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How to Find Balance to Avoid Spending Too Much Time Together

When it comes to spending time with our significant others, there are only two options. We can spend quantity or quality time with them. Surely, our time-crunched society always prefers the second one. When men try to meet single girls, in the majority of cases, they dream about spending quality time with them. However, at the same time, they want to have some free space and time for personal matters such as meetings with friends or relatives. There is nothing bad about having a desire to spend only quality time with your kids, partners, friends, and relatives. However, it is very hard to maintain a balance between quality and quantity time.

You see, a nice quality time always feels good and pleasant, and it is in our nature to be willing to have better and pleasant things in our lives. Thus, we try to have more of it. Unfortunately, to spend quality time with our significant others, we must constantly work on new approaches and things. The law is very simple: the more time you spend time with your significant other, the more effort you will have to spend to make it quality time. This explains why you sometimes feel that you need a break from your partner or even spouse.

can spending too much time together ruin a relationship

Reasons Why People Spend Too Much Time Together

Your desire to spend more time with a person you love is absolutely natural. When we fall in love with someone, we feel that we literary can't get enough of this person. Due to this fact, you both will be seeking opportunities to spend more time together. Unfortunately, even the strongest love can burn out if partners spend too much time together, especially at the beginning of their relationship. Spending too much time together can only become a problem if you both get tired of each other and don't even try to change this situation. In this case, someday, the bubble will break, and instead of choosing the best honeymoon destinations, you will be choosing a new dating app to find someone who will help you deal with depression after your breakup. So, why people spend too much time together?

1. They can’t get enough of each other

Spending time together with your significant other, you don't want to end that pleasant moment. On the subconscious level, you will always be searching for new opportunities to spend more time together. As we have already said, it is in human nature to be in constant search of pleasant things.

2. Love is a form of chemical addiction

You will be surprised to know how many similarities you can find between love and addiction to alcohol or even drugs. Of course, love in no way is so harmful as those two. When you spend time with someone you love, your body produces oxytocin. It is one of three hormones responsible for our happiness. This explains why you feel sad when you have to spend time apart.

3. They want to learn more about your partner

We spend too much time together only with interesting for us people. This means that you constantly want to know more about your partner and share something about yourself. This helps build a healthy connection between you. Also, this explains why you feel the need to meet your lover again and again.

too much time together in a relationship4. They share similar interests

It is obvious that when people have many things in common and share similar interests, they will have a desire to spend time together, even if they haven't fallen in love yet. The explanation for this is that people are social beings, and we feel happier when we do our favorite things together with other people.

Warning Signs You Need to Reduce Time Spent Together

So, as you can see, it is normal to want to spend time together, but can the problem of spending too much time together ruin a relationship? Well, even though finding the perfect balance can be very hard if you truly love each other, you will manage to deal with this problem. This is especially true if you have been in a relationship for more than six months. After six months, the love fully substitutes passion, which means that your relationship is strong enough to deal with small breaks that will be required to fix this problem. Nevertheless, the sooner you start making the first steps, the easier it will be to deal with this problem. Hence, here are the top 5 warning signs you need to reduce the time spent together.

1. You stop spending time with your friends

It is normal to spend less time with your friends when you fall in love with someone. However, it is not okay if you don't spend time with your friends at all. The problem is that you may not even understand that something has changed. Consequently, be attentive not only to your romantic partner but to your best friend too. If you see that he or she often points comments on social media about never seeing you, there are chances that it is not just him or her being jealous. Best friends are the first people who get hit by this problem.

2. Everything in your partner annoys you

Another great indicator that you have been spending too much time together is when you feel irritated with your partner for no obvious reason. When this happens, literary anything in your partner may get you mad. For example, his or her habit of leaving socks on the floor or even that your partner breathes too loud when you go to sleep. This situation means that the time has come for you to spend some time apart from your partner, or you will face painful quarrels. No, we are not talking about taking a break but about spending a couple of evenings with your friends.

3. You don't know what to do with yourself when your partner is not around

Ask yourself how much time you spend with your partner? Is it hard for you to find something to do when he or she is absent? This is another very simple indicator that you spend too much time together in a relationship. You see, it is not okay when people spend 24/7 with their partners, and even when they are forced to go to some places alone, they still hang on their phones chatting or texting. This state of romantic affairs is bad because it may lead to burnout very soon. The best solution is to take a step back and give your partner more personal space.

4. You are suffering from boredom

We can write a huge article about the negative effects of boredom in a romantic relationship, but today, you need to know that boredom eats love in a relationship just like rust eats steel. Spending too much time together may be one of the main reasons of boredom in your relationship. Of course, you can always try new things in your relationship and maintain things as they are. However, the best option is to combine this approach with spending time apart. Thus, your new things will feel even more interesting and refreshing. As you have guessed, this is the most effective way to deal with boredom.

5. Resentment appears in your relationship

When you spend time with other people, you expect to have something in return. Unfortunately, sometimes our expectations from our romantic partners are too high, and they can’t match them. The matters become even more complicated when we spend too much time with our partners. In this case, resentment develops much faster. When this happens, failed expectations may turn into anger, irritation, or even resentment. Note, you should never underestimate an accumulated resentment because it can ruin your relationship. Consequently, in some cases, not spending enough time together in a relationship may become an even smaller problem than spending too much time.

How to Fix or Prevent Spending Too Much Time Together

When you finally fall in love with someone, you feel like real partners in crimes, can laugh for hours, enjoy cuddling, and planning your new adventures. Spending too much time together at the beginning of a relationship is not only healthy but also helps you establish an emotional connection. However, there will be a moment when you will have to say "enough," because spending too much time together can actually be very harmful to your relationship, and you already know it. Therefore, in this part of our article, we are going to share a couple of tips on how to fix or prevent spending too much time together.

how much time should couples spend together1. Find a new hobby or rediscover some old one

When you are happy in a relationship, it is natural to have a desire to spend time with your significant other. However, you must understand that the only way to keep this desire strong is to control it. Hobbies are the best tools to keep things fresh between you two because your hobbies allow you to distract and spend quality time alone.

2. Don’t forget about your friends

Friends are very important to everyone. Even those who call themselves "lone wolves" always ave two or three really good friends. Spending time with your friends is a very nice way to avoid the problem of spending too much time with romantic partners. In healthy relationships, partners can even have separate friends.

3. Pursuit your own goals

Nope, we are not telling you to become a selfish person, but when was the last time when you actually paid attention to your personal goals? For a change, try to focus on your personal goals and achieve something only for yourself. This will also be very beneficial for your relationship too.

4. Take care of your life

When you fall in love, it can be very hard not to get absorbed by your partner's life. Of course, you are worried about him or her, but you should never forget about your own life. Call him or her from time to time, to know that everything is fine while taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically.

To be honest, it is very hard to answer the question, "How much time should couples spend together?" because all relationships are different. Thus, each relationship requires a special approach to it. Some people feel great when they meet once a week, for example, on Sundays. They enjoy waiting for those moments when they are finally together. People in other couples can't imagine spending a day without seeing their romantic partners. This matter is very personal. Consequently, you will have to pay much effort to build healthy communication with your partner. When it comes to this problem, you must clearly understand how your partner feels about it.

Surely, in the majority of cases, both partners feel that something is wrong when they spend too much time together. However, there are cases when one partner wants to spend much more time together than the other one. If this is the case with your relationship, you must be very careful when discussing this problem because a single mistake can offend your partner. I believe that two loving souls can deal with everything. So, I hope that this article gave you a clue about what this issue is and how you can deal with it in your relationship. Remember, love and respect are two essential components of a healthy romantic relationship.

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