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Is Love at First Sight Possible?

Is Love at First Sight Possible?

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? These are the moments when the two realize that they want to live together the remaining years within a second. Such stories can be found in books, sometimes they can be heard from close relatives or friends. Some people understand this feeling, some – not. After all, not everyone can identify a reliable partner in a stranger in a split second. Do you believe in this feeling? Many people wonder whether there is love at first sight, and some of them claim that they have experienced this feeling. Let’s figure out what is love at first sight? Is it a passionate affection, liking or deep feeling that can manifest itself for decades?

Is Love at First Sight Possible?

What is love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Did you feel this when first looked at a person and immediately realized that this is he or she? Did you feel pleasant sensations in your stomach, the fire in your eyes, and the desire to approach a person? Perhaps you just couldn’t look away from this person. Did you feel that he or she should be someone special in your life? Almost on the instinctive level, some force says that you can’t miss it because you may have happiness only with this particular person. All these are the signs of love. A sudden, strong liking for another person, which arises on the very first day of acquaintance, has become the subject of careful research and discussions among scientists. Experts have no common opinion about why some people don’t arouse our interest, and others – become close and necessary in a second. Psychologists debate about whether there is love at first sight. Among the adherents of its existence there are different versions of the definition of

this feeling:

  • physical attraction;
  • spiritual connection;
  • emotional splash;
  • a set of all the above aspects.

A first look at the future object of adoration and the sound of their voice, smell, and movements of the body can also serve as a detonator for a love explosion. At first, it is difficult to understand what exactly is happening because we don’t even think about our condition in the first moments. Being next to attractive people, we enjoy their presence and appearance. And only after separation, we begin to feel anguish, an irresistible desire to see or hear them again and experience those very emotions. Then the realization of love comes. Someone begins to experience attraction in the first minute of a meeting and someone needs several hours or even days for the birth of feelings. But, in the end, everyone gets their dose of endorphins from communicating with objects of lust or from his or her contemplation. A person becomes dependent on these sensations as from a you believe in love at first sight

So, does this phenomenon exist at all? As you can understand, scientists can’t give an unambiguous answer to the question until now. They divided into two camps: some claim that falling in love with a person is possible in the first seconds of communication, while others hold the view that love is a complex feeling and it can arise only after a certain period of time. So, is love at first sight possible? Solving the question of the possibility and impossibility of falling in love at first sight, it is necessary to distinguish between concepts: love and infatuation. Infatuation arises immediately, quickly manifests itself and depends more on the appearance of a person. Love is a deeper feeling. The appearance will not be enough for it occurrence. Psychologists argue that impetuous, emotional, optimistic personalities are more prone to the rapid development of feelings. Overflowing energy doesn’t fit in one body and is looking for where to splash it out. Love is a perfect option for this because it “feeds” people, opening new facets in them. Against the background, creative inclinations are activated. That is why artists and poets need this feeling so much – they draw inspiration from it.

The statistical probability of love at first sight

So, in a second, a completely strange person suddenly became more than a friend. And it doesn’t matter that he or she is not your type: neither appearance nor behavior plays a special role. Did you feel something like that? Most, likely that was love at first sight. The existence of love at first sight is a controversial issue. As we already said, many believe that there is only passion and attraction in the first few seconds, and love is something serious, time-tested. However, as it turned out, there are not so many skeptics. According to a survey, 59% of Russians believe in the existence of love at first sight, and 45% are in love at the moment. Most of the romantics are among young people and people from 45 to 59 years old. Many people tend to believe that love is something that women most often think about. All the films, series, which are preferred by women, are based on romantic stories. But, as it turned out, brutal men are also often in love, and more than half of the women (52%) claim that they don’t experience this feeling. Nevertheless, the existence of love at first sight is recognized by an equal number of women and men.

And what do people from other countries think of this issue? For example, British, known for their stiffness and restraint, who generally believe that true ladies and gentlemen shouldn’t show their feelings, of course, are sure that love at first sight doesn’t exist. Scientists researched more than 100 British couples and declared with full responsibility that there is only infatuation in the first moments of a meeting. In their opinion, love is a sense of time and appears only when spouses get to know each other well. This should take at least a year. But British people are also sure that men are capable of much stronger and longer love than women.

The USA always please us with the films in which the family happiness is shown. It seems that there is no more romantic and loving nation. But it’s not a secret that the world of cinema and the real world are rarely similar. Yet Americans are pragmatic and 59% of them are sure that there is no love at first sight. And 41% about their relationships that it was love at first sight. Anyway, the Washington Post reported that American men from 45 to 54 years are more inclined to think that such love exists. Young people don’t believe in the instant occurrence of such a strong feeling. But scientists in this country have been able to scientifically prove that love at first sight really exists. Chicago researchers are sure that a few seconds is enough for a man to fall seriously in love.

And this feeling is not fleeting at all. And although it was born in a few moments, it can last for many years.

Agree that love is beyond any logic. Many believe that love is made in heaven. It happens that people prove to themselves and others for years that love is a whim. But they lose their heads one day and can no longer deny its existence. True love at first sight is a gift from heaven and not many people manage to experience it. Therefore, catching someone’s eyes on you, don’t rush to run and hide. Perhaps this is the one you have been looking for, the one with whom you are destined to spend the rest of your life. Perhaps love is something without which a person simply can’t live. Otherwise, why are there so many books and songs about it, why do all the films tell about love, and most women feel lonely if there are no loving and understanding men nearby? The fact that love at first glance really exists gives the right to hope that there will not be a single lonely person someday. After all, in order to find your soul mate, sometimes it takes a second.

Love at first sight signs

Emerging liking necessarily informs about itself. And the “symptoms” of love are so obvious that they are easily seen from the outside. Here are sure signs of love at first sight:

1. Blush. The main sign of the incipient attraction is blush. This is due to the peculiarity of the human body, particularly to the production of hormones. Adrenaline, which is produced in the body, disperses blood so that the vessels expand and cheeks become pink. Increased sweating can be attributed to the same sign – it occurs for the same love at first sight possible

2. Butterflies in the stomach. This feeling can’t be described, it can only be felt. This sensation is most often associated with love at first sight. Girls claim to feel it every time they see objects of romantic interest. Men also notice this feeling in themselves.

3. Fantasies about the future life. If you just look at a person and there are already thoughts about a possible family and children – this is love at first sight. People have similar feelings if they want to give up everything and go on a round-the-world trip with the first person on the road. But such vivid feelings can quickly cool down so you should be careful in your spiritual impulses.

4. Nerves. What does love at first sight feel like? If panic attacks and awkwardness begin for no reason and they manifest themselves only in the presence of an unfamiliar person, it is most likely a sign that love is born in the heart. In films, this is exactly the behavior of heroes when they stumble, confuse words, etc.

5. Feeling of something pleasant. Partners can feel that love is born when all the frames are removed during communication. People have the impression that they have known each other for several years. It is proven that such lovers will have the strongest relations – love or friendship.

6. Attachment. If the sight doesn’t move from the object of liking to anyone, then it’s definitely not an accident. It happens that a person attracts so much that there is no desire to pay attention to others.

7. Visualization of the ideal. A man or a woman often has an ideal partner in their minds. But paradoxically, it happens that a person with opposite qualities attracts us. If this happens, you can be sure that this is the call of the heart, not mind. This attraction can be called “love at first sight”.

8. You have some deep feeling. Falling in love at first sight, you simply will not have any doubts about your feelings even if you know each other for an hour. You are drawn to a person and the attraction is very real. So, you can’t even concentrate on anything else if this person is nearby. It’s like an invisible magnetic attraction, which you can’t escape.

So, is it possible to fall in love at first sight? It is believed that such love is the subject of every woman’s dreams, but men are more practical in this regard, although they are exposed to such circumstances in life. However, don’t dive into love with the first person you meet because the first impression is very often deceptive. Psychologists recommend getting to know your object of adoration better. Yes, love at first sight exists, but you shouldn’t attach too much importance to it because it can be just infatuation.

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Love at first sight is possible! When I saw my wife for the first time, I immediately felt that this was the one and only woman. I had butterflies in my stomach and was very nervous.
28.02.2020 12:21
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