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Ways to Prove Your Love to a Woman

Today we will talk about one of the most widely popular topics, the one that has been discussed over and over again, but it seems like the demand for this information is still very much there. Thus, today we will discuss one of the most important questions in the universe, how to prove your love to a woman?

how to prove you love someone

Why Do Girls Want You to Prove Your Love?

Have you ever heard of the phrase like, “A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears”?

The statement "Women love with ears” is scientifically confirmed. There are more male composers in the history of music, but women are actually better at comprehending music and are completely different from men in this. The frequency range accessible to female hearing is much wider, a woman perceives higher sounds better, she can precisely distinguish intonations and tones. So, if you plan on meeting single ladies for dating and want to get better at it, then you have to learn the art of love words.

Psychologists say that yelling at a man is not constructive, his ears are simply not able to perceive high frequencies in the right range. Medical studies by specialists from Bell's New York Laboratory indicate that a week-old girl can already distinguish the sounds of her mother’s voice and hear the crying of other children, while this happens much later with boys. At the same time, female hearing remains at the initial level until the age of 40, and in men, the process of its gradual decline begins immediately after 30.

Women ideally recognize the slightest changes in tone: that is why they immediately understand when men do not tell the whole truth or openly lie to them. Men, as hunters, accurately perceive the sounds of wildlife and perfectly feel the direction. If the voices of the children or the meow of the kitten are heard first by the woman, then the man will precisely indicate the direction of the search required. In everyday life, a woman may not hear her lover's snoring, but the sounds of an alarm clock awaken her from sleep from the first second - the whole secret is in the tonality of the sound.

Representatives of both sexes lose their hearing with age, men get worse at hearing higher sounds, and women miss low-pitched sounds, that is, over time, engaged couples literally lose their ability to hear each other.

Do the Words Matter?

I think that words are the most important condition for maintaining and developing relationships. Of course, there is still the way we think about a loved one, and our actions that we do for them, but words and thoughts are of little use without actions. You have to prove your love with actions. If I love someone, and I think about them with love, then they will feel it, I won’t have to prove my love all the time! Maybe yes, and maybe not, it all depends on the sensitivity of the person. We can gently and lovingly think about them as much as we like, but they won’t guess about it.

Let’s talk about actions. Well, “what about them,” you may say, they are quite direct? But are they? Any of your actions can be perceived in different ways. For example, a man gives flowers to a woman. This can be an expression of love, or it can be a sign of a good upbringing or a habit, or it is gratitude, there may be other options. If the man does not say the reason for such a gesture, the woman will definitely not know what this bouquet means. Nature has endowed men with the most complex system for pronouncing sounds, which allows them to use their words to tell others about their thoughts. And the statement “A woman loves with her ears” has a very deep meaning. By the way, not only women find words of love to be important, but also men, only words of love for men are different from words of love for women.

how to prove to your girlfriend that you love herFor close relationships to continue and flourish, all three components are needed: thoughts, actions, and words. Words are the ultimate confirmation of your love. They convey your thoughts and explain the meaning of your actions. Do not be silent, do not think that everything is already clear, tell your partner about your feelings for them! But if you are not confident in your relationship, you are not motivated to act, maybe you should figure out whether it is love or infatuation.

How to Prove Your Love to Her Over Text

Now let’s figure out how to prove your love over text and what you should remember while chatting with your loved one.

1. Stay in touch

Here’s the first way how to prove your love. Since you will not see each other in person, it is important for you to establish an emotional connection and maintain it as often as possible. You don't have to have long and detailed conversations every time. Frequent communication, even if very brief, will be a sign that you are investing enough time and effort in your relationship, and will help you stay updated on each other's life events. If you communicate with long (several-day-long) breaks, much will be forgotten or irrelevant, and you will have to start the conversation all over again every single time, rather than continue the previous one.

2. Talk about everyday insignificant things

Do not think that you need to seriously discuss your relationship, hopes or dreams in every conversation. Instead, focus on the little things that a couple living together would say - buying groceries, household chores, changing the decor in an apartment. This will give you a sense of common home – something you two need. Talk about ordinary things that can help strengthen communication and interdependence between you, the foundation of your relationship.

3. Learn something together

How do I prove my love? Choose an activity that suits both of you. For example, you can start an online foreign language course together or try to learn how to knit. Do what interests both of you. This will give you a wonderful feeling that the story of your new hobby will be common for you and your partner, and you will become even closer. In addition, it is a great way to spend time together and a nice source of topics for conversation.

4. Be loyal to each other

How to prove you love someone? Be open and honest, voluntarily share personal information. You should be morally attached to each other and continue relationships based on personal values, and not on external pressure. Personal values include beliefs such as "infidelity is unacceptable to me." External pressure includes approval or disapproval from others, for example, “Mom will be very upset if I cheat on my girlfriend.”

5. Do not do anything irrational just because you are angry or upset about something

Communication plays a key role in relationships. When problems arise, discuss them to build trust and communication between you two. If you, having made some kind of mistake, are afraid of retaliatory actions on the part of the partner, it is worth considering whether you need such a relationship in the first place.

6. Find something you can do together

Create a page on the web that both of you will have access to, such as a blog or photo album. This will give you a new way of communication and, at the same time, it will give you the feeling that you are creating something together. You can create a blog devoted to food and write about your adventures in the culinary field in it, you can upload photos of your workouts on Instagram or post a special hashtag for the two of you on Twitter.

7. Let your partner feel special

Try to do small pleasant things to show them your love. You can write love letters and send them by email. You can send small gifts, cards or flowers for no reason. Thanks to express mail and delivery services, you can find a way to send your loved one almost anything.

8. Make connections

How to prove you love her over text? It is important to feel that you occupy a certain place in the life of a partner. Try meeting their friends online or in real life. This will help you better understand each other and make communication easier. If in the future, one of you has to move to be together, this will mean parting with friends. Begin to build a circle of personal and professional acquaintances in advance for a partner who will subsequently move to your place or vice versa.

20 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Prove Your Love to Her

Here are 20 simple yet effective ways to prove your love for her.

1. Hugs and kisses

Tactile sensations are one way to show your love. When we love a person, we constantly want to hug them, take their hand, touch them, kiss them, smell their hair.

how can i prove my love2. Stay close

How to prove to someone you love them? It is obvious to everyone that you should stay close when your partner has faced such a serious problem as, for example, losing a job or death of a loved one. But this is no less important when your partner faces minor life difficulties, such as malfunctions at work, insult, quarrel with superiors, unreasonable bills. Just listen and offer any help, even if it is just empathy.

3. Give her attention

A partner should feel your attention in a relationship, and you can do so in a variety of ways. We have already mentioned being near and showing manifestations of your physical attraction, but the key thing here is to show your partner that they are always on your mind. Do so by any means necessary, but this is a thing that should always be on the list of priorities in your relationship.

4. Support them

Always let your partner know that you admire and be proud of them. Mutual support is the foundation of a strong relationship. You must be ready to support your partner throughout your life, to help them achieve their goals.

5. Share information with her

Do not keep everything inside yourself. If there is anything that you find to be valuable or important, share it with the person you love. You can tell them more than anyone. At the same time, even in the closest relationships, it is necessary to leave something to be unsaid if it is not the time.

6. Talk about your feelings

Tell your partner that you love them. If your partner looks attractive, let them know! Your loved one does not know how to read your thoughts, so express yourself in words when you want to admire them. Tell them what is most valuable to you as a partner, and remember that this approach will never become obsolete!

7. Appreciate her

How to prove to a girl you love her? You have to appreciate her. The main killers of relationships are unjustified expectations. If your partner is not a robot, they most likely have their own fears and weaknesses. Learn to appreciate the positive aspects of their character. Love and value not only strengths but also the weaknesses of your partner.

8. Spend some time together

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, a person you love must always be up there with the most important things in your life, and, preferably, the most important thing in your life. Share your feelings, tell stories, and just enjoy each other.

9. Be thankful

Thank your partner every day for changing your life for the better. Remember that every day they make 1000 pleasant things for you. Never take it for granted. If you do not appreciate the efforts that your partner puts into the relationship, it will collapse.

10. Equality is important

You have to treat your partner the way you would like them to treat you. Strive for equality in everything.

11. Seek advice

By seeking advice, you will show that you value the opinion of a person and trust them. This will allow a person to feel satisfied with themselves, increase their sense of significance and strengthen your relationship. By asking, you lose practically nothing. Most likely, you will benefit from the conversation anyway. At the same time, your question does not have to concern something global. As a rule, we seek advice when a crisis occurs in a particular area of our life. However, if you have no problems, do not take to come up with them on the go.

12. Listen to your partner

How to prove to your girlfriend that you love her? Being able to listen to your partner can also be a manifestation of love. Just show your feelings without words but with your body. Remove the phone, listen to every word that your partner says. When was the last time someone paid such close attention to you that you were aware of this? This is a rather rare and wonderful feeling.

13. Do good deeds

Let’s say you are stuck at night at the airport. No matter how late it is, your partner will help you get home by ordering a taxi or driving you home themselves. And what if you are experiencing financial difficulties, and your loved one lends all the much-needed money to you? These two examples are gestures of love when something is given without the requirement to immediately receive something in return. To show love is, sometimes, to be unselfish.

how to prove you love someone14. Plan a joint pastime

Unlike those who like to receive gifts, some people feel truly loved when their partner spends time with them not just over text, but in person. We have already mentioned that you have to spend some time together, but you should also plan ahead, clear up your schedule and spend this valuable time with the person you love. Show them that you want to spend this time together, talk to them about your schedule and figure out the day that will suit you two.

15. Dress to impress

If you are in a romantic relationship, put on your partner’s favorite outfit or wear what they like. Does your girlfriend like it when you wear a tie? Surprise her one evening by wearing a tie. Does she like it when you wear sunglasses? Go on and put them on. You do not need to say anything about this, rest assured, she will understand everything.

16. Make them a part of your life

How should you prove you love someone? Relationships become stronger when you share something with your loved one. What can you give in your life? A special glass designed only for this person when they come over? Training supplies? Share the things you have and ask nothing in return. Make your partner a literal part of your life. This is a great way to express your love.

17. Express your gratitude

Show your partner your concern by recognizing that you value the things that the partner does for you. Express your gratitude to your loved one for everything that they do for you (for taking the children out of school, buying food for your dog), express gratitude for the qualities of the partner you admire (love, care, generosity). Express your gratitude with words or notes. You can give gifts that express your gratitude, for example, flowers, a wonderful dinner, or something rather special and unexpected.

18. Be kind

Kindness is the best guarantee of stable satisfaction in a long-term relationship. By your kindness, you show your partner that you are contributing to the relationship and show your love. Usually, those people who treat kindness as a kind of muscle that needs to be trained all the time are much more positive and more pleasant in communication than those who treat kindness as something to be expected.

19. Forgive and forget

How can a man prove his love to a woman? It is quite normal to admit the fact that you do not always behave in a kind and understanding manner. If you’ve made a mistake, explain your mistake to your partner and ask for forgiveness. Also, be prepared to forgive your partner when they make a mistake too. Forgiveness allows couples to recognize each other's weaknesses and develop their relationship. Do not focus on unpleasant moments, move on.

20. Give her some personal space

How can I prove my love? Provide your woman with some personal space. This is a thing that most people overlook in relationships. After all the things that have been said and done, after all of the signs of love that we’ve listed, it is important to remember that all of us need some personal space, some time for ourselves that we will devote to the things we like in this life.

There are millions of ways in which you can show love, and it all depends on your attention and the person that you are. Love should be natural, and you have to know what your partner likes and dislikes to be good at showing your love for them.

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