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How to Get a Girl’s Number: Tips and Advice

It happens that a guy can skillfully approach girls, begin a conversation, but when it comes to exchanging phone numbers, he doesn’t know how to do it right or he just doesn’t understand when it is the right time. Meanwhile, time is running out, and a girl loses interest in a man. And if he doesn’t get her number, then the meaning of all his previous attempts is lost. Previously, when there were no smartphones, people made an appointment to meet somewhere, and they easily found each other. But, alas, this time is irrevocably gone, and in a week, a modern girl may not remember where you met and what you look like. That is why it is important to know how to get a girl’s number in order not to lose her.

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Should You Ask Her for a Number or Give Yours?

In dealing with girls, there are completely different situations, and one of the most common is when a girl doesn’t want to give her phone number to you but suggests that you leave her your own one. This situation very often means only one thing – she is not interested in you, she doesn’t want to go on dates with you, doesn’t want you to bother her with your calls or messages. But in order not to look rude, she says something like, “Give me your number, I will call you when I have a free minute!”

If she offers you to leave your phone number, never do it without taking hers! Why? Because according to statistics, one out of a hundred girls will call in such a situation. So, why do you condemn yourself to senseless uncertainty and expectations? It can be sad, but in most cases, this means that the acquaintance is failed.

But there is another side to the situation: you can just leave her your number and don’t ask her to do the same as if you are not interested in her, and you don’t care whether she will call you or not. It looks like you have a lot of girls, and just want one more in your phone book. This creates invisible competition among girls and, most likely, the girl will want to remind of herself. This is one of the best ways to get a girl’s number that distinguishes you from the multitude of those who usually try to get contact data.

Pros of Asking for a Girl’s Number

A phone number is an important part of dating. When a girl and a guy get acquainted, the moment when he expresses a desire to take a phone number is the logical continuation. You can meet single female and get acquainted with any girl, but not each of them can give a phone number. And if you find yourself among those lucky ones who managed to do it, then you can count on a “continuation.” It is not difficult to understand why you need it. But still, we will explain.

If you ask a girl for this information, you can convince her that you are serious about the girl. Even if she suddenly lost your number, you know hers. Sometimes after meeting a guy, many unpleasant events may happen with a girl: she may accidentally forget the phone in a taxi or lose it. And if the girl accidentally loses your phone number, with a probability of 99.9% that you will not hear her again. So, you have to ask for her phone number anyway. But in this case, you should know what to text a girl after you get her number.

When a man asks for the girl’s phone number, he proves to her that it is worth trying to continue communication. It means that you can have a serious relationship. And most of the girls dream about this.

It is necessary for girls to become a center of male attention. “What if this guy meets another girl who will make me a good competition?” – Such thoughts will make her give you her phone number and wait for your call.

how to get her numberPros of Giving Her Your Number

In the relationship between a man and a woman, there are some rules. One of the main things is that a man should always take the initiative and call a woman first. Maybe this is right, but sometimes it happens that a man gives a woman the right to take matters into her hands. Of course, you can act according to the old scheme and just say, “Leave your number.” But you don’t want to be like anyone else, right? You need to come up with something that can set you apart from others. For example, just leave her your number.

This means that you are brave. Confident man attracts the opposite sex. There is no need to ask her if she wants it or not. You have to behave as if she clearly agrees. For example, “It is amazing. We stand here with you and talk so pleasantly. Although both are late for work, it’s better to transfer our communication to another more convenient time. So, write down my number because I left my phone at home and can’t get yours!”

You leave her the right to choose. You don’t need to ask, “Can I give you my number?” To this question, you can get the answer “yes” or “no.” Suggest an alternative. Say, “Here is my phone number, call me when it is convenient for you.” In this case, you are more likely to get contact information if she is one of the girls looking for dates.

She understands that you like her. She got your personal information. This means that you like a girl and want to continue to communicate with her.

Obvious Signs You Should and Shouldn’t Take Her Number

Sometimes a girl refuses to give such information immediately. Here you need to clearly understand how she communicates with you. If she is set up negatively, and she doesn’t give you her phone number because she has a boyfriend, or she doesn’t get acquainted on the street, etc., it is worth giving up this idea. If you feel that she doesn’t want to get acquainted with you, calmly say goodbye to her and move on. But if you see that a woman is interested in you, then you need to act. But sometimes it is very difficult to understand a girl’s mood, so here are some tips for you.

When to Ask for Her Number

Guys are often waiting for the right moment or think that they need to communicate with a woman for a certain amount of time before they can take her phone number. But the trick is that the number can be taken at any time of dating. If she is interested in you, she will give it to you anyway. But there are two obvious signs that she wants to continue communication with you.

Watch her behavior

If she politely refuses you, says that she has a boyfriend or something else, but she smiles, doesn’t move away from you and reacts positively to your touch, it means she wants you to be more persistent.

She reacts to you

How to get any girl’s number? It also happens that the girl communicates with you politely for 5-10 minutes, but she doesn’t give you her number. In this case, try to interest her more, cause emotions. Sometimes it works, and the girl leaves her phone number, after which it is easy to call and ask her to go out.

When You Should Not Ask for a Girl’s Number

Practice shows that guys can’t understand when it is necessary to show perseverance and when it is better to say goodbye to a girl. Of course, you can try to insist on your own, but in some cases, it is inappropriate.

She shows no interest

If a girl tells you right away that she doesn’t want to get acquainted with you and give a phone number, and she doesn’t even stop talking to you, then don’t insist – she doesn’t want to get acquainted.

She gives other contacts

It happens that a woman offers other contact information, for example, a link to a page on a social network. Girls often leave the other contact information just to get rid of a man with whom they don’t want to get in touch.

She has a husband or a boyfriend

It also happens that a woman is not free, and she may not always be comfortable talking on the phone. If she normally explains the situation, just leave her.

How to Get Any Girl’s Phone Number

You know the situation when you talk to a pretty girl, like her very much, and want to continue the conversation with her by phone. But you can’t get this contact information because you don’t know how to do it properly. So, how to get a girl’s number?

how to get any girl's numberTry to get her phone number by all means

Your conversation may be interrupted by different situations. No matter what the situation is, the main thing is to come up with pick up lines to get a girl’s number in time. How will you find her then if you don’t exchange numbers? In addition, thousands of such young ladies can surround you, and it is unlikely that you will be able to recognize her in a many-sided crowd once again. And if this doesn’t happen, ask for her number on the second or third phrase of the conversation. If you learn some rules of communication with a girl, you can do it properly, using compliments.

Act quickly

How to get a girl’s number? If you like a girl, you can just say, “Will you leave a number?” If you have already established communication, then say confidently, “Leave me your phone number, please.” In this case, she will leave you her phone number, despite your (possibly) inexperience and mistakes. However, one thing is when communication develops on its own, but another is if it is not too well-adjusted, and the girl suddenly began to doubt (“Why do you need it?”, “Well, I don’t even know if it’s worth it.”). Most likely, this is not in your plans, but you need to act quickly because the situation can and should be corrected.

Try to find out as much information as you can

It should be done initially so that later you know what to focus on when choosing a topic for further conversation. But this option will work only when you meet again. If you don’t know how to get any girl’s phone number, just remember: the first acquaintance and the first date are like an interview for employment, and a well-constructed conversation is half of the success. Information needs to be learned carefully. It is not necessary to press on the girl in those questions, which she doesn’t want to discuss. So, don’t overdo it! Don’t try to seem a macho or an experienced heartthrob.

Give her a guarantee that you will call back

For example, talk about a recently released film, an exhibition or the opening of a new cafe. This is the best way to get a girl number. If a girl didn’t see the film, wasn’t at an exhibition or in a cafe, say that she simply must see it and that you are ready to show her everything with pleasure. The girl needs to understand that you are not playing with her, but really like her and that you will not want to lose the just-found interesting person. And if you notice that she flirts with you, then you can be sure that her number is almost in your phone book.

Talk about the next meeting

At the moment when you ask for her phone number, make an appointment. This is the peak of conversation to arrange a meeting. Why? Because it is the most reliable way to meet her again. Tell her, “Are you free on Thursday at 7:30 pm?” She will agree to meet (if not, suggest another day, but not far from the first meeting). Then you just say, “Excellent, I’ll text you to discuss details” (and kiss her on the cheek). So, how to get her number? Remember that girl like persistent men. So, interest her, be self-confident, and most likely, she will not refuse you.

What to Text a Girl After You Get Her Number

When it comes to texts, the basic rule is: don’t miss a moment. Text her while your meeting is still fresh in the memory of the woman. And don’t text too often, so she doesn’t consider you an obsessive boyfriend.

At the same time, give her some time to miss you. As soon as you took her phone number, which she flirtatiously gave you and gently said goodbye, you should “keep silent” for a while. Her thought will be, “Hmm... When will he call me?” And the more you play for time, the better for you. Don’t even think to text a girl on the first day! Just forget about her. You can text on the next day. What should be the first text to a girl after you get her number? It has to be something extraordinary. Your goal in all communication is to be so interesting that a woman misses you. After all, if you want to start a serious relationship, most likely, you don’t want to lose interest in each other too soon, right?

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I always try to get a girl's phone number in the most unoriginal ways, so I’ve heard a refusal so many times. Thanks for the tips, I'll take them into account!
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