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Dating a Libra Woman: Tips & Advice

Women born under the sign of Libra are known for their attractiveness and graceful manners. Since this sign is run by Venus, a Libra woman is very skillful in love. She wears beautiful clothes, enjoys good and expensive perfume, loves beautiful jewelry and tries to surround herself with luxury. The same exquisite approach applies to men. If her partner is not capable of this, then it is better to keep away from her.

If there is a playful and cheerful, pretty and intelligent girl in your environment, then most likely she is a Libra girl.

when a Libra woman is hurt

What defines a Libra woman: traits and characteristics

Character of a Libra girl

This Zodiac sign leaves its imprint on women. Most of them are very creative people. According to many Libra woman characteristics, each of them is considered an “actress”. They will easily change the image and style every day. Today she is an energetic, athletic girl, and tomorrow she is a languid, pale-faced young lady in a light cotton dress. It is worth noting that this is the case when all these images can be combined harmoniously in one woman. After all, Libra girls are able to find the golden mean. They are tolerant and the best listeners. But they benefit even from this. They accumulate all the necessary information, which later will help them draw the right conclusions. Irritability, screams, and scandals are not about Libra women.

A Libra girl in a relationship

They are calm and reasonable by nature. Sometimes, in case of resentment, women of this sign can close in themselves and not talk to you. But it will not last long because they feel the need for constant communication. Of course, no man can resist Libra women. They are literally disarmed by external attractiveness, loyalty, and openness. If a Libra girl chooses you as her man, she will easily seduce you. But such a girl needs a reliable partner to whom she can be completely devoted.

Libra woman personality

Despite all the external charm and femininity, Libra girls have a cold and male mindset. They are very smart and intelligent. Such women rarely make mistakes in the choice, although it is not easy for them to do it because of their inherent indecision. Even surpassing someone in intelligence, Libra women don’t put a person in an awkward situation. They continue to communicate in a friendly, peaceful, and delicate way. It is easy to take help from them and their sensible advice may serve well.

A Libra woman in love

Most Libra women are very popular with men. They are skilled seducers who leave a deep mark in men’s hearts. A woman can break up calmly. Even if a Libra woman is hurt after a breakup, she will not suffer long and intensely. In order for a relationship to develop successfully, a Libra woman should be surrounded by attention and love of her partner and have a genuine interest in him. For a lady in love, her chosen one turns into an idol, she becomes even more sweet, gentle, courteous, although, at the same time, she is ready to forget about her close ones and friends.

Libra woman in loveA Libra woman in marriage

Women of this Zodiac sign are not in a hurry to get married. One of the most important Libra woman traits is that they are quite changeable by nature. Their affection is often superficial and short-lived. These women like to win over men’s victory. The character of Libra women is such, just accept it. For a long life together, they need men who can become a real support for them, help to share responsibilities and the burden of solving everyday problems. The main figures in their lives are loved spouses. These women are delicate, patient, noble, benevolent partners who can become real friends for their husbands. As already mentioned, Libra women love pleasures, comfortable life, but this doesn’t mean that they will achieve all of this by parasitizing their spouses.

House of a Libra woman

It is extremely important for representatives of this sign to keep their houses clean. The lack of it causes discomfort. A Libra woman arranges her dwelling with fine taste, is very fond that everything around is beautiful and elegant. She actively enjoys decorations: a Libra woman likes when there are candles, flowers, paintings in her house and when it smells nice. You can perfectly relax in her house.

A Libra woman as a mother

Many Libra women don’t want to have children: for them, husbands will remain the main persons and their interests will come first. Many men consider it one of the Libra woman negative traits. But this woman will not allow children to disturb Daddy’s peace. She strongly supports his authority in their eyes. Libra women treat children fairly, don’t apply unfair punishments. They are quite strict, but, at the same time, they are gentle and caring, always find a common language and approach, give a good upbringing, and teach good manners.

Dating a Libra woman: how to make her happy

Before you build a strategy and conquer Libra women, you should clearly understand for yourself that these ladies are incredibly unpredictable and you can expect anything from them. This is not surprising because they themselves sometimes can’t understand their changeable nature. They need many years and even the whole life to achieve inner harmony and balance.

The fact that men choose Libra women is just an illusion because, in reality, the preference for this or that partner is provided by these women themselves. Dating a Libra woman, a gentleman must meet a number of requirements. So, what kind of man does a Libra woman need? How to attract a Libra woman?

Nice appearance

A woman of this sign is visually attractive and makes a favorable impression. She is socially active, so the perfect man for a Libra woman should be worthy of such a “frame” to cause admiration and envy. Representatives this Zodiac sign pay attention to such trifles, which many men don’t even think about. They pay special attention to the smell of men and they can give preference to someone at an unconscious level.


However, whatever attractive fragrance comes from a man, this woman needs also more tangible substances – for example, in the form of a lasting social status. She will not be interested in the promises of the golden mountains and attractive pictures of pipe dreams. A Libra woman needs stability and a man must give it. Such women try to have all the best and the most beautiful from early childhood and they really like it when a man gives expensive gifts, makes pleasant surprises, and so on. But when a Libra woman in love, she will do everything for her man in response.

Good character

No less important are the character traits of the chosen one: his self-confidence, activity, cheerfulness, inner strength, etc. If a Libra woman feels lonely, bored, not sure about tomorrow, she will not connect her life with a person who is the source of such feelings. The most important thing for a Libra woman is to have a strong, confident and cheerful man. If her partner is completely different, she will get bored and will not be able to live with him for a long time. So, a real man is the best match for a Libra woman.


You can talk about anything with Libra women. Their range of interests is very wide and they know how to be excellent interlocutors. However, whatever happens, the main object of attention (even in a veiled form) should be a Libra woman and her interests. To make a favorable impression on such a woman, you should compliment her as much as possible.


A Libra woman loves when a man comes up with something original and arranges beautiful dates for her. It is impossible to win her attention with a bottle of champagne and a date near the lake. So, how to attract Libra women? Most likely, they expect the chosen ones to arrange a date on a balloon or a pleasant vacation on the expensive islands. Moreover, they wait for such courtship during all relationships.

Libra women in bed: what they like

So, what more can be said about a Libra woman? How does she behave in bed? Well, a Libra woman prefers long love foreplay. Why hurry if the nights are made for love? She enjoys every minute of sex and finds it delightful.

Libra woman in bedFrom the point of view of Libra women, seduction is an art that requires suitable scenery – lights and shadow, a mirror on the ceiling, etc. If a Libra woman is confident in her sexuality, she will emphasize it (sometimes even in very unconventional ways). So, what does a Libra woman love in sex?

  • She prefers everything to happen slowly. She likes all the preliminary caresses, including gentle words. She understands that seduction is an art, not a physical attack. A truly successful meeting in bed should be a triumph for both. She is confident in her sexuality and often tries to emphasize this and seduce a partner in the most unexpected way.
  • She is capable of indulging in love. A Libra woman can take advantage of the most inventive forms of the sexual act. If you want to excite her dramatic inclinations, try using a ceiling mirror or special lighting effects.
  • A Libra woman loves tenderness. She is an adherent of the classics and she doesn’t need excesses. If you offer to try a role-playing game or BDSM, then a relationship is lost! And no one will receive satisfaction from sexual intercourse.
  • Such a girl will not tolerate vulgarity. Sex should be very beautiful, super-aesthetic, and something sublime. At the same time, she may concentrate only on herself and her own pleasures.
  • A Libra woman needs delicacy in sex. Her body may need sexual excesses, but mind requires moderation. Never behave like an animal with her and don’t offer to have sex in an unsuitable place, for example, in a car. You will just spoil everything.
  • Despite the external charm and seductive image, a woman of this Zodiac sign can behave impassively in bed. The main thing for her is to build relationships beautifully and harmoniously. There must be words of love and beautiful courtship when you are in a relationship with her. Also, she likes all the details of the love process. So, there should be beautiful foreplay and gentle touches. All this enchants her mind, soul, and heart.
  • A Libra woman is completely given to a partner in love and makes him forget about all of his caresses. Any man will go mad from her tenderness and softness. She gladly accepts the supremacy of a partner and every man feels a true knight next to her.
  • A Libra woman doesn’t tolerate conversations that relate to intimacy. Therefore, she never discusses personal relationships with her friends. Often she is capricious and loves when all her desires are fulfilled.
  • She doesn’t tolerate conversations in bed – she considers closeness more important. She is choosy, not inclined to casual and fleeting communication. A Libra woman, in general, is prudent and rational.
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Libra women are usually calm, very kind, helpful, and caring. They prefer cheerful, active, and interesting men who can protect and care for their beloved women.
28.02.2020 12:11
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