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Best Sex Positions while Pregnant

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy? Yes, if you follow certain rules and follow the recommendations of doctors. During pregnancy, changes occur not only in the women’s bodies. Sometimes their habits change, emotions are not always stable, they have a bad mood, and there is morning sickness in the first trimester, and so on and so forth. Therefore, often the question whether to have sex or not disappears by itself. A woman just doesn’t want to have it. However, it also happens that a future dad refuses to have sex because he is afraid to harm a tiny creature in a woman’s belly. But don’t worry. The intimacy of spouses is only welcome during normal pregnancy.

best sex positions while pregnant

Sex while being pregnant: myths and reality

So, is it safe to have sex while pregnant? Let’s consider this issue in detail. Periods of sexual activity of a pregnant woman:

  • The first trimester. The sexual attraction is reduced because her body undergoes physical and hormonal changes. In addition, pregnant women suffer from nausea during this period;
  • The second trimester. Pregnancy toxaemia has already passed and hormones have stabilized. The sexual desire increases. A pregnant woman needs an active sexual life.
  • The third trimester. Most women continue to have sex while pregnant, but many refuse it because of discomfort of a big pregnant belly.

As you can see, it is quite normal to have sex when your girlfriend or wife is pregnant. But what changes in sex life can occur when having sex while pregnant?

Feelings change

Many women said that they had more vivid orgasms during pregnancy. And some even admit that they experienced orgasm for the first time. This is due to physiology – the flow of blood increases and the vascular system changes. All this together makes the sensations more intense. However, there are other nuances. Some women don’t like touching their breasts during pregnancy because they become very sensitive.

Without pressure

If the first 4-5 months you can have sex in any position, then you will need to be more careful when a belly becomes bigger. The sexual act will harm neither a baby nor a future mum. But pressure on the belly should be avoided. And the search for new positions only diversifies your sex life.

sex with pregnant womenLovers become closer during sex

Continuation of sexual relations will add harmony to your small family so far. Everything that is good for a future mother is good for a baby. In a word, you shouldn’t abandon your intimacy. Of course, there are situations where it is better not to have sex. But, in this case, don’t lose physical contact – hug, walk, hold hands, and kiss! Spend as much time together as possible.

Sexual attraction of a pregnant woman is quite normal

Some women think that they are pregnant and they must start a monastic life. However, the hormones responsible for sexual activity continue to be produced in the body of a healthy woman. So, don’t leave them without work.

A baby doesn’t feel bad

There are also pregnant women who don’t mind having sex but are afraid that it can have a physical effect on a fetus. But such thoughts arise solely from ignorance of anatomy. The main male’s organ will not reach a baby. So, caring, gentle, and sensual sex will not harm the fetus but will help to relax properly.

Sometimes it is really better to refuse sex during pregnancy

For example, there can be bleeding after sex while pregnant, abnormal placenta, a risk of miscarriage or premature birth, and many other bad consequences. In this case, sex can provoke a worsening of the condition, so a woman has to consult with her doctor. But even if the doctor strictly forbids having sex during pregnancy – don’t be upset. You’re adult people and you know about the existence of alternative options.

“Spoons” is the best position for sex during pregnancy

If you have sex with a pregnant woman, then choose this position. It is perfect for relieving tension due to a growing belly and helps literally dissolve into tenderness.

Orgasm can cause contraction

After an orgasm during pregnancy, a woman can experience a kind of sensation that is similar to birth pains. And this can last up to half an hour. But don’t worry: such “contraction” after orgasm may not provoke childbirth, if, of course, you don’t have sex at the end of pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy can help alleviate childbirth

Firstly, sex is a kind of massage. And secondly, sperm can soften the cervix and prepare it for childbirth. So, while your woman feels that sex during pregnancy brings pleasure, do it more often.

Excitement during childbirth helps in contraction

There is even such a movement that is called “Orgasmic birth.” His supporters believe that if a man is near during childbirth and begins to stimulate woman’s nipples, clitoris, and other erogenous zones, then oxytocin will release in her body. This is a hormone that has beneficial effects on a woman while childbirth and reduces pain. There is an opinion that orgasm during childbirth is the most incredible sensation that a woman can ever experience.

A proven method

So, can you have sex when pregnant? Yes, yes, and yes! Many mistakenly believe that sexual contact can cause premature birth. Doctors are sure that this is not so. During orgasm, the uterus comes to tone for a few seconds, but this can’t provoke birth if a baby is not ready for this yet. It’s another matter if a baby doesn’t want to leave its “cozy house”. Doctors advise women who carry babies longer than 40 weeks to go home and have sex with their husbands. It’s amazing, but it works! Sex helps stimulate childbirth naturally and without medication. But it is contraindicated when water broke. In any case, it is better to use a condom to prevent infection before delivery.

Best sex positions when pregnant

It is no longer a secret to anyone that sex during pregnancy is useful and desirable. But how to make the process more convenient and enjoyable for both partners, especially if a future mother already has a big belly.

Look at these safe sex positions, thanks to which you can enjoy each other without any fear. Of course, a fast-growing belly can add some discomfort having sex while pregnant, but don’t stop experimenting and choose more comfortable positions. Use a pillow, which you can put under a woman as a support. In addition, your care, tenderness, and attention are also important for a woman, and the most important thing is not to press on her belly.

Sex positions while pregnant

good sex positions while pregnant Face to face

One of the best sex positions when pregnant is the face to face position. This position is also called missionary and the most common. This position has many variations. A woman can lie motionless or can make movements of the hips up and down or from side to side, thereby stimulating a partner.

Woman is on top

This is one of the good classic sex positions while pregnant in which a woman sits on her partner. There are two options for this position: partners are face to face or a woman can sit on a partner, turning her back to him. You may think that this position is not good, but it is not so. In this case, the hips, as well as the knees of a partner, can serve as the support for a woman if it is hard for her. The advantage of this position is that a woman is freer in movements and can fully control the stimulation of the clitoris. Many women easily reach orgasm in this position. It is good for men who want to delay ejaculation or when a man feels tired. If you do it face to face, this position facilitates eye contact. Men usually like this position because it allows them to see their partners well. In addition, hands of both partners remain free and they can caress each other. This position is good for pregnant women with an advanced stage of pregnancy and when a belly is already big enough.

A man behind

In this position, a woman kneels and leans on her hands. A partner stands behind a woman. This position is good when you have sex with pregnant women during last months of pregnancy. When a belly is not very big, a woman can sit down a little on her partner’s legs. The advantage of this position is that a man can stimulate a woman’s clitoris with free hands and any other part of his body. However, partners don’t see each other’s faces. This position is suitable for any period of pregnancy in those modifications in which a woman doesn’t lie down on her belly.


This position is convenient during the last period of pregnancy and when a woman already has a big belly. A pregnant woman lies on her side and her partner lies behind her. This allows a partner to caress the partner’s breasts and belly and, most importantly, this position is safe for a fetus. This position allows you to actively use your hands. “Spoons” is good for a slow act: this kind of sex can be recommended when a pregnant woman is having sex.

Classical position with throwing legs on a partner

A woman can throw her legs on her partner lying on her back. In this position, a man can fully control his movements and depth of penetration. In addition, a man can freely caress her breasts and belly.


If you want sex while a girl is pregnant, then try this position. A woman lies on her back bending her knees and a man comes close to her, kneeling by the bed. This position also allows a man to caress his partner. It also considered one of the most convenient pregnant sex positions.

The described options are only little part of best sex positions while pregnant, which can be significantly improved making feelings of partners more pleasant and comfortable. For example, you can use pillows and blankets, placing them under the buttocks of a partner, the partner’s knees, etc. During sexual intercourse, you can always change positions because the position in which you usually do it may become uncomfortable or a girl may feel that she is not able to achieve orgasm in this position because of insufficient or, on the contrary, excessive penetration or insufficient stimulation of the clitoris. Don’t be shy to stimulate her main erogenous zone with your hand in any of the positions (for this you can put your hand on the clitoral area). The most convenient positions for stimulating it by hands are the positions in which a woman is on top or a man is behind.

Intimacy with a loved one helps maintain a favorable hormonal balance of a woman. And if a future mother receives confirmation that she is loved, then it will also give her psychological comfort. Positive emotions, in turn, help overcome anxiety during pregnancy and before childbirth. In general, sex is a source of good mood and well-being for future mothers. Thanks to physiological changes during pregnancy, women are able to achieve a more “qualitative” and vivid orgasm and experience greater pleasure.

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