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Our company Sono RC LP (UK) provides its Clients with the dating services on the website VaVaDating.com according to the following Terms and Conditions. PLEASE, READ THIS PART OF YOUR USERS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE STARTING USING OUR SERVICES.

All the services that are provided by UK-based company (hereinafter company) through the Site (VaVaDating.com) and related to present site and company are regulated by the law and by the Terms and Conditions of present Agreement.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to change by VaVaDating.com at any time, effective upon posting on the VaVaDating.com website, and your use of the service after such posting will constitute acceptance by you of such changes.

Sono RC LP owns all rights for this site, and hereinafter the ompany is referred to as “we”, “Our Company” and “us”. The Terms and Conditions form the agreement between the Client and the Service Provider. It sets out the conditions under which our Client can access the Site in order to get acquainted and to use the information and advertising on our Site.

Dating services information and dating advertising (the “Material”) is always available on our Site. By registering and filling in your application form as well as by becoming a member of a dating site, the Client indicates that he or she agrees with all the Terms and Conditions placed on the Site.

1. Terms and Conditions:

Present Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms” are regulating clients’ use of the site, (hereinafter referred to as “dating site”) owned by the Sono RC LP. Please,  give your special attention to the parts 15 to 18 and the Privacy Policy chapter that also regulates the process of the site use.

Please read both Privacy Policy and the Terms, and do not proceed with the using of our site in case you don’t agree with all the statements stated in both.  By using the site Client approves his or her agreement to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and by the Privacy Policy.

The owners of the Site have right to make certain changes in the Terms on their sole discretion. In order to stay up-to-date, please carefully read any revisions that will be published on the site. Please check the site from time to time not to miss such revisions.

Our site does its best to provide Clients with the best services. Though we cannot guarantee that all the Members of our Dating site are 100% verified identities. If you have any doubts about the content of the Member’s profile or about information presented in such profile, or if you think that the information given by other member is misleading or false, please – contact us under this link.

In case you have questions concerning the site operation and so on, please ask us through the “Contact us” form.

 2. No warranty 

Our site, or the Dating Site provides its services on “as is” basis. We cannot guarantee the following:
The format of the site will stay unchangeable since the moment you have started using it.
There will be no defects or viruses the Dating Site or any software available from it.
The information contained on the site is true, complete and precise. The only exclusion from this rule is the information that is guaranteed to be true by law.

Client shall assume and understand all the risks connected to the use of the site and the information contained on the site.

3. Liability

The Site bears no responsibility and is no liable for any kind of damages (direct or indirect) or losses (direct, indirect, consequential) that are connected with the dating site. Such losses may include but are not measured by loss of business opportunity, loss of profit or goodwill.

4. Material for download

We try our best and do check all the information that is available for download on our Dating Site. Thought, for the sake of additional security, please run your own virus check before using it in order to be sure that it is safe.

5. Website use

Client guarantees and promises not to:
Use the Site and its Content for purposes that contradict to the law
Make any damage or become the reason of any loss of the Dating Site.
Impair any way to its functionality
Run any kind of scripts on any part of the site.
Send and/or post computer viruses through the Dating Site
Place any defamatory or false material on the Dating Site
Place any content that might be taken as misleading, offensive, having sexually explicit or menacing character, causing irritation or annoyance
Use the site in a way that would cause violation of any person or company (including rights of copyright and the right for confidentiality)
Transmit any content for promotion publicity or advertisement through the site (requires prior written content)
Recourse to the Site in case you have right claim or action against any other Member of the site arising out of the use of the Site.
Become the reason of any loos or damages and to defend the Site against all claims, liability, damages, expenses and so on that may also include but are not limited to legal fees,  as a result of use of the Site or any content of The Site.

In case Client committed the breach of any of these statements of Terms and Conditions, the Site has a right to immediately suspend the access to the site.

Clients’ right to use the Site is regulated by limitations, conditions and restrictions that are established by us and are changed from time to time, in our sole discretion.

6. Rights for Intellectual property

The design, images and all the content of the Site is a property of the Sono RC LP unless otherwise stated.

Dating Site provides Client with the Content for personal use only and any try of copying or reproduction of any part of the Dating Site for any purposes other than private use of the site (excluding the internal purposes of the Site such as temporary copies that are necessary for downloading of parts of the Dating Site), as well as the displaying, distribution or copying of the part or of whole Dating Site are strictly forbidden.

It is forbidden to reproduce or to store any part of the Website to any other Website, to reproduce it to any other site and to give an access to the site through any other third site. All these actions require written consent with the owners of the Site.

7 Links to other Sites

We have no control over any action or information that may be acted or presented on any third website the link to which had been posted by the Client. Such sites (including co-branded sites) are separate sites and subject to their own regulations and rules and hence we bear no responsibility for their Content. Besides we cannot accept any kind of responsibility or liability resulting from your use of such sites.

8. Content of the Site

There is no liability from our side with respect to any of the information, product or Company, that have been mentioned on present Dating Site. In case Client wants to contact to any of such organizations, the contact will be a direct one between the Client and the Third Party Organization, and our party will be in no way involved to this process. Besides the Site bears no responsibility for the quality of any of services, products or information given or provided to you by these third party sites.

Content we DO NOT allow: pedophilia, incest, zoophilia, graphic violence and any other type of abusive, obscene or illegal materials. Website administration abides by a zero tolerance policy towards any inappropriate content.

9. Registration on the Site

If Client wants to receive an access to such parts of present Site that require registration, it is necessary for her or for him to pass through the process of the registration on present Site. Besides he or she may subscribe (for free). The registration will require presenting certain details e.g. email address or a desired password. These are requirements from you as a future member of the Site:
Being 18 and older
Creating a profile to become a member
Using personal email and password and not to share this information with any third party
Not to allow anyone who is not a registered member to have an access to any part of the site.
Not to create any additional fake profiles
Not to give false or misleading information or not to pass yourself off another Member

The Site may cancel your access to the Content of the Site and to do it immediately on our sole discretion without any written notice if we feel that the Client have breached or is not corresponding to any of abovementioned requirements.

10. Membership

After registering on the Site the Profile of the Member will be placed for free on our Site. There is no Subscription of Members on our Site.


In case the Member of the Site is an U.S. citizen or resident and he or she wants to obtain personal information about or meet personally with a non-U.S. citizens or residents, he or she hereby agrees to fully comply with all provisions of the IMBRA, including the requirement that he or she doesn’t make any direct contacts with the non-U.S. citizens or residents until you have completed the procedures required by the IMBRA. The same procedures are required to be filled in by the citizens of the rest of the countries as well.

12. Payments

Some of the Site services are not free. We take fees for:
Sending letters
Instant messages in online chat
Video chat
Video presentations
Gift delivery

You may see all the prices for all of these services of you are a registered member of the Site. Please note that the site has a right to change the fee policy and the new fee policy will come into force at the very moment of its publication on the site. All currency references are in the dollars of USA.

13. Cancellation, rejection or suspension

The Site has a right to refuse any application for the Membership. Besides it is possible to suspend or cancel the use of the Site by any of its members at our sole discretion. It may be caused by the serious or repeated breach of the rules of the Site, of the Terms and Conditions or of the Privacy Policy of the Site, or in connection to any use of this site that we consider inappropriate or disruptive. The Site will notify you on such action at the email address you have used while registering and will restrict your access еще he Dating Site.

14. The responsibilities of the member and Client

The client is responsible for every publication he or she makes on the Dating Site. Any information posted or submitted by you will be published on the present site so while publishing be aware of this fact. Such content may include the following: words, text, photographs, gifts and artwork, sounds and voices. By posting such Content, the Client gives the Site free of charge and non-exclusive right to use in anyway the material contributed to the Site (use and reuse, translate and transmit, publish broadcast and edit, copy paste and delete and so on) or any other media that has been available for the moment of creation of present Terms or hasn’t been yet developed. This rule acts worldwide and during any time of rights that may exist.

15. Rights of third parties

When the Member of the Site publishes or posts material on present Site, he or she hereby guarantees that
The rights of any public or private corporation or company or organization will not be breached
There will be no breach of intellectual property from the side of the client, as well as there will not be breach of confidentiality or privacy
There will be no defamation of any individual, company or corporation by the Client. Such defamation may include but is not limited to the following: offensive comments, false facts and unprovable information, breach of individual’s privacy by words or actions, any illegal or pornographic pictures or any other form of information which may be offensive on the grounds of race, religion, color of skin and may cause disrespect or hatred. Besides such breach include phrases that can breach professional ethics or the law.

16. Intellectual property

Client agrees that all rights, such as rights of database and copyright, related to any content on present Site or which is submitted by the Client no longer belongs to him or her and fully belongs to the Site or is licensed by the Client to our organization for the purposes that are mentioned in the Paragraph 11 above. Client may use and contribute the Content to the Dating Site for his or her own private purposes but not for any advertising or other commercial purpose (for example junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of commercial exploitation). Besides it is forbidden to copy, store, distribute, publish, broadcast, transmit, show in public, create a database (in electronic or any other medium) from downloaded materials or otherwise use any part of this Dating Site without prior written consent, except that you may reproduce reasonable extracts of any contribution to the Dating Site and its community, without our prior permission for non-commercial purposes.

17 Indemnity

The Site reserves the right according to which we may take over the exclusive defense of any procedure, action or claim for which the Client is responsible in financial way. In this case the Client provides us with all possible cooperation.

18. Disclaimer in case of damage or loss

The Client of the Site fully understands that:

Any statement or view of other members of the Site is their own contribution to the Site and does not belong to us or express our position, it doesn’t show the position of any of connected companies, employees or shareholders
The member of the site solely responsible for checking of accuracy of any information, facts or opinions, given by any other member of the Site.
The owners of the site do not moderate or in any other way edit the contributions of other members to the Site often
The sites that are mentioned in advertising or advertised at the site, or the sites that are accessible through the advertising links on the Site are not subject to the control of the Dating Site and the Site is not responsible for the Content of such sites. Besides we are not responsible for any possible agreement that may arise from your visiting of their site.

19. Liability limitation.

The Company is not in any way liable for any possible damage of loss that may be occurred from the registration on present web-site or from your inability to use it. We are not responsible for any loss or damaged caused to the Client by any third parties directly or indirectly connected to the Site and its use. This includes but is not limited to indirect, consequential, special or exemplary loss or damage, loss of such things as business or profit, revenue or opportunity, reputation or data suffered by the third parties. This does not exclude our liability for fraud, or for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or for any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law.

20. No warranty

Our organization cannot make any representations and we give no warranties concerning the compatibility, accuracy, completeness, non-infringement, reliability, suitability or quality of Site Material or Members of the Dating Site, and any implied warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Our Organization gives no warranties that present Site, or the server that supplies it, or any other of our systems will be free of errors or will never be interrupted, will not suffer viruses or bugs and we shall not be liable if this site is inaccessible at any time. Access may be interrupted from time to time without written notice for technical reasons or for reasons over which we have no control.

21. Protection of site data

To manage this site we have to use some of your personal data. It is allowed to send directly the promotional or advertising material and both our company and third parties carefully selected by us can do so. If you don’t want to receive such information, please inform us about it by contacting our Support.

22. Inappropriate use of the Site

In case our organization thinks that Clients way of use of our site is absolutely inappropriate and may be offensive to other Members, we may use the Information that we have concerning this particular client to prevent him or her to do so. This action may include informing the third party (such as employee or email provider or police) about inappropriate use of the Site.

23. Privacy Policy

Please, read the Privacy Policy chapter to know more about Privacy policy terms.

24. Monitoring of Information

Our organization leaves the right to monitor and check all the public postings that are made by the Members of the site together with all videos, audio records, messages and so on to be sure that they are not connected to any illegal activity and do not content anything that is not correspondent to the guidelines of present site.

25. Contact us

Please follow the below mentioned address to contact us for any reason you may find appropriate.

Sono RC LP
272 Bath Street,
G2 4JR