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11 Reasons Why Russian Girlfriends Are the Best

What do you know about Russian girls? They are beautiful. Yes, no one will argue with this statement. Are they clever? Oh, but this statement seems questionable because Russian girls are portrayed as babes with big breasts, but with a small brain. How can a modern man understand such complex, fundamental questions without having special training? Without our help - no way. We will answer these and other important questions of the day, and we will give you a list of 11 (!) Reasons why your Russian girlfriend Natasha is cool, and your Mary is just a mistake of youth, a vacuum cleaner for money and the reason for your new best friend called Neurosis. Read, enlighten, and at last become a happy man!

Russian girlfriend

Why Russian Girlfriends are the Best and How to Pick Them Up

So, what kind of mythical country is Russia? The perennial threat of the communist apocalypse, hanging over the Western enlightened and humanistic civilization or the snow-covered desert, where the man's best friend is not a dog, but a bear, and where instead of baby food from Nestle babies drink vodka from wooden mugs? For a person who possesses at least the rudiments of intelligence, it is obvious that both statements are false. More precisely, they are hypertrophied - the communist past of Russia and the love of strong alcoholic beverages can hardly be called a complete invention, all this existed, and something continues to exist today. Nevertheless, all these things are very exaggerated. Just like the image of Americans among Russian people.

Today Russia is a unique place. The geographical position of this country has created a unique cultural environment on a vast stretch of the globe. The fusion of East and West, Europe and Asia, a spiritual worldview and a completely pragmatic nature - that's what Russia is today. This would sound like the introductory part of a lecture by a philosopher, who was extremely interested in Russia and everything related to it. But we are not philosophers, and all the more we are people who are not enthusiastic about Russia. We are passionate about Russian girlfriends and we want to teach you how to find a Russian girlfriend. Can you imagine what women can live in such an ambiguous, unique in all respects country?

These are amazing women and in the world there is no one who would be at least a bit like them. They differ in everything: appearance, style of clothing, approach to life, approach to death, attitude to the family, to love, to the upbringing of children. And simultaneously with this uniqueness the soul of a Russian girlfriend is understandable to any foreigner - a European, an American or an Asian. This is because men all over the world want the same thing and look for women according to a certain list of qualities that Russian women possess. Let's take a closer look at it:

1. Russian girls have a unique beauty. Have you ever read literary works of Russian classics, especially poets? If yes, then you know the typical portrait of a Russian beauty: swarthy skin, heavy and long black hair, brown or blue eyes, snow-white and charming smile ... Well, this is, of course, a poetic portrait. And very few Russian women correspond to it. Nevertheless, most Russian girls can really be called beauties. And quite special beauties - there is something from Asians in them and from Europeans ... extremely exciting combination, isn’t it?

2. A Russian girl knows what a man wants. She knows that you love delicious food, so she knows how to cook. She knows that a man cannot live without sex, so you will always receive it. She knows that at home you want to rest from work, so home will always be cozy. She knows that you want to admire your woman, so she will always look 100%. That`s why men want to find out how to find a Russian girlfriend.

3. A Russian girl watches her appearance. Do you know why Russian men rarely marry Europeans? Because they often forget to go to a cosmetologist and a hairdresser in pursuit of a career. Career of a Russian woman is her success as a woman in the eyes of a beloved man.

pick up a Russian girl4. A Russian woman knows how to raise children. And for this she does not need to listen to the lectures of family psychologists and go to trainings for moms. Maternity is inherent in them genetically. But it is inherent in all women, you will say. Yes, it is, but most women artificially deprive themselves of this joy and forget how to raise children. Russian women brought this skill to perfection. It is a big reason to say: “I want a Russian girlfriend!”

5. Russian girls can and do have sex. They do it with such skill that some men hire private investigators to find out if a Russian girl has forgotten to tell about the successful career of a porn actress. But do not be afraid: in the vast majority of cases, these fears are empty. Russian girls just know how to have great sex. So, do you want to pick up Russian girls now? That`s it.

6. Russian girls love to travel. And they go crazy not only from traditional, "commercial" tourism. A Russian beauty can go with pleasure camping with you and have dinner cooked on the campfire. And of course, a Russian girl will happily spend a couple of weeks with you in an expensive hotel somewhere in Thailand. The main thing is not to sit still, but to know the world.

7. A Russian woman is always up to have fun. In these ladies there is some indestructible teenage spirit. Their eyes light up at the mention of parties where large companies, alcoholic cocktails and other entertainments are involved. If you can’t imagine your life without parties with friends on weekends, then you urgently need to find a Russian woman. She will always support you.

8. A Russian woman will live by your interests. If you want it, of course. Though, what kind of man will be against it ...

9. Russian women are very smart. The myth that Russian ladies can only cook food and satisfy their men in bed is just a myth and nothing more. In fact, Russian women read a lot and are interested in everything that happens in the world. They always have something to talk about.

10. A Russian girl just likes your friends. Russian women are very well versed in male psychology. Therefore, they know that the opinion of friends about his woman is very important for a man. It is extremely important. Therefore, your Russian girlfriend will do everything to please your friends.

11. Russian women are very feminine. Do you like ladies who have a purely feminine charm? Are you reading the stories about the insidious Parisian women who with a single movement of eyelashes are able to turn even the most notorious scoundrel into a whining young man praying for the love of his chosen one? Then you need a Russian woman. She is even steeper than a Parisian woman. We guarantee this.

Well, what can you say? Did you have enough reasons to say goodbye to your Mary and start looking for your Natasha? Then listen how to pick up Russian girls. Firstly, you must radiate self-confidence and do not look like an egoist. Don’t you know how to do this? Then go train in front of the mirror and until you feel this fine line, do not even think about picking up the Russian ladies. By the way, the easiest way to learn how to pick up a Russian girl is to become confident in yourself as a man for real. Start a conversation from afar: joke or comment on some small thing that caught your eye. In any case, the girl will easily guess about your true intentions, but it's not worth talking about them. Do not rush to offer a Russian girl to go with you to a bar and drink something - this will be interpreted as an attempt to get fast sex and nothing more. You cannot pick up a Russian girl this way. Exchange numbers, profiles in social networks and for several days maintain friendly communication. And only after this call her to ask on a date. There are no other secrets in Russian girl pick up.

How to Impress Your Potential Russian Girlfriend in 5 Simple Steps

Have you already gone on a date with your new Russian girlfriend? And how did you like it? We are almost sure that you are completely delighted. And if a man is delighted with a woman, he wants to repay her with the same coin. What can impress a Russian girlfriend? In fact, there are no special secrets. Women are women and the nationality indicated in the passport does not play such a big role. Nevertheless, Russian girls have several features of mentality, knowledge of which will allow you to make a positive impression on your chosen one. Here are 5 easy steps to impress a Russian girl:

1. Give her flowers. On every date. Send them to her home or office. Give flowers as often as possible. Russian girls have a special attitude towards flowers - they are simply crazy about them. In Russia, it is customary to give flowers not only for holidays but also just to show your good intentions. So do not miss this opportunity! It may sound awkward, but impressing a Russian girlfriend is about giving flowers.

impressing a Russian girlfriend 2. And now it is the paradox: do not try to impress her! Yes, you have the greatest secret now! The best way to impress a girl is not to impress her. Now you probably wonder how it works. Well, when most guys try to impress girls, they do not behave naturally and try to show off at all cost. Such tactics are not effective with Russian girls, and they will simply put you in the category of "braggart". The best way to impress a girl is to be yourself and let everything go on as usual.

3. Natural talent takes its toll. If you thought that Russian girls are constantly impressed by money and material things, you are very wrong. If the girls are delighted with your money, then they are most likely looking for money, not for you. The best way of impressing a Russian girlfriend and maintaining your status is using your charm. You do want girls to respect you for what you are, but not for what you own.

4. Are you a little...special? You will not be able to impress any Russian girl if you do not have something that distinguishes you from the rest. Usually, guys try to do something “special”, show everything they can. If you do the same and follow the same techniques as all those men, you will never succeed in this pursuit of the impression of the girls. Show yourself in a natural way trying to impress a girl, and try to be the best version of yourself. Do not talk to her just to impress, just do the same as usual. One of the best aspects that every girl needs and which will impress her is your intellect. Work on developing your intellectual abilities. That is, read the books, watch the latest news. Remember, the ability to be a good interlocutor is the basis for the impression of any girl.

5. Russian girls usually spend a lot of time picking their clothes, thinking over hairstyle, make-up and so on ... that's why they like it when you notice it.

Sum Up

So, buddy, our verdict is unequivocal - a Russian girlfriend should be in the life of any man, otherwise, he runs the risk of remaining in ignorance of what is true female love. Believe me, all the barriers that come to your mind when you think about a relationship with a Russian girl is utter nonsense. The Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for you. Your interlocutor will instantly receive a message from you, even if you are separated by a pair of oceans. With the help of online translators, you can easily communicate, knowing that your interlocutor will necessarily understand you. So, do not waste time and say no to doubts - communication with a Russian girl will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. We have no reason not to assert this as an immutable truth!

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I go crazy over the appearance of Russian girls. They know how to emphasize their natural beauty with unobtrusive make-up and suitable accessories.
28.02.2020 12:05
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