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Cheap Honeymoon Destinations and Budget Tips

When planning a wedding, it is very hard to find time to plan your honeymoon. However, a honeymoon is way more important than the wedding itself. You see, you organize a wedding not only for yourself, but this is also a celebration for your friends and relatives as well. This is why planning a wedding is so hard, after all, you don't want it to look cheap or anyhow bad. But while the wedding is important for your social image, a honeymoon is your first trip together in the new status. Consequently, you must pay even more attention to it than to planning your wedding ceremony.

When it comes to relationships and dating, it is very easy to get confused in a variety of ways how your relationships may develop. For example, some couples start living together way before the official registration of their relationships. At the same time, other couples believe that this is inappropriate. Normally, the main task of the honeymoon is to introduce young people to family life. The honeymoon will help you understand what it means to be not just a couple but a family. Psychologists say that it is during this period a man should help a woman reveal her libido and femininity. This is especially true for couples who didn't have an intimate relationship before the wedding. For this very reason, it is very important to find a nice spot for your budget honeymoon.

affordable honeymoon ideas

Why Do You Really Need to Celebrate Your Honeymoon?

In addition to what we have said before, the honeymoon is the beginning of a completely different life. After your honeymoon, you will come back to your daily chores. Of course, you both will feel differently in the new status, but still, daily chores will be pretty the same. Consequently, if you decide to be together for the rest of your life, you definitely must celebrate this moment. This is why it is very important to celebrate your honeymoon and make it a memorable moment for both of you.

We can't omit the fact that your honeymoon is the time of relaxation. You see, no matter how happy you are, planning a wedding is not a very easy task. It will take a lot of time and nerves because too many things can go wrong. Surely neither you nor your partner wants your wedding to look poor or bad. For this reason, after the wedding, you both will need some time to rest and accumulate energy for future needs and accomplishments. As you have guessed, there is no better way to do this than to have a nice and relaxing honeymoon.

Even greater, as we have already mentioned, your wedding ceremony is a celebration for your relatives, friends and other important for both of you people. On the other hand, your honeymoon is a celebration only for two of you. As a consequence, you simply can't afford to neglect to plan it. During your honeymoon, you will see your partner from a different perspective. Even meeting her parents won't tell you more about your partner than going on a honeymoon trip with her. Plus, the better your honeymoon is, the stronger your relationship will be. According to scientists, people who had great honeymoons tend to have fewer quarrels and problems in relationships.

Probably, you have already heard about the honeymoon phase in relationships. This phase was named after the honeymoon for a very important reason. You see, during your honeymoon, you both will feel like the happiest people alive. You and your partner will be wearing pink glasses, and won't be noticing any flaws in each other. Of course, sooner or later, this phase will end, and you will enter another one. But during the honeymoon phase, people build the foundation of their love and relationships. Some couples even sacrifice their wedding ceremonies for the sake of their great honeymoons. They prefer to spend more money on their honeymoons instead of organizing big celebrations.

Inexpensive Honeymoons – Are They Possible?

Quite often people spend enormous amounts of money to have nice honeymoons. But does it mean that you can't plan your honeymoon on a budget? Of course not! The Internet is full of various inexpensive honeymoon ideas. The only thing that you need to do is to know where to search for them. Remember, your honeymoon is a celebration only for you and your girlfriend. Consequently, only you two decide how you want to spend it. For example, some couples prefer to spend their honeymoons at home, watching TV series or playing video games.

Of course, staying at home during your honeymoon is not expensive at all, but this is definitely not the best honeymoon on a budget. First of all, you need to understand that this world is full of various opportunities to plan a cheap honeymoon. Secondly, it is important to understand that a cheap or budget honeymoon doesn't equal a bad honeymoon. After all, some affordable honeymoon ideas can make your honeymoon look and feel very expensive. Certainly, it will be very hard to have a honeymoon under 1000 dollars, unless you want to go to some developing countries. But there are many other inexpensive honeymoon destinations that won't require you to risk your lives.

cheap honeymoon spotsGenerally, we don't recommend you to be too conservative with your finances when you plan your future honeymoon budget. You see, ideally, and if you do everything right, you will have only one honeymoon in your life. Thus, saving money on your honeymoon means saving money on your happiness. So, in most cases, it is better to try to save money on something else to have a nice honeymoon. This is by no means an admission that inexpensive honeymoons are not possible, we just recommend you to be wise about this matter. Treat your honeymoon as an investment in the future. So, let's be honest about this. If you are planning to spend on your honeymoon less than 1000 dollars, then you can't expect that even cheap honeymoon spots will suit your needs. However, this doesn't mean that you will have more than 10 thousand dollars. Generally, we recommend you to have at least 5000 if you want to plan a very cheap honeymoon. Honestly, the more money you have, the better it will be. No one says that you must spend all this money. For this very reason, try to be generous when you plan a budget for your honeymoon.

Tips to Arrange Cheap Honeymoon

Planning a budget for a honeymoon is a very difficult task. Sometimes, it is not quite obvious how you can save money and avoid inflating your budget too much. Even if you don't want to search for some cheap honeymoon ideas, you still can save money by using our small tips and tricks. Don't expect that saving money on everything won't affect the quality of your honeymoon. However, here, we will share some tips that will help you save money without any major negative consequences for your honeymoon.

1. Avoid procrastination

It is pretty obvious that no matter what you are planning to do, procrastination is your worst enemy. When it comes to searching for some honeymoon destinations on a budget, you must realize that you are not the only one who wants to save money on their honeymoons. Therefore, you should forget about your procrastination. Even if you don't plan to begin your honeymoon next month, it is better to give yourself more time to find great destinations and all possible discounts. Start searching for those things just right now, and you will definitely find something good for you and your partner.

2. Go during off-peak seasons

Did you know that every year when you try to travel, you can see real miracles with your own eyes? Without any visible reason, hotels, airlines, shops, and even taxi drivers raise their prices. Of course, this has nothing to do with real miracles. The best way to save money during your honeymoon is to plan it for off-peak season. During this time, the prices are relatively low, and you will avoid crowds of people, especially if you are planning to visit some popular among tourist areas. Additionally, this won't harm the quality of your honeymoon at all.

3. Consider using low-cost airlines

Frequently people spend a bigger half of their budget on air transfers, especially if they are going to developing countries. By using low-cost airlines, you can significantly reduce your expenses. Yes, low costs are not as convenient as more expensive airlines. Quite often, they use smaller airports, and those airports located far from major cities. Nevertheless, you don't spend too much time on planes flying to some places, do you? Plus, low-cost airlines are as safe as their more expensive analogs. So, you don't risk anything. Therefore, you can, without doubts, save money on transfer to your desired destinations.

4. Consider using other means of transport

If your desired destination is not very far away, then it may be a good idea to get there by train, car or even bus. You see, quite often, even if you use low-cost airlines, you still will spend more money than if you decide to use trains or buses. In this case, you pay for your time. Needless to say, that trip on a train or a bus will take way more time than the same trip on a plane. However, you may turn your bus or train trip into a part of your honeymoon. Thus, you will save money and will have a good mood even before the "official beginning" of your honeymoon.

5. Consider all-inclusive propositions

Sometimes you may find great propositions of all-inclusive trips for couples on their honeymoons. Surely, you won't be able to plan this trip because everything has already been planned for you. Most of those propositions will include rooms, meals, various entertainments, activities, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, trips to tourist attractions, and many other things. Usually, we recommend couples to plan their honeymoons by themselves. Nevertheless, if you are not into planning trips by yourself, or want to avoid mistakes, then this may be the best option for you. At least, you will know the exact amount of money that you need to prepare for your honeymoon.

10 Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

If you have decided to plan your trip by yourself, then we definitely need to share the top 10 destinations for budget honeymoon. Of course, almost every place on Earth can be visited with a very small budget. But the main difference between visiting, for example, Moscow and London, is that, in the first case, you will get way more for the same amount of money. Here we've tried to find the best cities for your budget honeymoon. So, you will be able to save money.

1. Batumi, Georgia

affordable honeymoon ideas

Georgia is a small Eastern-European country located on the shores of the Black Sea. Batumi is one of the most famous cities there. This is a great place for the budget honeymoon. There, you will find many interesting tourist attractions. Plus, people in Georgia are very friendly to international tourists.

2. Athens, Greece

This is an incredibly popular place in Greece. Athens is a very old city with an interesting history and a romantic atmosphere. There, you will find romantic historical places, luxurious hotels, restaurants and will appreciate the Mediterranean Sea in all its glory. Plus, due to problems in the economy, it is very cheap to have a honeymoon there.

3. Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is another country with a very long and interesting history. Overall, the main reasons for going there are very similar to those which we've mentioned talking about Greece. However, in Egypt, you will find a completely different culture and will live in an absolutely different eastern romantic atmosphere.

4. Vancouver, Canada

best honeymoon on a budget

Nope, this is not a very cheap city, but you will definitely be able to save money on transfer there. This option is for those who love western traditions and civilization. Canada is very close to us both economically and mentally. So, if you are not into experiments and definitely know what you want, then Canada will be a very great choice.

5. Ulcinj, Montenegro

Montenegro is another very small European country. Ulcinj, on the other hand, is a very cozy, relaxing, and romantic place. This is a perfect place to have a pleasant and cheap honeymoon. There, you will find interesting ruins and magnificent beaches. The old town in Ulcinj is believed to be one of the most romantic places in Southern Europe.

5. Danang, Vietnam

Danang is one of the most famous Vietnamese resorts. There, you will find very romantic lakes and waterfalls. Also, this is one of the best places to spend your honeymoon close to nature because there are many flowering gardens and green forests. In addition, its warm climate makes sure that you will feel comfortable.

6. Odesa, Ukraine

The Ukrainian city of Odesa is a very interesting choice for those who want to try something new in their lives. Odesa has its own unique atmosphere created by its history and locals. However, we don't recommend you going there during peak tourist season.

7. Havana, Cuba

honeymoon on a budget

Cuba is a modern communist country. So, this is a very good choice if you want to have new emotions during your honeymoon. Today, Americans very easily can get there, and this is a very cheap country to visit. Surely, Cuba is definitely not the most romantic country in the world, but still, it has its own charm.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

Honeymoon in Prague will be a very interesting experience for those who like the medieval atmosphere and history. The Czech Republic is a Slavic country located in Central Europe. You will find many romantic castles, restaurants and relatively cheap, but comfortable hotels there.

9. Cinque Terre, Italy

This is a national park. It consists of five cities located on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. There you will find stunning views, forests, rocks, and beautiful houses. Yes, Italy is not a very cheap country, but you won't regret going there.

10. Istanbul, Turkey

This place is very popular among international tourists. Here, you will find a warm sea and nice spots for relaxation during your honeymoon. Also, there are many ancient Roman historical places. Add here many restaurants where they serve delicious Eastern food, and you will have a perfect place for a cheap honeymoon.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to plan a very interesting honeymoon without spending too much money. But there is one more very important aspect. You should never plan your honeymoon alone. Honeymoon is a celebration for both partners. Thus, your partner must also take part in planning your future celebration. Make sure that you both will be satisfied with the final version of your plan. After all, the main purpose of a honeymoon is to make both partners happy.

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