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Signs of Female Attraction You Need to Recognize Instantly

Next phrases you can often hear in conversation, "She looked at me with interest," "She looked at me excitedly," or similar delusional hallucinations. These sentences have one drawback called reading thoughts. Reading thoughts is an interesting phenomenon, it means we generalize some distinguishable gestures, facial expressions to prove the result we want to get. Thus, we create for ourselves a very interesting filter of perception in the style of “clear signs of female attraction,” although this may be fundamentally wrong. Even though this topic is quite complicated, we will try to shed light on how to tell if a woman is attracted to you for sure and which signs will help you in this.

introvert signs of attraction female

How Women Show Their Attraction?

There are many signs by which you can determine that a girl is interested in you, it doesn’t matter you meet single girls online or are interested in your colleague at work. And it is worth understanding that these signs are quite universal and typical for all people as the majority of them happen unconsciously. Besides, it is advisable to pay special attention to how the things we are going to talk about appear during a conversation with you. If they were not there, and suddenly appeared, it is one of the signs of female attraction.

Verbal. To understand whether a girl likes you, watch how she behaves during a conversation with you. You can safely count on sympathy if a girl:

  • always listens carefully to you, even if you tell her about the internal combustion engine;
  • actively supports conversation on any topic;
  • smiles at all your jokes (not even very successful) and laughs at the funny stories you tell her.

A good sign is compliments to you. After all, not all girls give you compliments, right (your mom doesn’t count)? She can complement your athletic stature or expressive look. The main thing is to correctly respond to such compliments and, of course, say something sweet back. This sign works on the Internet especially well, for example on the website to meet women.

A girl whose sympathy for a young man is so strong that she is already mentally with him can share her deeply personal stories from life, innermost thoughts, and feelings, and even try to introduce him to her parents as if unintentionally. This indicates a high level of trust. But the only confident girl who you have long been familiar with is capable of this. That is why it is harder to recognize introvert female signs of attraction.

A girl can express her sympathy with hints. For example, she will eagerly talk about the release of a new cool film stating that she has absolutely no one to go watch it with. Instead of sympathizing, invite her to the cinema.

Body language. Look exactly at how a girl behaves, touches the parts of her body and interacts with you, using no words. Pay attention to:


  • Looking at you, she plays with a strand of hair
  • Lets you strike her head
  • A sharp movement of the head to touch up the hair
  • Combes and fixes her hair while you are not watching


  • clear signs of female attractionTouching you (probably the most important sign of sympathy)
  • Stroking objects, such as a wineglass
  • Constantly showing you her wrist


  • Sitting cross-legged
  • Puts on highs skirts so that they can be seen
  • Rubs her feet
  • Stroking a toe or foot over a stool or other objects
  • Both socks are pointed in your direction
  • Wiggle toes in the direction "to you - from you"


  • Very long eye contact
  • Looks at you, meeting your gaze
  • If you are to her side or behind, she tries to constantly look into your eyes
  • You see a special shine in her look


  • Tries to be always near you
  • Communicates exclusively with you
  • Accidentally touches you
  • During the conversation, her cheeks or exposed skin areas turn rosy
  • While dancing, she is looking at you
  • Breathes faster
  • The mouth is open, licks her lips with tongue.

This is a set of signs that indicate that a woman is interested in you. If those signs of female body language attraction are absent, most likely you do not attract her as these manifestations of sympathy are subconscious and cannot be controlled or faked.

Main Signs of Female Attraction

Knowledge about the simple signs that girls show when falling in love with you can easily detect any girl's interest in you. Of course, you should pay attention to the character of the girl, and usual behavior with other guys. But in general, determining a girl in love is not so difficult. After all, gentle and impressionable creatures can hardly hide their true feelings!

Loud laughter

A girl in love is trying to attract attention, and female nonverbal signs of attraction will tell you about it. One of the features of her behavior is a loud manifestation of her emotions. If a girl in the company laughs out loud at your jokes, if at the same time, she literally falls into an unusual state, then this is a clear sign of the girl's emotional interest in you. So, she is predisposed to communication, and it is time for you to move on to more personal topics in conversations and romantic dates in private!

The desire to attract attention

A girl in love always seeks ways to attract the attention of the object of her sympathy. At the same time, she reaches her goal by absolutely any means. We have already mentioned loud laughter. But this is just the beginning of the list of signs of female attraction hints. A girl in love will try to pay more attention to her hair, fixing it and seeking a mirror to make sure she looks great. Also, she can deliberately remove a nonexistent thread from the shoulder of a pretty young man. Options may vary. One thing is clear: the girl in love will do her best to draw attention to herself and leave an unusual impression. Such an impression will make the girl stand out for you.

Easy flirt

A girl in love is always open to flirt. Moreover, at first, flirting has a completely innocent and even playful form. But in every joke, there is a grain of truth. And therefore, if a girl begins to slowly flirt and gradually deepens in her game, then we can talk about her love and disposition towards her interlocutor. In this case, the guy should start the return game, repeating the actions of the girl step by step. She will go further and further. And the outcome of such a game depends on who stops first. More often, nobody stops!


A man in love always strives to be as close as possible to the object of his feelings and maximize body contact. Hugs and kisses are the most innocent forms of this. But in the first stages, when the relationship is still very unsteady, and the feelings of the partners are still unknown, open hugs are not available. Therefore, this subconscious desire is replaced by a simpler form, light, as if random, touches. So if you notice that a girl is trying to touch you emotionally, then she sympathizes with you very much. And she doesn't even try to hide it. It's time to translate the topic of conversation into a more personal or even intimate course. As touches are one of the surest signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.


Apart from the female body language signs of attraction, a woman's behavior can say a lot about her intentions toward you. Sometimes showing care becomes even excessive and can make a guy nervous. But restrained guys do not see anything bad in such a manifestation of love and even begin to skillfully use the desire of the girl to make them happy. Anyways, showing attention and care speaks of the girl’s sincere love, and not just her simple interest or desire to just have fun.

Why Is It Sometimes Difficult to Recognize the Signs?

Of course, guys wish they did not have to read subconscious signs of attraction females show them but hear about the feelings from the ladies themselves. However, not all people, young girls, in particular, have the confidence to be that open about their emotions. Shyness is a wonderful feeling, but it often prevents relationships from arising.

In some cases, a girl commits somewhat ridiculous things to attract the guy’s attention who has still no clue that someone is now fighting for his feelings. And the girl’s strange behavior can only scare a guy away if he doesn’t read the hints, she gives him correctly.

Naturally, before you start a relationship, you need to make sure that the sympathies match in the couple. Do not waste energy if a girl is not interested in you. Perhaps the one who has long dreamed of you is very close, and you only need to notice them. So, why is it so difficult to recognize that the girl has feelings for you?

female nonverbal signs of attractionGirls are so complicated. The guy needs to pay attention to phrases that sound like hints because often girls use them to translate what they mean. If a girl tells a young man that the third part of her favorite film has already been released, and her friends do not have free time, then she tries to say that she expects an invitation from him to the cinema. Not every girl is capable of the first step, and the inability to show courage pushes her to show cunningness.

There may be times when a girl you like says she needs help with heavy boxes or moving out, but she does not have friends who have a car. Here the guy should offer her help so that she feels his indispensability. But there is a certain risk here as some people may use others to achieve their goals.

It is necessary that the guy learns to correctly understand the hints of his beloved and does not perceive all her words or actions as a manifestation of interest in him. Girls sometimes see the boy as just a friend, and this will not be a plus in his favor if he wants to invite the girl on a date. First, carefully study the base and analyze the situation before you approach a girl.

Sometimes it's just a game. For many girls, flirting is a regular way of communicating. They use it often and with anyone as it is not perceived as a way to show your expectations or intentions concerning a guy or hint on your feelings. Very often you can take the girl's politeness or good attitude for flirt and therefore be misled. And no one is to blame here, the best way out of the situation is asking a girl straightforwardly what her words and action may mean. Nothing scary will happen, but you will surely know how to act and what to do.

Another case is when a girl intentionally teases you because she knows you have feelings for her. She can be doing this to get benefit from you, receive support, even financial in the form of gifts, or mental, asking your advice concerning other guys while you stay friend-zoned. This is not fair, and no one deserves being treated this way. As soon as you notice such signs in a girl's behavior, stay away from her because such a lady can break your heart.

Tips on How to Attract a Girl

It often happens that, seeing many beautiful girls around, talking with some of them, and even suspecting that some of them may like him, a guy falls in love with the one who does not even look in his direction or does not perceive him as a potential boyfriend. Then he begins to puzzle over how to achieve her sympathy, and he becomes indifferent to all the other young and beautiful, he needs only one. How can you make a girl aware of your existence and pay attention to the efforts you make?

To begin with, do not show too much interest and do not be intrusive. If you see each other in the same company, and other people from it hint on your feelings towards a girl in a way that she gets to know it, she can either be glad or think that she was fooled, and you were the source of this joke, so it's better if she finds out directly from you.

Become worthy of her sympathy - pay attention to your appearance, because not only girls should look good. Be tidy, dressed with taste, always smell good and watch your manners as well as the way you talk – rudeness and talking about things you know little about are signs of not the most intelligent people.

Do not be shy when meeting with her, show confidence and joke - the girl’s attention can always be attracted with good vibes and funny stories. A young guy with a sense of humor who looks good – what can be a better combination?

But do not forget that a sense of humor is not enough - you must also be smart and modest. A guy must first of all be the embodiment of seriousness and prudence. The same as you want to see femininity in a girl, she wants to see a man in you. Do not behave cheekily, do not brag about your friends and do not tell what a cool car you or your neighbor have, girls are not at all interested in this. Talk to her on neutral topics, for example, about music, movies, some events, so that the girl cannot only listen but also say something about it.

Show your attention, after all! Every girl is pleased when she is told that she looks beautiful. What can be better than receiving a clear sign that she attracts you – for a woman it feels like the weight off the shoulders. If she understands that you are excited about getting to know her better, she may get interested in you. You can also hint her on what you like about her, saying that she is not just beautiful, but the most beautiful, the best in the whole world - she can be shy from this, but then she will remember your words with a smile. And in no case be afraid to tell her pleasant words or do something romantic, be confident in yourself.

Try to become a good friend and a man with whom she will feel protected. Watch her, find out about her tastes, which guys she prefers - knowing all this, it will be easier for you to achieve her interest in you. Walk her home, even if she says that she can get to the house by herself, ask her to call back when she enters the apartment, offer her help in any situations, and everything will become clear to her, then you can safely voice your feelings directly.

The girl is a mysterious creature but finding out whether she likes you is not that impossible of a task. The main thing is not to overthink or build your actions on baseless assumptions, instead, carefully monitor the behavior of the lady and note for yourself certain signs of sympathy.

Each person will have their own way of showing them, both consciously and subconsciously, but many women have things in common in this matter. Practice shows that girls begin to show signs of attention already in the second or third week from your acquaintance. And some, especially impatient ladies can start doing this even earlier. Girls want to attract the guy they like with the help of special behavior, but it can be difficult for a man to determine it. Hopefully, our article has made this at least somehow easier.

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