact, did nothing. So, an overweight man can bring a sense of comfort into a woman’s life.

How to Attract Girls When You Are Overweight

An ideal appearance does not actually exist, and each person is individual and beautiful in their own way. But, unfortunately, the standards and ideals of beauty imposed by society lead to the development of complexes and feelings of self-doubt. And this applies not only to the female half of society. Many men, for example, are wondering how to please a girl if you are ugly and fat.

Excess body weight and imperfect facial features are not uncommon, both among girls and among boys. Men are also worried about their appearance, especially if it interferes with making acquaintances and relationships with the opposite sex. It remains only to work on yourself to make it easier to establish contacts with the ladies. And, after all, there are many attractive fat guys out there, so you can be fat but attractive at the same time. And there are many girls who like fat guys, so that is another plus.

1. Discreetness and moderation

Despite the fact that men should be conquerors of women's hearts, you need to know the limits in everything that you do. In addition, women, because of their penchant for adventurism and imagination, love mysterious, and not fully understood men. In this regard, a man should not give out all his secrets and facts from life, leaving lots of things to be untold.

2. Self-esteem

Can fat guys get girlfriends? Of course, they can, they have to have a sense of self-esteem. A woman, by virtue of her sensitivity and emotionality, intuitively feels confidence and self-esteem in a man. Since they, by their nature, need a strong and reliable partner, respectively, they want a man to have self-esteem and ambition. Such criteria indicate that a man is not capable of vile and bad deeds.

3. Confidence and courage

Dating big guys can be quite great if they present themselves in a proper way. Another answer to the question of how an ugly guy to please a girl lies in the character of the man, namely in his self-confidence and masculinity. Any girl can afford to relax only with such a partner. At the same time, it is important not to confuse the concept of self-confidence with arrogance, a man needs to be decisive in any matters, but polite and gentle with a girl. You can show confidence in yourself if you speak directly without hesitation and embarrassment, look directly into the eyes, and remain calm and measured in any situation.

4. Nice looks

While we ponder over the issue of, “How can a fat guy get a girl?” women ask themselves questions like, “How to be fat and attractive for guys,” this is a two-way street. You have to watch your looks and appearance. If a woman looks at a man’s appearance, she does not evaluate his facial features, height, figure and physical abilities, but rather, attractiveness, neatness, and accuracy. Psychologists say that all women, without exception, look at several criteria in appearance:

  • clean shoes;
  • nice smell;
  • nice haircut and facial hair;
  • clean ironed clothes;
  • fresh breath;
  • clean skin without rashes and spots.

If a man is overweight, it is not so important for him to lose weight to ideal indicators but to look neat and pleasant. To do this, you can choose the right clothes and shoes, body shaping, as well as take care of yourself and monitor personal hygiene.

5. Touching

There are various types of touches: friendly, sexual, intimate. At each period of your relationship, they should not be out of place. For example, if you have just met a girl, there is no reason to let your hands loose. A gentle touch on her shoulders is enough to strengthen the words you have spoken.

6. Ability to conduct a conversation

Are you looking for dating tips for fat guys? You have to be able to conduct a nice conversation. I have already said that girls like it when their men can talk. Therefore, you must turn up your eloquence. You have to discuss interesting topics while making sure that the girl is really intrigued by everything that you tell her. You should not ask too many questions, otherwise, she will feel like she is being interrogated. Focus more on simply communicating with her.

overweight dating for men7. Lifestyle

You should be something special, you should have some stories to tell, something to share with anyone, not only with her. Being out of shape is only a hindrance, but if, under all of that weight, there is an entertaining man that can always keep up with a conversation, and can entertain a woman – she will find him quite attractive and appealing.

8. A sense of humor

If you have a great sense of humor, consider that you already almost know how to attract a woman. The ability to make her laugh is a monumental talent that you should possess as a man. And, believe me, she will choose a guy with a sense of humor without other advantages than a boring manager with a stable salary and a nice car. Most guys do not know how to make fun of a girl. They think that they will offend her. Or try to impress and look better in her eyes. But this is an unreasonable fear because this is precisely what can hook her onto you, and she will gladly want to meet with you again.

9. Dominant behavior

You can be completely different. But at the same time, you must demonstrate that you are the dominant one, so the last word and the final decision is yours. She can say a million times that she is not like everyone else, that she can solve all her problems herself, but women feel those men who have power and are drawn to them. Be gentle, be cruel, be a romantic, be a bastard - you must be different. Act based on the situation and what she needs at this very moment.

10. Correct positioning

The girl who is next to you should clearly understand that you are better than all other men. Why is she with you? What are your main benefits? You ask me how to charm a girl? The answer is very simple: position yourself as alpha. Make her think that you are the best thing that happened to her in life. You are the man she wants to be with.

11. Social status

Any girl wants to be with the best, so your social status will be one of the determining factors for her in choosing a partner. Yes, your status is not all that important in the first stage of communication. But if you are planning something serious with this girl, you will have to think about it. You need to understand for yourself what this notorious social status is. Since this is not only a job title occupied by you at work but also leadership in a certain circle of society.

12. Non-verbal communication

It is very important for a girl to see that you are well-behaved, how you act in public. How beautifully and harmoniously you can present yourself. Your posture should present you as an alpha male because really a lot of things depend on it. You should not be constantly looking at the floor. Spread your shoulders and raise your head. Your gait should be very confident, and your face should be relaxed. If you pass by a girl, be sure to smile at her. So she will feel more relaxed. Your look should always be directed at the girl. In no case should you lower your eyes, this is a sign of submission. You should speak rather slowly and clearly, make the right intonations, avoid parasitic words in your speech. All girls love with their ears. Non-verbal communication is one way of expressing oneself. If you learn how to use this tool correctly, you can achieve the girl’s disposition and make your conversation more effective.

Your shape and size don’t really matter if a woman feels comfortable and entertained by your side. Sure, we all have our own sexual preferences, but there’s more to a fruitful relationship than just that. Be yourself, do the things a woman wants from you, that is if she doesn’t ask too much of you.

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