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The Deep Insight into Female Sexuality: Everything You Need to Know

What is sexuality? It’s not just some character trait but rather a set of qualities that attracts people’s attention to a person. The degree of sexuality depends on numerous factors that allow this characteristic feature of a person to unfold.

Female sexuality isn’t based solely on external beauty, breast size, or style of clothes. Sexuality is something every woman has, but not all of them know how to use it. Sexuality develops with experience, as the woman learns more and more about her emotionality and sensuality. Here's what you need to know about female sexuality.

female sexuality

Female sexuality and what defines it

A truly sexy and attractive woman treats men with attention and interest. She’s not afraid – she knows and feels them. A woman is not born with this knowledge; she’s just trying to understand the nature of men and find a common language with them. What does female sexuality consist of?

What determines female sexuality

  • Self-confidence. Restrained and confident behavior turns every girl into a queen. Those ladies, who can’t open up to others, will never attract men’s attention. But too much self-confidence doesn’t benefit anyone.
  • Beautiful breasts. That’s right – beautiful, and not big. A woman should present herself correctly and emphasize her strong suit. You’ll definitely notice such girl.
  • Elastic buttocks. It's no secret that men love this part of a female body, so a sexy woman always pays attention to it.
  • Appearance. Even women’s hair can be a part of sexuality. It should be natural. A sexy woman always looks after her nails and hands. Neat, long, and polished nails often catch a man’s eye.
  • Behavior, femininity, tact, intellect, and the ability to keep the conversation going are also one of the main features of sexuality. Any man will like an interesting woman.

Female sexual arousal

As for sexual arousal and sex, it all comes down to four stages that show different responses: arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Let’s go through all four of them to figure out what happens when you turn a girl on.

1) Sexual arousal

When she gets sexually excited, the blood vessels in her most erogenous zones become wider. It’s the point when the whole female sexual anatomy prepares for intercourse. Here, the main role belongs to external stimuli that affect the senses as well as imagination. Blood pressure rises, and the heart begins beating faster. Depending on the desire of both partners, there’s also the possibility to reduce or increase the duration of sexual intercourse at this stage. Having reached a certain level, the body is ready for the next stage.

male and female sexuality in bedroom2) Sexual plateau

It’s the stage when the intercourse begins, and every female sexual fantasy comes to life. Blood pressure increases even more, and breathing becomes more frequent. During the plateau stage, muscle tension continues to build up, and the muscles of the face, neck, hands, and feet begin contracting. The plateau stage is usually very short and lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. Many women believe that prolonging sexual tension at its extreme point causes more intense excitement and ultimately leads to a more intense orgasm.

3) Orgasm

Orgasm is a female sexual peak and the result of maximum sexual tension. It lasts only a few seconds, involving the clitoris, vagina, and uterus. The sexual sensitivity of each of these organs is essential because they determine women’s individual characteristics and behavior during sexual intercourse, the intensity and duration of orgasm, and the variety of psychophysical sensations. Physiologically, orgasm is a way of releasing the muscular tension that builds up in the process of sexual arousal.

Women’s orgasm has two phases:

  • The first phase of orgasm is sympathetic. It’s characterized by a prolonged spasm of the uterine smooth muscles which moves down to the cervix and lasts 2-4 seconds.
  • The second phase of orgasm is parasympathetic. It’s characterized by automatic rhythmic contractions of the smooth muscles, as well as the muscles of the pelvic floor. It lasts no more than 10-15 seconds and consists of 5-15 contractions, depending on the intensity of orgasm. At the same time, the woman experiences ecstatic sensations.

4) Sexual resolution

If there’s no additional stimulation, the resolution phase occurs immediately after orgasm, bringing relaxation. Some processes in female body return to normal very quickly, while others need more time to do it. Muscular tension, which reaches its maximum during the third stage, is sharply weakened.

In terms of sexual arousal stages, male and female sexuality in a bedroom has a lot in common.

Female orgasm and its peculiarities

What is a female orgasm? All women experience orgasm in their own way. To deliver your partner maximum pleasure, you need to know the answers to these questions.

Do all women reach orgasm?

From the point of view of physiology, yes. Theoretically, no. As for the practical side of the question, no one can say the exact number here, but according to various studies, from 40 to 70% of women reach orgasm.

What does a female orgasm feel like?

It’s believed that during orgasm, women experience more vivid and diverse sensations than men. Each woman describes the orgasm in different ways. In this case, you have to trust your partner. Someone feels the growing heat in the genitals, which then spreads throughout the body. Someone defines the best female orgasm as contractions of the vaginal muscles (in fact, it happens all the time, but not everyone feels it). And someone is experiencing a wave of convulsive contractions that runs all over the body from head to toe. In general, the sensations are very diverse. Moreover, one woman can feel different sensations depending on the situation.

female orgasms How to tell if a woman has an orgasm?

Real female orgasm is a qualitatively new state that differs from the usual strong arousal. That’s why it’s easier to spot the moment of orgasm watching your partner’s behavior. The signs of orgasm include rapid breathing, convulsive movements, etc. Sometimes the signs of orgasm are so weak that it’s almost impossible to determine them by eye.

Is it true that women can fake orgasm?

Yes! In any case, the peculiarities of female physiology allow them to do this easily. As for concrete facts, according to sociological research, 80% of women faked an orgasm at least once in their lives. At the same time, there are women who have never experienced an orgasm. But most of the ladies fake orgasms only in certain situations.

Does the duration of sexual intensity affect the orgasm?

Yes. Sexologists distinguish this pattern: the longer the plateau stage lasts (As we said, the sexual act is divided into four phases: arousal, plateau, orgasm, and refraction), the more intense female orgasm gets.

Does the stimulation affect the intensity of orgasm?

Yes. The brighter the emotions the woman experiences during the first phase, the stronger the sensations she will experience during orgasm.

How long does it take to reach orgasm?

On average, women reach orgasm in 15-30 minutes. That is, a woman needs a lot more time to achieve maximum pleasure than a man. First, guys go through a short first phase (arousal), then a slightly longer plateau phase, orgasm (4-10 seconds) and a short resolution period (4-10 minutes). When it comes to female orgasms, all the phases are more extended: the first, second and fourth phases are much longer, and the third one may include several peaks.

What do females like in sex?

Women always seek diversity in sex, but they’re too shy to admit it. Men only have to wonder what exactly they want. Do females like oral sex? Yes, they do. Do females like anal sex? Certainly! But it’s up to you to push your partner towards trying it. Start with some foreplay.

Women can’t live without kisses. They don’t even care about the intercourse itself if they get enough kisses. For women, kissing is more intimate than oral sex. You cannot skip this part during foreplay. Kissing a woman is a true art.

To turn her on, touch and kiss her breasts. This is not just a beautiful part of a woman's body, so treat it gently. Don’t you ever twist or bite the nipples? When she’s excited, her nipples get very sensitive, so one single mistake can hurt her.

There’s one more spot on her body that can help you arouse her passion. It’s the belly button. Don’t focus only on it: pay attention to nearby areas. Apart from looking sexy, the belly button is also an erogenous zone. Kiss her legs and feet. There are a lot of nerve endings down there. If you wish to give her emotions she never experienced before, don’t miss this part of the body.

what is a female orgasmWhat positions do women like?

One of the women’s most favorite positions is definitely a rider. And there are two reasons for this. The first one is psychological. She’s on top, looking at you like a boss. Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s in control turns women on the most. Often experiencing pressure from a partner in ordinary life, ladies try to compensate for this pressure in bed. However, men who bear the whole burden of relationships on their shoulders rarely agree to give women the initiative during sex.

The second reason why girls love this position lies in physical sensations. The woman herself controls the depth and angle of penetration, thereby opening up new opportunities for her sensations.

The second positions women love most is a good, old doggy-style in all its variations. Someone finds this one somewhat humiliating, but most women prefer it. This position is one of the best for a woman also because the girl feels as if she completely gives herself into her lover’s hands. And her partner, in his turn, can caress her, kissing and gently touching her neck or breasts.

It’s hard to tell who likes sex more - male or female. Women treat sex much more coldly than men. Women aren’t interested in physical contact, but on the other hand, they get a lot of pleasure from men’s desire. The feeling that she gets when she notices that the man wants her arouses the woman much more than caresses and compliments. Females like sex, but they’re very subtle and impressionable. If there was a quarrel, then don’t expect passionate sex from her. For women, sex is closely connected to mood. Stresses greatly affect her sexual desire. Protect your loved one from them, and a fabulous night of love is guaranteed.

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I know one interesting fact about female orgasm. The longest orgasm that was recorded lasted as much as 45 seconds!
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