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How to Tell If Your Woman Is Committed to You

Romantic relationships are among the most desired things in the world. It is true that we just can't live alone, and it is not surprising that you want to be sure that your partner is committed to you. Nowadays, it is not just enough to name each other girlfriend and boyfriend to confirm that you seriously want to be together. Furthermore, it is not enough even to say that you are partners. Of course, some may disagree and say that two people who live together are definitely committed to each other. However, this is not always true.

Sometimes people live together because it is just convenient for them or because one partner is codependent. These and many other negative factors definitely don't stand for high quality and committed relationships. When we can't be sure of our partners, we just don't feel secure enough. Our internal sense of security will never allow us to relax. Hence, one will never feel comfortable if he or she is not sure whether their partner is committed or not. Thankfully, just like in the case of hanging out vs. dating, there is a noticeable difference between committed relationships and just being with someone because it is convenient. In this article, we are going to explain all those reasons.

what does it mean to be committed

What is committed relationship meaning

Before talking about signs of a committed relationship, we need to discuss what does it mean to be in a committed relationship. At first glance, the answer seems to be very simple: in committed relationships, partners are serious about their relationship and want to spend their lives together. However, in the real world, even "being serious" has a degree. Hence, for a partner who believes in open relationships, a commitment is not an obstacle for hanging on women dating sites. For this person, commitment is all about honesty, even if it comes to his or her sexual intercourses with other people during their "committed" relationship.

Are committed relationships becoming passé today?

Yes, it is true that open relationships are becoming more and more popular. Furthermore, such relationships stand against traditional commitment. So, does it mean that traditional relationships with commitment are becoming history? No, and here is why. You see, open relationships are popular among young people who want to enjoy their freedom to the full extent. However, those open relationships stand no chance when it comes to creating families, monetary matters, and raising kids. Hence, with time, even the most active adapts of open relationships become more and more interesting in having traditional relationships with a real commitment to their partners. Additionally, even not all younger people support open relationships.

What does it mean to be in a committed relationship

So, what does it mean to be committed? The best way to explain what is a commitment is to tell you more about it. Normally, a committed relationship meaning that two partners truly want to be together. Hence, here are several main characteristics of a committed relationship.

1. You enjoy spending time together

Here are the most obvious sign and characteristics of a committed relationship. When two people truly love each other and seriously committed, they don't just spend a lot of time together, but they enjoy this time. Of course, you may also spend a lot of time with your friends, but the main difference here is that when you spend time with your partner in a committed, you don't need anyone else around you. Remember, time is the most valuable resource, and if you feel that you and your partner want to make time for each other, it is a very strong sign of your commitment.

2. You buy things for each other

Another great sign that you are in a committed relationship lies in your regular purchase list. Hence, if it includes items for your partner, or may even contain more items for him or her than you plan to buy for yourself, it means that you are definitely committed to this person. In fact, this works both ways, and the same can be said about your partner if he or she buys many things for you. Such behavior seems to be insignificant if those items are not gifts, but, in fact, your regular purchases list is far more important than your gifts for him or her.

3. You don’t hide your relationship

It goes without saying that today people treat social media very seriously. It is very easy to underestimate the importance of public display of relationships in our time. Consequently, it is not surprising that when a couple makes pictures of them together, they "officially" confirm that they are together. As you have guessed, this is not the case, if she ever uploads your photos together with you on her page. The same goes for the comment section. Nowadays, two people are truly committed only when they both upload photos to social networks and confirm the fact that they are together.

4. You make plans for your future

Those people who don't plan to stay together forever will never have any serious long-term plans for their future. They both understand that their relationship is temporary, and they inevitably will break up when the time comes. Hence, there is just no point for those people to plan anything serious. They enjoy the present day and don't want to think about their future. At the same time, you can be sure that you are in a committed relationship if you plan your future together. For example, you and your partner are ready to buy a house together, or plan how many kids you want to have.

5. You work together on your family budgethow to be committed in a relationship

Commitment in a relationship is not only about happiness together. It is about absolutely different approaches to your financial matters. Most frequently, partners in young couples have separate budgets. Each partner has his or her own income and manages that money on their own will. In committed relationships, partners usually have one budged. Hence, each of them knows how much money earns the other one, and how he or she spends it. This is not a matter of control but a matter of trust. Committed partners literary feel like two partners of one single mechanism. Hence, they don't feel the need to split anything.

Signs she is committed to you

As you can see, a committed partner is always ready to support his or her significant other, even at his or her own expense. This is one of the most important aspects of commitment and a thing that makes both partners happy. However, sometimes, you may not realize that your partner is like that. Hence, here are the main signs she is committed to you

1. She always talks positively about you

When people are in committed relationships, they never portray each other negatively. Even if you just had a serious quarrel, a committed partner still will portray you as a good person when someone else asks about you. The funny part is that, sometimes, those people simply don't see any flaws in their partners. As long as those flaws are not abusive, it only helps them to be happy with those people. Hence, pay close attention to the way she talks about you. Her positive picture of you is one of the most obvious signs that she is committed to your relationship.

2. She uses “We”

People don't say "we" without a good reason. For example, when people hang out with their friends, most frequently, they say: "I and my friends." We usually don't use "we" towards our friends. However, the situation is quite the opposite when we talk about our romantic partners in committed relationships. In this case, chances are high that they will say' "We bought a house." So, you should pay attention to your partner's words when she is asked about something that you did together. People simply can't control themselves to such a great extent, and her first words will always be honest.

3. You feel that you meet each other’s needs

A committed relationship means that two people are able to meet each other's needs and interests. If your girlfriend understands that you have different needs, interests, and views, but still does everything she can to please you, then this is one of the main signs that she wants a committed relationship with you, or that you already are in such a relationship. In this case, those differences are not potential reasons for fights, but nice opportunities for her to make you happy. If you both approach those differences in such a way, then you definitely are committed.

4. She feels happy

It is very easy to notice that something bothers your girlfriend. Surely, there are many reasons why a woman may be temporarily unhappy. In some cases, you may not even be able to help her deal with unhappiness. However, you need to understand that you can forget about her commitment to your relationship if she is unhappy systematically. This is especially true if you are the main reason for her unhappiness. At the same time, if the situation is quite the opposite and your girlfriend feels happy with you, then chances are that she is truly committed to you and wants to spend her whole life with you.

5. She is ready to make sacrifices and never asks anything in return

Committed partners never want anything in return for doing something for their partners. They don't turn their relationship into a market where they sell and buy pleasant deeds to and from their partners. Furthermore, committed partners are always ready to make sacrifices, and again, they don't seek anything in return for this. The reason for such an approach lies in the fact that they are serious about this relationship, and they know that their partners will be willing to do the same for them. Hence, they just don't need to seek any short-term benefits because they can rely on long-term ones.

How to be committed in a relationship and make it last

As you can see, commitment is all about love and desire to work on your relationship together with your partner. Committed couples, generally, are much happier than other couples. This is why we would like to share with you several tips on how to be committed in a relationship and make it last.

1. Talk about things you like

As you may know, boredom, frustration, and day-to-day irritation can destroy your relationship in no time. The only way to deal with those things is to do good stuff. But how your partner will know what is good for you if you are never vocal about those things? Hence, feel to talk to your partner about things you like. After all, your partner is the closes person in your life, and with whom is not with her, you should be able to talk about things that make you happy. It goes without saying that your partner should stick to the same approach.

2. Maintain physical contact

Here we are not talking only about sex. Even the smallest touches of your significant other can raise the endorphin production in both of you. Simple hugs and kisses can help you to improve the quality of your relationship. Think about how often you kiss each other. Partners in healthy relationships never neglect an opportunity to become more physical. It is also good to remind her of how you touched her in the first days of your relationship. This will bring positive associations and pleasant memories. Also, sometimes you need to spend time only with her, don't let anyone else interrupt you.

3. Don’t blame your partner

Sometimes it is just impossible to resist blaming a partner for something, especially when we feel stressed, disappointed, bored, angry, or betrayed. The other part of this issue is that you try to make your partner change by attacking him or her with your blames. It clear that by doing this, you will never make our relationship strong. Instead, you both will feel disappointed, and none of you will try to change. The best approach is to start with yourself. Try to come to a better version of yourself for the sake of your partner's happiness. Your partner will definitely notice that you deal with your own flaws for his or her sake, and will have a strong desire to do the same for you.

4. Stay calm and relaxedhow to stay committed in a relationship

This one may sound very tricky and strange, but it truly works. Quite often, people increase their problems because hey can't calm down and relax. First of all, this approach helps to avoid creating problems, because when people are relaxed, they are far less likely to start conflicts. At the same time, this helps to resolve already existing problems, because relaxed and calm people are less aggressive. However, one should never take this approach too far. Remember, you should never ignore problems in your relationship. Yes, you should be relaxed, but it doesn't mean that you should be lazy.

5. Have fair fights

No matter how much you love each other, you will have conflicts. Even in the healthiest relationships, people inevitably argue. Hence, your task is to learn how to deal with your disputes and fight fairly. The truth is that you can resolve all your conflicts very fast, but only if you use the right tools and approaches. Your first task is to avoid criticizing your partner. Criticism never works. Instead of criticizing him or her, give them hints on what they can improve in them. Don't play roles of attacker and defender, instead be romantic partners who want to resolve their problems.

6. Learn to listen

Want to know how to stay committed in a relationship? Just learn how to listen to your partner. This is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal that can help you to improve your relationships. For example, this skill is very useful when your fights become unhealthy. So, if you see that your partner begins to blame, insult, or criticize you, don't turn your argument into real combat. Instead, offer them to rethink this whole situation. You need to express and hear your feelings if they are the main issue of your arguments.

Your ability to listen to your partner plays a crucial role when it comes to problem shooting in your relationship.

7. Find time for small talks

It is true that sometimes your schedules may just be too insane to allow you to squeeze time for each other. However, this is very important to be able to do this. When you come home after work, always ask your partner how was his or her day. Don't forget to attentively listen to everything that they want to say to you. If you have to spend some time apart, then don't forget to call your partner every day and talk to them at least 15 minutes. Also, it is just perfect if you keep texting during the day.

8. Make love no less than once a week

Nope, you don't need to create a calendar of your sexual intercourse (but you actually can if you wish to), but still, make sure that you have sex at least once a week. You should never underestimate the true impact that physical intimacy has on your relationship. This helps a great deal when it goes to becoming close to your partner. Sexual tension often serves as a reason for various arguments and problems in relationships. Also, you should never forget about all those small conversations after sex right before you go to bed.

9. Respect each other

Respect is not something that you feel toward your boss. Respect in relationships is a fundamental thing that helps partners to adapt to each other. Remember, your relationship is doomed if you don't respect each other. Furthermore, a relationship becomes abusive when one partner doesn't respect the other one and turns into hell when both partners don't respect each other. So, before you start anything serious with this person and begin to think about commitment, make sure that you truly respect your partner, and won't hurt him or her by your behavior.

10. Be honest

Honesty is the key to having a healthy and long-lasting relationship. The ability to share your intimate feelings and emotions with your significant other is crucial for establishing healthy communication in a relationship. Also, it is okay to tell you your romantic partner if he or she disappointed you because this I the only way to let them know how you truly feel. Furthermore, don't fear to share your feelings with your girlfriend. If something truly upsets you, she definitely deserves to know about this. However, be careful with honesty, because in some cases, it is better to stay silent. For example, if you don't like her jeans or hat.

As you can see, a committed relationship is not something that only chosen people may have. In fact, it is what all people want to have. Hence, you should realize that if you and your partner truly love each other, then it won't be that hard for you to build a committed relationship. You just need to be ready to work hard for the sake of your future together and will need to learn a couple of new skills that we have listed on our list. Even if after reading this article, you realized that our girlfriend is not committed to you, you still may change this situation.

First of all, try to talk to her about her plans for the future. Maybe she is not ready for anything serious. In this case, you will have to decide whether you want to keep your relationship with her, knowing that, rather sooner than later, it may end. Or simply put an end to this relationship and start searching for a new partner. However, she may not be committed to you, solely because she doesn't feel your commitment. If so, then you should have a serious conversation and create an approximate roadmap of your relationship.

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