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Female Body Language Signs: What Does It All Mean?

Do you believe in body language? Have you ever noticed how our facial expression and body posture change depending on what type of person we talk to? Sometimes we can feel romance floating in the air, even if our interlocutor doesn’t want to be too open about their feelings. Other days, we may sense intimidation and uncomfortableness, even though a person keeps talking to us. Why so? Although they might be reserved and even calm on the outside, body-wise, their feet are crossed, they rub their wrists weirdly and abruptly touch their face.

That’s how you know a person is not into you, and there is no point in keeping up with the conversation unless you know you can win their heart eventually. But the problem is, not everyone is good at female body language. Sometimes we can just be too tired or nervous to keep on track those things. Some of them are just too subtle, so not everyone recognizes them at once.

female body language flirting

Body Language: What It Tells You About a Person's Emotions

Unless you are a diabolical mastermind, you will slip on giving away some of your emotions. Even a smirk on your face can be detected as something pleasant, even if you want to stay self-assured and concentrated. That’s how it works with humans: we get goosebumps when we first touch the hand of a beloved person when we see a heart-warming movie. Female body language attraction works the same. She can be all collected and serious, but you may know when she wants to talk to you in private. Want to know how?

Different parts of our body are said to be responsible for different emotions, where arms are believed to reflect our comfortableness state, our eyes detect all the sincere emotions, like fear or nurturing love. Legs are said to be responsible for actions, lips detect passion or lack of it, the nose is believed to be a reflection of our truthfulness, the crotch area is responsible for… you know what.

Female body language signs of attraction are not that hard to detect. They are harder to fake, that’s why women who are less of a natural charmer will try to swirl their hair around their little fingers, try to play with their shoes or pucker up their lips. Sometimes it’s sexy, other times it’s just cringe worthy. Female body language flirting is an interesting topic, so let’s sort out which body parts are responsible for which actions.


Eyes are said to be a window to the soul. Why so? For example, raising our eyebrows is a universal thing that started with evolutionary reasons. Other studies have proven that the more open our eyes are, the more curious and easy-going we appear. On the contrary, narrow eyes indicate suspicion and anger. Just watch other mammals with eyelids. Dogs and gorillas also have the same mechanism.

If the girl gazes at you non-stop without blinking, she is charmed by you. And on the contrary, excessive blinking indicates nervousness in people. The more admiring the girl is, the longer she will look directly into your eyes. Uncomfortable people avoid eye contact at all. Studies show that to caption someone’s attention, it is enough to maintain eye contact for 7 seconds.


Posture says about our position in life. Like a nail, the tougher and straighter it is, the less the probability will be to break it with the tool. And on the contrary, a deformed nail will be bent easily. If the girl wants to impress you, she will align her head, spine, and ankles into a straight line while standing. An excellent posture gives an impression of confidence. Besides, it makes the breasts look bigger, and the butt looks perkier. On the other side, if the girl lets herself loose, she is either tired, intimidated, or nor interested to impress you.

body language of womenHands

Hands are in indicator of someone’s openness. When ladies’ hands are crossed on her chest, it is a sign that she is not too happy talking to you, or she’s just shy. According to the New York Times, open palm gestures are a good sign. They show that the person trusts you, it’s a telling female body language sign that she likes you. Arms on hips are in indication of control and even aggressiveness, so beware a lady in that stand.


Legs can tell you how ready she is to run away from you. Just kidding, excuse me. But for real, crossed legs can be an indicator of an uncomfortable situation, but a girl can choose to sit like that as this position is considered to be classy. Besides, spreading her legs wide on a distance can look a little bit odd, especially if she’s in a skirt. If her big toes are directed to you, it’s a good sign that her torso is in your eyesight. Playing with a shoe is a pretty obvious sign of playfulness and an attempt to be sexy.


Mouth talks about our desire…even if it doesn’t talk. Clenched lips are an indicator of anger, offense, or discontent. Wide-open lips are an indicator of passion. A person can bite their lips for two reasons: lustful awaiting or just nervousness. A covered mouth with a palm or just fingers is an indicator of insecurity or, again, nervousness. That’s why they tell that if a person is covering parts of their face, they are lying to you. General knowledge of these facts will let you better understand the body language of women.

Female Body Language: 10 Signs of Attraction

Reading female body language is not hard as soon as you gain some knowledge and experience in it. How to read female body language? Understand some rules and general patterns and be sure we all people are the same, be it your boss, your mother, or your future date. Here are the most obvious signs that indicate a woman likes you.

She’s grabbing stuff around her. Be it her hair, her belt, her pencil or other objects in the area of her reaching. To know female body language love signals for sure, give her candy in a wrap. If she scrunches it, refolds or just obsessively touches it, she is either into you or extremely nervous. If a girl throws away the wrap, she is not that dreamy right now. When we touch stuff around the table, it usually means that the brain is busy processing some urgent information, and the only way to facilitate that stress is to find something to do with your hands.

She looks wherever you are looking at. Have an experiment: look at a girl, then quickly look at something (a clock, a hanger, etc.), then look at her again. If you catch her looking at the clock as well, it means she traces where you are looking at. If a girl stares directly at you, it can look almost creepy. Don’t mix it up with cases when a person is thinking about their problems so intensely, they almost lag, staring at an object for minutes. We are talking about interested gazing.

Licking the lips. It is a sign of nervousness or desire, for sure (or a person just has dry lips). It’s either one or two…or three. But anyway, lips licking is an iconic sign of positive women body language, overplayed in many movies. Pouting and perking are an evolutionary method to make your lips more attractive and juicier, but sometimes it can look ridiculous, especially in photos.

Mirroring. It is a great way to show that you like a person. Experienced managers and con artists of all trades try to mirror your gestures on purpose to show that they like you. Again, it’s an evolutional thing when we try to get adjusted to a stronger individual in a pack. There is a strong belief among psychologists that happy couples start looking alike after years of relationships. They look so natural and in sync, it’s almost impossible to believe those couples are not siblings.

She cleans herself in front of you. A girl who takes an interest in you will try to look neat when you are around. There will always be invisible dust on her jacket or single hairs she likes to throw away. But beware: it’s not always a sign of sympathizing. These gestures may give away somebody’s nervousness or even anger. When we are low-key pissed at something, we can’t give our hands a rest. That’s for sure.

A person who takes an interest in you will always try to be closer. If you think that a woman sits accidentally so close to you, you are wrong. Even if she stands or sits close to you, she tries to be even closer, like bowing towards you when she accidentally drops a pen (that’s so cliché!), turning her torso in your direction, trying to touch you or embrace you if the occasion is right. Generally, an open body disposition is a very positive sign for you.

If a girl likes you in a sexual way, she will always demonstrate her wrists, rubbing them or showing her hand jewelry. It’s such a subtle, yet right way to invite a guy to a close conversation. It’s a historical matter that shows an interlocutor how unarmed and vulnerable we are. If a woman sits next to you, say, at a club and her arms are weirdly open, in an unnatural way (because we are not used to strangers showing a back of their hand), it is a right turn to invite her over a drink and flirt a little.

She has a babyface. Many men notice how innocent girls who are in love look. They have a discreet smile, wide open glistening eyes as if she will break into tears any minute. Her brows are lifted as though she is ready to be surprised after every sentence you have to say to her. Yes, this facial expression is hard to fake, and it’s precious when done in a sincere way.

body language of womenFemales who are interested in you will touch their hair numerous times. It’s just how self-grooming works. If you see some single women seeking single men at a club, it’s funny how every table depicts the same patterns. Our desire to look the best way possible near an attractive subject is just colossal. What if my hair looks frizzy? Aren’t my bangs sloppy right now? And these thoughts don’t even cross our mind on a daily basis. The desire to check oneself every other minute is totally subconscious.

She smiles at you when there’s nothing funny. Sometimes we just can’t help but smile when the object of our interest is passing by. It’s so obvious that a girl who smiles in a very sincere way every time you say, “Hello” to her is totally bonkers about you. The same applies to emojis when you’re talking online.

Women Body Language: Signs She's Not into You

Now it’s a little easier to tell what’s she up to. But how to recognize if a girl doesn’t like you, she’s just too polite or shy to directly cut you off? How not to waste your time or be a fool when trying to get it on with a woman you like? Here are some obvious (and not very obvious) signs a girl is indifferent about you.

She distances herself from you. When you get closer (sit, stand, lay) near her, she always tries to get back to a safe distance. It’s a bad sign that can indicate that a girl either never liked you, or she did like you, but you became that jerk who felt too comfortable with getting physical, and how she’s scared. That is why you never make too many steps with a girl. If a person wants to get closer to you, they will do it regardless of how much you try.

A girl doesn’t react to your smiles or winks. If after smiling like a fool all you get is an uncomfortable stare and her face is turning back from you, it’s a sign that she finds you rather embarrassing than attractive. Remember that she may be shy to wink back, but winks and smiles can be borderline creepy, and you know it.

She looks away every time she has an opportunity. A person who wants to know you better will capture every moment of being next to you. A woman who wants to look at her man will train an excellent spy-level lateral vision. But when you stare at an uninterested girl and all she does is looks at her phone, she is not that into you (but maybe she is texting on the site to meet women, so don’t blame her, find yourself another one).

She looks serious, and your emotions differ. On the contrary to the mirroring technique, people who don’t like you will never share the same emotions as you have. When you smile at her, she doesn't do that. When you talk fast, she sounds slow and uninterested. That’s how you know you have a different vibe.

A girl closes off from you. Her hands are like a fence, her legs are like poisonous ivy, bending around each other. The simpler the pose is – the better. Complicated poses mean that a person tries to mount off with hiding face, covering their chest area, pelvis area, crossing their legs uninvitingly. All these signals will indicate that you shall not pass.

Surprisingly, learning body language is easy. Just learn the general rule that the more open the position is, the more your woman is available. Straight posture, wet eyes, and lips are in indicator of some other humidity. Closed off positions and burdens like additional clothing, mounting object between you is an indicator that it’s better to wait before going further into talking to this person. May these rules help you understand women better and avoid uncomfortable situations in socializing!

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