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What Are the Stages of Dating and Why You Need to Know Them?

Today we will talk about stages in relationships. The most important dating stages, what are the 6 stages of dating, how to overcome the early stages of dating, how to get to the latter stages in dating, and everything in between.

stages of dating

Why divide dating into stages?

Stages in relationships exist because relationships evolve with time, and a love union changes and develops.

First, you fall in love with each other; there’s euphoria, there’s excitement, there are strong feelings that have probably swallowed you two whole.

But, in just a few years, the love and passion that you have for each other subsides, and while this sounds quite depressing, as if you have the feeling you’ve once had for your partner, this is not the case - your relationship has evolved, it changed its shape.

We divide relationships into stages because it cannot be just excitement and euphoria for years and years in the future, a long-lasting relationship cannot just be about candies and bouquets, it has to move on.

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What are the most important stages of dating?

And now let’s look at these stages of dating, the most common and the most important ones.

The Honeymoon Phase

There are different stages of dating, and this is where it all begins. It is this stage that is so liked by all lovers. And it is this stage which many lovers often think of being true love. All of your emotions are focused on one person, you think of what to wear, how to compliment a girl, what to say, etc.

During this period, young people only get to know each other, go on dates, give gifts to each other, say nice words, and generally have a wonderful time. In the body of a man and a woman, hormones are produced that allow them to see the world in brighter colors.

Fortunately, there is no limit! Everything in the partner seems so beautiful. For some reason, even its shortcomings only cause emotion. Caution! Do not make any serious decisions at the very beginning of the relationship because soon you can regret them. The honeymoon phase will sooner or later pass.

Oversaturation stage

Here’s the second of stages of dating for a man/woman. At this stage, you begin to look soberly at things, at your relationship with a person, attachment is formed, old emotions and feelings gradually subside. You and your partner get used to each other, so you begin to behave more relaxed and act naturally.

Stage of disgust

This stage is considered one of the most difficult for people in romantic relationships. It is on it that most couples end their relationship.the stages of dating During this period, the partner’s shortcomings are obvious to you and your eyes. Quarrels and misunderstandings arise. It seems that the only way out of this situation is a breakup.

If you still decide to break up with your lover, all these steps will be repeated again in other ways. The stage of disgust, no matter how one wants it to avoid it, cannot be avoided. The main thing is to survive, endure it, control your negative emotions, and then you and your partner will be able to reach a new level of relationship.

Stage of duty or respect

At this stage, the man and woman are already aware that they have responsibilities to each other, and are happy to fulfill them. There is no more “owe me,” now there is “I owe.” This stage can safely be called a “prelude” to true love. All that was before is just affection.

Friendship stage

And they say that there is no friendship between a woman and a man. It happens! And it is very important! But it comes much later than many think. During this period, young people become very close to each other, share all their feelings, grievances, tell secrets, and communicate as best childhood friends. It is this period that opens the way to true love.

Stage of true love

Well, finally, you come to the main stage of a relationship. This is the last of the stages of dating. Only after visiting all the previous stages of the relationship, you can feel what true love is. Many people think that love arises on its own, but actually, it’s worth it to work hard for a long time. Work in tandem with your partner, give up selfishness, learn to compromise, show respect, and receive the same in return.

There are simply no other ways to come to this feeling. If you end your relationship with a person in the stage of disgust, in the hope that this will not happen in another relationship, get ready for disappointment. All couples inevitably go through this difficult stage and at the end of the path receive a well-deserved reward - sincere mutual love.

Before we list some early stages of dating advice, let’s determine at which stage in a relationship you are.

How to determine at what stage of dating I am now?

In most cases, several basic stages can be noted in the relationship, each of which is characterized by different problems and situations. Not all of them are required; you may have missed some of them. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to determine what stage you are at now, but each of them is an opportunity to study your compatibility and devotion to each other. Regardless of whether you have entered into a new relationship, whether you have been dating for a long time, or have been loyal to a regular partner for many years, it will be useful to understand what stage you and your partner are currently at.

Think about whether you can say that you are just getting to know each other

Do you want to figure out whether or not you are at the beginning stages of dating? The early stages of a relationship are characterized by a strong passion for man and a joint pastime. Pay attention, do you still ask your partner what they like and dislike? About their hobbies, interests, beliefs? Pay attention to whether you can evaluate the personal qualities of the partner to understand whether you are compatible or not. Evaluate whether or not you feel comfortable enough together to continue this relationship. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is this person caring and friendly enough? Can they be called rude and toxic? Do they tend to constantly be unhappy and annoyed? In general, am I having fun, and is it interesting to spend time with this person?

Pay attention to how much you focus on physical attraction

Think about whether you idealize your partner, whether you are easily excited when you think about them, whether you often think about them or not. If you cannot really understand its shortcomings, most likely you are still at the stage of a romantic hobby. Perhaps you experience these physical signs of attraction when your partner enters the room: redness of the cheeks; trembling hands; increased heart rate; you feel weak and it's as if you are fainting.

Watch your attempts to impress this person

Ask yourself if you are trying to behave perfectly, neglecting some of your habits to please this person, or trying to flirt with them. If so, most likely, you are still at the stage of passion for a partner, when it is most important for you to make a good impression and strengthen the relationship between you. You are so excited by their attention that you are trying hard not to make a mistake.

For example, you can go on dates for a long time to look perfect, agree to some offers that you usually refuse, buy beautiful expensive clothes, spend more time with your partner than with friends.

Keep in mind that negotiating boundaries is important. For the relationship to develop and be successful, you need to learn to be yourself, not trying to impress your partner. Do not refuse to spend time with friends and relatives - this will not lead to a happy and healthy relationship.

Think about whether you accept the flaws of your partner

Do you know about the shortcomings and oddities of this person? If so, then you are at the stage of true love, in which you no longer look at your partner through pink glasses but notice things in them and their behavior that begin to annoy you. Everything is in order - each of us has its own shortcomings. Your partner also begins to notice your weaknesses. It is important to find out for yourself whether you can put up with these shortcomings.

Are you starting to notice that your partner never washes dishes after a meal? Or have you noticed much more serious problems that you may have to work on for a long time (for example, they say that everything is fine when, in fact, they are upset for some reason)? If you cannot accept the mistakes and shortcomings of the partner at this stage (or feel that you cannot correct these shortcomings), you may decide to end this relationship and move on.

Watch how you deal with conflicts and misunderstandings

As you begin to communicate more closely, disputes and disagreements arise between you. If you are ready to compromise and first of all think about your partner and your relationship with them, then you are moving to the stage of a serious relationship, where mutual understanding comes first. Disagreements are inevitable, but you can learn to establish a dialogue. For this:

  • Listen carefully to each other;
  • Do not blame each other;
  • Rephrase or repeat some words from your partner’s speech to show that you are listening carefully to discuss complex and painful topics, such as hurt feelings.

Decide on the level of trust that you have between you

Ask yourself if you get what you need from each other. The success of building a relationship depends on whether you can trust each other. If you both go towards each other and listen to the needs of each other instead of being angry and denying what your partner needs, then you are at the stage of satisfaction. To assess your level of trust, consider whether you can:

  • Put yourself in a vulnerable position, share with your partner your problems and insecurity on some issues;
  • Be prepared to understand your partner’s feelings. Control your anger, jealousy, or sense of possessiveness.

Now that you know the characteristics of stages of dating relationships and know how to find out at which stage you are, you are acquainted with the dating stages timeline. Let’s move on.

How to move your relationships to the next stage

How not to give in to the routine that sooner or later will overtake your couple? If you are ready to take a relationship to a new level - these are our ideas to do so.beginning stages of dating

Swap roles

Each of you has certain responsibilities: for example, you wash the dishes and do laundering, and they pay the bills and vacuum. Try to switch roles for at least a week - this is another reason to get respect for your lover and change the patterned behavior.

Find a common hobby

Find out what you like and what they like, but what you have never tried before. Then compare it and think about what you could start doing together. The point is not even whether you like it or not, whether you continue, to try something new together is always interesting, but if you hit the mark, the fun is guaranteed.

Exchange letters

Today this sounds ridiculous, but earlier, in letters, they expressed what was impossible to say out loud. In our century of instant messengers, you, of course, can write them a huge emotion-driven message, but it is unlikely to be meaningful. The letter is, firstly, touching and romantic, and secondly, it will allow you not only to describe the inexpressible things that you have on your mind but also to express your desires in a soft way while learning something new about yourself. Such peculiar psychoanalysis. And do not forget to mention that you expect an answer from them.

Make a To-Do List

Jump from a bungee, go to a costume party, go to Iceland, explore all the most fashionable bars in the city in one night, buy a book on the Kama Sutra - the list goes on and on. Such entertainment will be to your taste, besides it can be constantly supplemented. The point is to overcome fears and try something new together, at least once changing the traditional breakfast in your favorite restaurant.

Stop controlling each other

Remember, you liked each other because they carried something individual in themselves. Often, when we dive headlong into relationships, we involuntarily give up our former world, filling it with love for another person. And thereby we lose attractiveness and shine in the eyes. Do not limit each other in the desire to meet old friends, go to a drawing lesson, or just walk alone: it is important for each person to have their own personal space.

Do not impose your desires

We understand that you really want them to go shopping after work and even keep company with your friends during dinner. But if they are against it, then why force it? Let’s remind you of something rather important: personal space and freedom of choice are very important.

Surprise each other for no reason.

A romantic candlelight dinner on weekdays, their favorite perfume, or a ticket for a match of their favorite team. Such sudden presents will definitely not go unanswered. Down with occasions in the form of birthdays, anniversaries, or professional holidays. Just give each other nice presents for no reason.

In the subsequent stages of the relationship, when you focus on work, children, and other responsibilities, do not forget to develop your relationship with a partner. Seek help and take care of your safety if disputes and conflicts become too aggressive if an element of physical violence appears. No need to stay in such a relationship!

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