Difficulties of Finding Love in the Modern Era

“Why can't I find love?” remains one of the most popular questions among representatives of the millennial generation. With modern dating dependent on online chatting, it is no surprise that people wonder if love worth finding. Though online services give you the opportunity to find girls, it doesn't mean that you will find your love on the internet.

Difficulties of Finding Love in the Modern Era

While internet made people closer than they were previously, it made us more distant in the same time. The millennials doesn't feel the need to enter relationships in their early twenties, needless to say they don't even think about creating a family and having kids. Still, they feel the need in communication, and the internet gives them this communication. The possibility to communicate with anyone from anywhere, disvalued the communication per se. Having over thousand friends on Facebook or over one million of followers on Twitter, gives the millennials the illusion, that they have a lot of friends. And one friend more or one friend less makes no difference for them. And speaking about love, sometimes it is a too late when you understand that number of likes under you Instagram pic will unlikely propel you to successful romantic relationship. Your Instagram or any other social network's popularity is your safe zone, where nothing will distract your belief in your popularity.

As a result, millennials grow more and more distant from each other in real life. For them finding love in the street, or in the cafe, or anywhere in the material world, seems to be something that happens only in the movies. As a result, finding true love moves to the internet. With a large number of dating sites, guys in their late teens or early twenties mainly try to find a girl on the internet, even if their high school or college is overcrowded with attractive girls. Somehow, starting a relationship online with someone you don't really know is more comfortable and acceptable for modern guys, than asking out one of the girls they see on a daily basis.

But, online dating has a lot of hidden difficulties. While everything can be hunky dory online, when you finally decide to go on the real blind date, all of a sudden, you find it extremely hard to build up a conversation. The online bravado that both correspondents showed in their chatting is nowhere to be found in the cafe or wherever you first date takes place in the physical world.

The question “Will I ever find love?” becomes more relevant with each failed date in real life.

The problem is that the majority of millennials don't know how to benefit from online dating. There's one recipe on how to find love in modern era. Don't lie about yourself on your online profile. Don't try to show yourself online better than you are in real life. Your web life should be the extension of your real life, and not the life you'd like to have. If you're truthful about yourself your chances to find true love on the web is much bigger. However, it won't prevent other people online form lying about themselves, so whenever you go for the real date, be prepared to be disillusioned.