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Should You Kiss a Girl on a Second Date?

So, you have finally gotten a girl’s number and you think mission accomplished? Not even close! You may have spent several nights navigating through numerous articles on approaching a woman and how to kiss techniques and eventually all the skills you’ve been developing so devotedly and intensively might start paying off certain dividends.

kiss second date

And if first dates are always filled with fun and laughter, there’s a bunch of different details and tricks you can be practicing from one date to another, in order to keep the romance flowing and ensure the interaction constantly upgrading. There’s small doubt your behavior can and WILL vary between the first, second, and all subsequent dates. This is why you have to know how to behave on a second date to always stay in the business.

Keeping in mind some things you have already learned from the first evening out, we’ll begin with some effective second date tips to make your upcoming romantic rendezvous slide smoothly and right after we will do our best to unravel a real mystery – know is it ok to kiss on the second date or nah. So, go grab a notepad and a pen and sketch some quick notes that might come useful next time you go out with your sweet girl.

What is so special about second date?

We used to put so much effort and energy into looking well on first dates. We iron our best clothes, smarten ourselves up, exchange some love-filled messages and eventually (and hopefully as well) meet in person - normally after long hours of anxious decoding her cautious messages and attempting to sniff out her level of emotionality, all before layering eyes on one another in some cozy place. Most people usually get so fixated during their first dates, but in reality, that’s often just a quick look. However, after having conducted a hell of a survey and all the needed researches about romantic date’s success, we were genuinely surprised to find out that, due to many reasons, date #2 is much more important and meaningful than we ever supposed. That is exactly the time you start learning about your shared ideals and goals, which are the main things that can knit two personalities together.

Have you ever been on your first date and had it go just awesome only to have the second one be a real disaster? Or perhaps it wasn’t just as good as you expected it to be? There can be no debating that oftentimes the second dates can be a lot harder than the first ones. When should you go for the second date kiss? And if you should – how to make the first long kiss on the second date truly unforgettable? And to top it all – how can you know if you should try and kiss her? Phew. A true bunch of riddles! But first of all, let’s review some of the best tips on how to pass the “second date” test with grade A!

1. Stay calm

Before you go for anything else, you simply need to take your time and calm down. If she is out on a second date with you, that may definitely mean she used to have a truly good time with you on the first night out. It also means she liked your company enough to spend even more time by your side and get to know you better. One thing that can easily muck up all your effort is you acting way too nervous while on date. Thus, relax, find the inner peace in the thought that the hardest part of the heavy lifting was done.

second date kiss2. Pick something amusing for the second time

It may indicate you’re not yet comfortable enough together if you constantly start falling back to “dinner and a cinema” plan on the second date. So, what is the best option? No doubt, you want to bring some activity in .Of course, you don’t need to go nuts, but the second evening out does not need to be a repeat of the first. That’s why you must increase the level of excitement. So grant it a bit of thought and only then invite her on another date.

3. Have some “pre-date” time

Since you can’t roll back for “dinner and cinema”, you may start having dates where all the focus will be on the two of you gradually getting closer. Yet, the warning sign to this is that it is best to have a time limit for the part of the date. One of the greatest ways to make that work is to hit up a happy hour together. If one or both of you do not drink – get yourselves a cup of coffee. The main point to do here is to schedule that “happy hour” part of the date so it will work as some kind of a preparation for the main part of your date. This way you can have an hour or more to just blow away the cobwebs before you bounce to the main part of your date.

4. Surprise your crush

One of the most effective ways to skyrocket the excitement while on second date is to arrange something astonishing. It can be taking her somewhere with her eyes blindfolded, presenting something unexpected or a dozen of other tricks you can learn to increase the general excitement on your date. Just don’t feel like you are supposed to be a “dancing monkey” trying to amuse her. Instead, search something extraordinary to make her smile, giggle or even shock her (but not to the point of unconsciousness) for a moment.

Kissing on a second date: what are the basics?

If you have made it this far, then you are probably looking to move things up and know the answer to “when in a relationship should you kiss?” The issue you’re currently facing is that you wish to make absolutely sure it’s a perfect moment so that she will not reject it.

There are five steps you must take before you can resolve the “second date: kiss or not” riddle and make 100% sure your girl is as eager to have that kiss as you are. Here we go!

1. Relax

Although we’ve already mentioned this one, the more – the better. You can’t be fully yourself if you got your hands trembling and sweating and your heart racing a marathon when on a date. Recall the first date. Remember? That went pretty well, champ, and she’s still there with you. Remember the first night out. She likes you a lot.

2. Try to make her laugh

It might sound easy enough, huh? You don’t need to spend the whole date struggling hard and telling her really (really) bad jokes to make your girlfriend laugh. All you need to do is to be yourself… but in a more funny way. Laughter is a proven way to release endorphins – those chemicals which create a state of ecstasy in the entire human system. In a nutshell, laughing = satisfied girl and satisfied girl = a better chance of her willing to give you a kiss.

3. Compliment her

Tell her she looks gorgeous and say you mean it. You’ve decided to ask her out on a second date and that might mean you find her quite attractive and want to get to know her more. The key in this situation is to be completely sincere. Complimenting her appearance must come as soon as you meet up face-to-face. You obviously can’t go dropping soft nothings at the end of your date!

P.S. Compliments don’t need to be all about her appearance either, demonstrating impression by other things (her interests, passions) can provide an ideal opportunity to tell a woman just how interesting and attractive you find her.

if you should try and kiss her4. Pay attention to what she’s saying

Make your lady feel like you are fully into her personality, not some kind of a fake interest – show genuine interest in her. Attentively follow the things she’s saying and the tone she’s saying those with. These are all key indicators of her feelings. Make sure to ask more clarifying questions about the stuff that is interesting to you or that she speaks heatedly of.

5. Don’t forget about a post-date time

This is probably the most important thing. You can be a pro knowing best kiss techniques, but what’s their worth when you can’t decide when it is a perfect time to go for a kiss? As you might know, timing is everything when it comes to the first kiss. Don’t proceed to an immediate plan-making right after your date as it is likely to be lowering your chances of that highly anticipated kiss, for instance, if you are literally rushing to get out the restaurant to meet an old friend or something of that kind. Once your date draws to a logical conclusion you are free to make a suggestion to continue the evening by going for a romantic stroll in a local park. This extra time spent together grants you a perfect opportunity to last till that big moment or to make sure she dreams of a kiss as much as you do.

6. Tell her you want to see her again soon

In any case, it is never cool or manlike to treat a woman like an empty place just because your ego might get hurt. Don’t you think so? In addition, it is always bad for your dating karma.

Once your perfect date is over, go ahead and tell a girl you had an unbelievable time together and thank her for having agreed to go out with you. And if she replies with “yes” to a third date, tell her you will call her in a few days to plan something together and then just do that. Do not be waiting a whole week. Make a strike while the iron’s still hot. Call within two-three (nah, two is better) days, say again what a great time you had with her and suggest something more entertaining for your next date.

So what have we learned?

Nowadays, the entire dating game tends to be played in a totally different way. Still, there are particular rules that appear to remain completely unchangeable and latent among many daters. Even these days it is still expected that guys should attempt the first move and be the ones to kiss first.

It is actually true that many single males and females are more willing to allow some physical contact to happen while on the first date and some individuals even do not wait until another chance for a kiss second date may not provide. It all, however, depends on the couples as well as all the signs provided above.

A girl usually sends certain signs to unnoticeably tell a guy she is truly interested in him, and the sympathy is mutual. In this case, there is absolutely no point in wasting such a precious chance and a guy should definitely go for it! Why should a man wait to kiss a woman he likes on their second date when both lovers already desire that closeness while on the first date?

Thus, although some people think it is best to wait at least until a second time to go for that desired first kiss, many others decide to go for it right on the first date, so kissing while on the second date is becoming something like a dating myth!

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I think you can kiss a girl even on the first date. The main thing is to make sure that the lady wants this too.
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