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How to Date a Scorpio Woman: Useful Tips and Advice

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign, one of the water elements. Representatives of this sign are characterized by temperament and charisma, as well as the ability to easily make others be passionate about their plans. However, they are passionate just as easily about something new, forgetting about their previous beliefs. A Scorpio woman is active and robust, she easily takes on new tasks, although she does not bring it to the end if she does not get pleasure or the task seems to be boring.

Scorpio women are extremely emotional. First of all, they are guided by their momentary impulses and desires, forgetting about common sense. Sensual experiences form the basis of their lives. Scorpio women are hedonists, they love a beautiful life, pleasure, and comfort. They are very ambitious and aspiring, they strive for fame and recognition, and they do everything possible to achieve their goals, and due to these qualities, they are often considered aggressive and even cruel.

Contradiction and impermanence are typical Scorpio woman traits. Scorpios are moody, they experience a whole kaleidoscope of emotions during the day, instantly passing from a state of apathy to unrestrained fun or aggression and then again become amenable and calm.

Scorpio woman traits

Scorpio women: what's so special about them?

Scorpio women are distinguished by a truly strong-willed character. They are fighters by nature because they are protected by the planet Mars. Talking about their positive qualities, it is impossible to forget about commitment, honesty, dedication to their businesses and loyalty to their partners. If your partner is a Scorpio, you can rely on her surely. A Scorpio woman is a wonderful mother who cares for her children, even when they are grownups. Mentioning their negative qualities, it is necessary to tell about an excessive self-criticism, certain authoritarianism and a complete lack of respect for the opinion of others.

Scorpio women are sexier than other astrological signs. Talking about Scorpio woman sexual traits, she not only attracts men more often than women of other astrological signs, but she is also the most uninhibited one. Also, these women give value to sex in their life. At the same time, a Scorpio woman in bed has unlimited imagination. Sexual compatibility with a man is one of the main criteria by which she chooses a partner. If everything is not perfect in sex, then it will be difficult to build a long-term relationship with her. Many men may not even withstand such a demanding, passionate, and sometimes even insatiable partner as a Scorpio woman in love.

Scorpio women become obsessed with an object of adoration instantly, however, they become indifferent after achieving the desired. Sexuality is an essential feature of Scorpio woman personality. These women fall in love easily and passionately and change their minds quite easily too. Inconstancy is one of the main Scorpio woman characteristics, they feel the movement of life, being in the swirl of passions.

Scorpio women try always to dominate and keep everything under control. This quality can be both a huge value and a real punishment for her inner circle. Her imperious nature, on the one hand, manifests itself in unlimited care for her close people. However, on the other hand, she can turn into a real tyrant. A Scorpio woman likes to set her own rules in the house and rarely compromises. When something goes wrong, a conflict cannot be avoided. This is especially often manifested in the upbringing of children.

Scorpio women always try to win. These women like excitement and competition in all spheres of life. It is a great fun for Scorpios to demonstrate to themselves and to others what they are capable of. In this regard, they often achieve great success in sports, are able to win the hearts of the most popular men and take a leading position in other spheres of life. Scorpio womanThey aren’t afraid of any competition, besides, it stimulates them because they are leaders by nature. At the same time, they have enough strength, commitment, and perseverance for any achievements.

Scorpio women hide their private lives. They get used to overcoming all the life difficulties independently, so they rarely turn to others for advice, and, in general, they don’t like to tell about their affairs. Scorpio women do not like to talk about their family, they share only a small part if necessary. They can boast that they have a prosperous partner, but you will never know about his shortcomings. She will always position her family as the greatest value in her life, and it is unequivocally in the priority.

Scorpio women are very honest. Honesty and sincerity are, perhaps, the main virtues of Scorpio women. They do not know how to lie and do not even want to learn how to do that. A Scorpio woman will not tell you undeserved compliments and say, “I love you” if she does not feel that. You can always be 100% sure of every word she says about you. Of course, sometimes love for truthfulness makes some problems. In the situations when it seems it is necessary to lie to get benefits, they also cannot sacrifice their principles.

Scorpio women's best compatibility with other signs

The Scorpio woman compatibility deserves much attention because only an alliance with the right person can make the life happy and prosperous. To find a partner with whom you will experience the happiness of a family life is not an easy task. So, one of the serious mistakes may be the wrong choice of a partner, and it is surely necessary to find the best match for a Scorpio woman.

Aries man Scorpio woman

These charismatic, vivid, active personalities can create a very interesting couple, in which the interest to each other will never be lost. At the initial stage of the relationship, they attract each other with a similar temperament and then comes either a desperate rivalry and a breakup or the creation of a harmonious and very strong union. The second scenario is realized more often, and it is completely unsurprising, taking into account the attraction on the most different levels.

Aries man Scorpio woman are both jealous, both are ready to tease each other, and sometimes, it is on the verge of permissible. Ambitiousness and propensity for leadership will force them to adhere to their principles. However, they should not compete with each other but combine energy into one powerful stream and direct it to joint interests or deeds. Scorpios are mercantile and will undoubtedly appreciate the desire of the Aries man for material stability. If they trust each other and can bear to scale back their ambitions, it will be a perfect Scorpio woman compatibility with Aries man.

Virgo man Scorpio woman

Virgo man Scorpio woman might seem too different. However, each of them will see in the partner many their own features. It is noteworthy that this couple can combine habits that are difficult to classify as positive ones, for example, indifferent attitude to other people's shortcomings, love for criticism, psychological analysis of surrounding people and their actions. They will not make exceptions for each other, and if such a behavior is fraught with a considerable threat for other astrological signs, then mutual criticism for these partners is, first of all, an incentive for further development. They listen to the negative opinion about themselves and try to become better.

If partners notice predominantly the good things in their relationship, then their union will prove to be monolithic and invincible. Such a couple can organize a common family business that promises to be successful. Their union can be called a kind of a magical one, and the best match for Scorpio woman because despite all the contradictions, each of them becomes much stronger than was before this meeting.

Libra man Scorpio woman

Libra man Scorpio woman will have to move forward on the path of finding compromises all their life together. Eliminating the shortcomings and the annoying habits, the partners in this union will grow spiritually, complementing each other, but it cannot be said that it will be easy for them.

dating a Scorpio womanIt takes some time to study the personality of a partner, and the differences in the characters will be more intriguing than irritating during this period. However, the tension between them will gradually increase, and in case of lack of the efforts on the part of everyone, it will outgrow in the outburst of negative emotions. The confrontation of the partners will not give any good to each of them. Only mutual understanding and search for compromises can save this union if it is really important to both.

Dating a Scorpio woman: basic guideline and advice

Forget about empty promises

Never promise a Scorpio woman anything that you cannot do. This woman sees right through you, and any manifestation of lies or falsehood is obvious to her. Such a woman is not interested in men who mouth empty words, in her vocabulary there are no words, "I'll try," she knows only, "I can", "I do," "I'm sure." If you are ready to stand by your words, then you have a huge chance to win.

Let her conquer you

However strange it may sound, you will not be able to attract this woman using the usual methods. How to attract a Scorpio woman? She has an energy of a fighter, and the tastiest piece for her will be one to which it is difficult to reach. Do not send her the bunches of flowers and gifts, do not bother her with your close attention. On the contrary, attract her with your charming unapproachability. Maybe not at once, but it will work. If you do not know how to behave with Scorpio, then just pretend that you do not notice her, and very soon she will show her attempts to attract your attention.

Show concern and attention

If you are dating a Scorpio woman and don’t know how to understand what she needs, just ask her about that. You will never guess about the secret desires of a Scorpio woman in love until you ask her directly. Do not think that she will begin to dissemble, on the contrary, she is just waiting for your question about how you can help her. Just do not say trivial words that everything will be fine. She hates the word "will", so if you want to be with this woman, then get used to living in present time. Give her advice at the right moment, show her support and protection.

Don’t forget about good sex

If you dream about a Scorpio woman in bed, then make efforts and take your relationship to the next level. She will not let the first man in her bed, and if you have come to this level, it's time to think about how to hold a woman in your hands. For this woman the size is not the main thing, the main thing is quality. Make love as if it is the last time, caress and kiss her, adore and satisfy. You should forget about the shyness having sex with a Scorpio woman, and she will appreciate that.

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Scorpio women are very quick-tempered, emotional, jealous, and sociable. They need a faithful, honest, kind, and calm man.
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