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11 Tips to Impress a Ukrainian Woman

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are not just the keepers of the hearth for men, they can also be called real pearls of life. And we have one more statement: Ukrainian girls stand out even among the other pearls. Their beauty is legendary, men from Western countries dream of brides from Ukraine. They are simply created for strong and tender family relationships.

Today's article will be devoted to how to impress your beloved Ukrainian girl. Believe us, this is real for anyone who is ready to show wit and who has the appropriate desire. And if you have a problem with your wits, well, you have us! We know a lot about impressing a Ukrainian girl.


How to Impress a Ukrainian Girl If You Have a Limited Budget

It's amazing how quickly men fall into panic when they have no money or too little of them. Without crispy green banknotes, everything seems so difficult, inaccessible, and sometimes even unnecessary ... How can you even talk about a girl and think about how to surprise her, a princess? After all, you are in mourning – you’re broke. But we have a suggestion for you: stop to behave like a helpless child deprived of imagination by Mother Nature. All you need is inside your head. There are a lot of ways of impressing a Ukrainian woman: write a poem, perform a song, write music, cook a dinner or breakfast, show the most beautiful view of the city, grow beautiful flowers for her, finally fulfill her requests (hang a picture, screw in a light bulb, etc.). An ocean of impressions with minimal (or none at all) costs!

How to Impress a Woman from a Distance

Do you think that a girl can be surprised only during a personal meeting? You are mistaken deeply! Impressing a girl is much easier than you think. Even despite the long distance, you can still give any girl the opportunity to smile and think about you. Modern courier delivery service is the crown of civilization – according to men who often go on business trips or prefer to date with women from other countries. And we fully agree with them. Thanks to modern communication systems, in particular, the Internet, you can give your better half a chic bouquet of flowers clicking on several links in the search engine. Some men show a false surprise when they hear about this way of impressing a woman: “God, I never thought of that before.” This is because they did not have the desire to impress someone. We hope that you are not among such passive lovers. Otherwise, your dreams to create a family with a Ukrainian girl will not come true.

Before we will continue to tell how to impress your beloved, we need to make a small remark: Ukrainian women greatly appreciate men who have a sense of humor. Therefore, the following 9 tips will be a little funny, but we can give guarantees that they work in the best way.

Happy-WomanBehave Like an Ancient God

The first impression is very important. Do you know why Zeus, the god of Thunder and Lightning, never had problems with the ladies? Due to the spectacular appearance in the shine of lightning and the tongues of flame. We, mortals, have to resort to other dating tricks. But they are no worse:

  1. In a moment, insert phrases in your conversations that will make her believe that you are not as simple as you seem. For example. "During my work on a new composition for a symphony concert ...", "... and here comes my butler ...",  "Just before I take part in a six-day bicycle cross ..."
  2. Going to the club or to a party, put in your pocket some small fluffy toy with big and very nice eyes. When you find a pretty young lady, give her a toy and say: "Look! He is so shy, but believe me, he really wants to meet you." Only an absolutely hard-hearted woman without a sense of humor will say “no” to such a cute plush hare, and this is not your option.
  3. In a restaurant, ask the waiter if they serve “Potage poireaux et rommes de terre” and “Salad d'Endives Noix et Roquefort”? Especially unexpectedly it will sound in any restaurant with Chinese or Indian cuisine. We are very fond of this way to impress a Ukrainian girl.
  4. Ask her, "And who is your president now?" When she looks at you in astonishment and answers something, shake your head and say: "Well, what a funny name!"
  5. Name something with her name. If the star does not work, then let it be at least the document with which you are currently working in Word. Tell her about it.
  6. Bind her eyes, take her hand and lead her along a confusing route for a long time. At the end of the road, when she is already going to burn with impatience, stop and let her remove the bandage. A minute before that, bind your eyes, too. To the question "where are we?" make an astonished face, spread your hands and say: "I do not know, darling, I did not see where we were going.”

Access to the Body

You can stubbornly resist, but sooner or later a Ukrainian girl will drag you into bed. But if you will suddenly fail on this hard field (troubles may happen even with sex machines like you, buddy. There's nothing to be ashamed of!), well, there are other ways to impress the Ukrainian girl:

  1. Going to her house, call her and ask if you need to buy something on the way. Dating a Ukrainian girl is all about care and gentleman treatment, do you remember that?  After listening to a speech about bread, milk, and sugar, buy an octopus and champagne. Well, and a bread too, just in case.
  2. Generally, more often use the courier delivery service. Especially the one in which the parcels are carried by special people disguised as giant pink hares.
  3. Sudden gifts are a weapon of huge power. Maybe she does not need this festive set for hara-kiri, which was suddenly served on the plate by the waiter with whom you agreed in advance, but she will still be pleasantly amazed.

In Conclusion

Our main task was to show that the widespread myth about dating Ukrainian women that the only source of delight and joy for Ukrainian girls is money has no right to exist. Ukrainian ladies are very romantic, they love everything unusual, original, and sincere. Do your best to surprise your lady. Do not hesitate to use your imagination, look for relevant information on the Internet, or seek advice from friends. Any girl will appreciate the efforts that a man makes to please her and amuse her. And do not let the lack of money for gifts be an insurmountable obstacle for you. Anyone who wants to do something is looking for this opportunity. And we are happy to give it to you!

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Thanks for the tips! I didn’t even think that Ukrainian girls are impressed by such things. I have a very good sense of humor, I hope this will help me.
28.02.2020 12:01
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