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Kissing a Ukrainian Girl: Perfect Your Skills with This Guide

Kissing a Ukrainian girl is an exciting trip. Have you ever wondered about how to kiss or how to French kiss when you were young? I bet you have. Now that you are an experienced man who is looking for serious relationships and want to date a Ukrainian girl you can go on a wonderful trip of Ukrainian kisses and Ukrainian girls dating. Let’s find out how to kiss and how to get a girl to kiss you. Following these tips, you’ll experience the pleasure of Ukrainian women dating.


Kissing In The Ukrainian Dating Tradition

Scientists have proved that one of the most erogenous female zones is the corners of the lips. Yes, it’s not their neck, as most of the young men believe. So, ask your girl to give you a hint – which particular zone requires your special attention.

Do not compress your lips too much both before and during a kiss. Relax and have fun when you date a Ukrainian woman!

Note that the manifestation of tenderness towards each other does not exclude easy biting. Easy! And remember that the sensitivity threshold in people is very different, so watch her reaction when you bite and kiss a Ukrainian girl.

Experiments and other extreme stuff such as sucking her lips, like in a vacuum, should not become a revelation for your girl on a first date. Do not scare her away! Postpone the demonstration of your skills for the next time.

The body language is known to be one of the most eloquent languages. Girls, when they are in the company of a guy they like, tend to straighten their backs, put on a smile, play with their hair. The same is about kissing. The body should not be frozen during the kiss. Try to reduce the distance between you to a minimum, hold your girl tight when she presses herself against you.

“Eskimo Kiss” (rubbing your noses) is a very sweet and romantic way to express your interest in a Ukrainian girl. Well, it sounds like an excellent option for the completion of a regular kiss!

The Rules Of Kissing With A Ukrainian Girl

  1. Do not lick her mouth the way a senseless dog does or an even more senseless cat would do. People kiss more like birds do. This is just another distinctive feature of our kind.
  1. Do you enjoy morning sex? Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a mouthwash. A fragrant fruit or chewing gum will do, as well.
  1. Avoid experiments with a vacuum. If you notice that your partner's cheeks are drawn in like Marlene Dietrich's ones, then you are sucking the air in too hard.
  1. Do not try to reach her tonsils with your tongue. Trust me the result is not worth trying. In general, do not shove it too far: for what you do, just its tip is enough.
  1. Do not forget that you cannot kiss if you have a sore throat and ARD as this is almost a 100% way to infect your partner. Perhaps, she, like a sacrificial person, will not protest BUT do you really need a snotty woman with small red eyes around you?
  1. kissing coupleDuring kisses, the eyes should be closed so that the visual information does not interfere with the tactile sensations.
  1. If after or during a kiss you lean your face to your partner’s and open-close your eyes quickly, she will feel your eyelashes tickling on her face. This is called a “butterfly kiss,” and some girls like it very much, while others, on the contrary, ask to stop tickling.
  1. If on the first date kissing a Ukrainian woman feels awkward, then on the second it is already welcomed, and on the third date it is almost mandatory.
  1. Well, you know all about garlic without our help. It tastes great with almost every dish Ukrainian cuisine can offer. Just try to avoid it. By the way, dishes with curry may also bring you the same problem: it may take about ten hours before the smell disappears.
  1. You can bite her lips during a kiss but only very, very gently.
  1. If you want to add some passion to your kiss, grab her hair into your fist.
  1. Do not ask if you can kiss her. This will kill the romance. You should show your confidence when you kiss a Ukrainian woman.
  1. By the way, any attempts to water her mouth with your saliva can end up badly. Keep extra moisture to yourself.
  1. She would not let her own dentist check her teeth, tooth filling, and new holes with his tongue, not to mention you.
  1. Do not be shy to open your mouth wider and cover the lips of your partner.
  1. Guys who kiss with their lips closed, look like a lizard exploring some unknown territory.
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Thanks you a lot! This is a very useful guide. Now, I know how to behave with attractive Ukrainian girls properly.
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