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How to Compliment a Girl Without Being Creepy

Everyone loves nice compliments, but as they say, "It's easier said than done." You must catch the right tone, otherwise, the person to whom you are addressing these kind words may misunderstand them. Decision? Speak the words that you are sure of and give a compliment in a sincere tone. Your genuine warmth will not go unnoticed, and you just make someone's day. Today we will list some good ways to compliment a girl as well as some bad ways.

compliment to make a girl smile

What Makes Compliments for Girls Creepy and Unpleasant

Let’s now look into some common mistakes which end up spoiling compliments.

Avoid offensive compliments

Perhaps you already know them and never tell them to anyone. Even if you are very in love with a girl and want to invite her on a date, especially if you decide to invite someone on a date, do not try to compliment the sexual parts of the body. This is rude, and under certain circumstances, such a comment can be regarded as sexual harassment. Make decent compliments!

Do not confuse loud comments and compliments

Shouting a “compliment” to a person walking down the street is actually very offensive. The essence of the compliment is to raise a person’s mood, and shouting about someone’s physical properties so that everyone can hear you is not good, you will likely achieve the exact opposite effect.

Even though some say that they like such compliments, the majority of people will be turned off by such comments. If you really want to give someone a good mood, even a stranger, then do not yell at them. The same applies not only to compliments to strangers but also to those you know: you need to find something sincere and make a polite compliment.

Do not tell everyone the same compliments

Let’s say you like single women dating online, why shouldn’t you use the same compliments each time? Well, they lose all of their impact and sincerity over time. If you say to everyone you see, “I like your clothes” or something like that, people that you compliment will not feel special at all. It is much more difficult to note individual positive qualities in people. If you've begun to make superficial compliments all the time, stop and think a little the next time before speaking. Speak from the heart, or do not say anything at all.

Be generous with compliments, but don't go too far

There is a limit of compliments that a person can perceive. Having showered a person with a ton of compliments, you belittle the significance of each compliment individually. If you are a bit stingy with compliments, your words will sound more meaningful. Do not compliment just one person. If you constantly compliment one person, he or she may decide that you are a little crazy about them. best compliment to give a girlGive compliments only if something hits you so much that you should say so. Don't compliment just to say something or seem like a nice person. Compliments are not made to put oneself in the best light but to make this person feel special. Even it is love at first sight for you, you should not shower a person with all of the compliments in the world, they will lose their impact, and it will put some heavy pressure on them.

Do not make compliments with sexual connotations to a girl you barely know

How to compliment a girl and not look creepy? This is a major prohibition when it comes to compliments. Obviously, on your life journey, you will meet lovely strangers whom you want to compliment. But if you do not know the girl and suddenly voice comment of a sexual nature in her direction, then the impression of you will be, to put it mildly, not very good. Sexual compliments are usually only appropriate when you are dating a girl or are in a close relationship.

Best Things to Compliment in a Girl

Let’s look into some things to compliment in a girl.

Her professional skills

How to compliment a girl through text? Praise her achievements. A compliment for what she has achieved is quite appropriate. This is something that she can control and that says something about her as a person. Think about what she worked hard on or those of her actions that delight you - helping someone or the right thing in a difficult situation and give her a compliment for it. It is also important that this should not be something that can be taken from her or that will change over time. This means that she should not be afraid to lose this quality and will be happy because of thoughts about this compliment for the rest of her life.

Her talents

All of us have some talents, whether you perceive them as such, it doesn't really matter. Girls love to hear compliments regarding their abilities, especially if they have developed them unaided or possess such abilities that are inherent in a limited number of people. A compliment to the girl’s abilities is an additional reward for the efforts, energy, and time spent on the development of such abilities.

Her beauty

Beauty is the target of the majority of compliments that are made for both men and women. People tend to make compliments on the initial stage of a relationship, while the looks of a person are still in priority, and they tend to completely overlook making compliments down the line as they get used to the looks of a person. But complimenting your partner’s looks is important at all times. If you have just started dating her, it is important to focus on the things that a woman tries to emphasize.

Her interests and hobbies

If you are looking for a compliment to make a girl smile, then praise her interests and hobbies. This is quite a simple one, a person is passionate about something that they do, maybe they cannot yet do it full-time, and it is just their hobby, but it is still important to them. It will be very nice of you to compliment a girl’s interest or a hobby as they will feel like there are people that appreciate their interests and will support them in their endeavors.

Her style

There is beauty, and there is style, and it is great when they coexist. But these are two completely different things, and a sense of fashion is quite important to the looks of a person and the impression that they make on the outside world. A person that dresses nicely will make a positive impression on others. A girl has probably spent some time working on her style and image, and it will be great to get some emotional payoff to all of the effort and time.

Her taste

How to compliment a girl without being weird? Girls like it when their taste is being complimented. If you tell her that everything that she loves is fashionable, classy, intellectual, you will hint to her that such qualities are inherent in her. Therefore, instead of saying, “You have good taste,” praise her choice. Studies show that women compliment other people's addictions. This means that women like compliments that affect their addictions.

Worst Compliments for a Girl

Now that we know the things you should compliment in a woman, let’s now look into some of the types of compliments you should avoid at all costs.

You are very smart for a girl!

This is a very sexist comment, I wouldn’t call it a compliment. The only feasible context when you can say something like that is when a girl is very sarcastic in her attitude to other women, and you can joke about them when you are together. Otherwise, this is a terrible thing to say to a woman. This is not the best compliment to give to a girl.

Did you lose weight?

While you can think of it as a good thing, after all, she has lost some weight, and now she looks better to you, but this implies that she got some excess weight before. She may start being anxious about her weight, especially if she never thought of it. Certain things are taboo topics for women: their age and their weight.

You look like a girl who knows how to have a good time

This is a dumb compliment, it is overly sexual, it doesn’t focus on the right things, not on her personal qualities, not on her interests, not on anything that would matter in a strong relationship.

how to compliment a girl without being weirdWow! You can really eat all that?

Once again, a comment that has to do with weight and gluttony. No woman likes being compared to other women, marginalized, and locked in some form of a gender-based cage. This is a rather rude compliment, and it should never be used early on in a relationship. These are not the right words to compliment a girl.

Amusing Compliments to Make a Girl Smile

  • I always dreamed of such a kind (affectionate, gentle, caring, sensitive) woman. I am happy to have met you.
  • Your determination (willpower, confidence, perseverance, any strong qualities) deserves praise. I am sincerely proud of you.
  • Thank you for always trying to understand me. Your calmness and the ability to compromise are very valuable to me.
  • Thank you for your sincerity and openness. You have no idea how important they are to me.
  • Sometimes you are quiet and a little reserved, but it makes you so mysterious. I like your mystery and modesty.
  • I will never get bored with you. You are cheerful, active, and energetic. You’ll always be like that, right?
  • Did you come up with it yourself? That was great! That was amazing (creative, unusual, resourceful).
  • I respect your desire to improve and become even better. Although each time it seems to me that there is nothing better. But you always manage to pleasantly surprise me.
  • Honey, thanks for your loyalty and devotion. I am glad that I can be honest and trust you 100%.
  • You have amazing taste. I do not know what I would do without your frugality and rationality.
  • These were some great compliments to make a girl blush, now let’s list some words to compliment a girl's beauty while not being too creepy.

Examples of How to Compliment a Girl on Her Looks and Not Seem Creepy

How to compliment a girl on her looks and not look creepy?

  • You have such thin and graceful fingers that I want to hold your hand all the time.
  • Did you know that when you smile, dimples appear on your cheeks? They're so cute.
  • You have gorgeous eye color, it’s so rich (deep, bright, rare, soft). By the way, this is my favorite color.
  • Please smile more often. Your eyes begin to shine right away, and you look amazing.
  • You have such a thin waist (graceful hands, a smooth line of the shoulders). I really like your femininity.
  • You have an amazing physique! You can easily be mistaken for a fitness trainer or an athlete.
  • Mmm, such a delicate (velvety, smooth, soft) skin. You probably take great care of it.
  • You are so amazing that I want to become an artist and capture all your lines, shadows, and all of your beauty on a canvas.
  • You are very beautiful without makeup, and your natural beauty amazes me. That's a great rarity. (This is a very simple and good compliment for a girl to compliment her natural beauty)
  • Sorry, I looked at you and lost my train of thought. Could you repeat it all again?

You will need a little courage if you are shy, but it is not difficult. Do not lie just because you like people. Be sincere - people easily recognize lies. The best way to compliment a girl is to be sincere and compliment something that she tries to emphasize. Sincerity should be the first thing about compliments, the second is to not be too creepy and obsessive. While attention is great and it brings pleasure to a person to know that they are valued, if you go too far – you will come off as being overly obsessive and weird.

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