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Strangest Yet Useful Internet Dating Slang Terms You Need to Know

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online dating terms

It is not necessary to memorize new dating terms 2019 to understand the trends of modern relationships. However, if you know their meaning, it will help you avoid misunderstanding. After all, many of us have relationships on the Internet and don’t know how to live in reality, that is, we deprive ourselves of real emotions and feelings. And here problems arise.

IRL Dating Terms

Even if you have a relationship in real life, you have to know modern dating terms in order not to get on a hook of a manipulator.

Love bombing

The term describes a situation where a person is literally being overwhelmed with love. Such attention can look like a sincere and uncontrollable flow of feelings, but, in essence, this is a way to very quickly gain confidence, not allowing a person to critically comprehend the situation and subsequently manipulate him or her. It is often used by sociopaths and narcissists.

“She was so cute at first, but now she looks like a manipulator. I can’t believe she is love bombing me.”


This is another trend in modern relationships when a person who disappeared from your life suddenly returns. This person is full of hopes, romantic plans, and expectations that you waited for him or her. Such a person just suddenly sends a message, “Hello, how are you?” after a three-year silence. Probably, “zombieing” is not a new phenomenon, but it becomes more and more popular every year. And all this is due to digital technology. Previously, it was more difficult “to rise from the dead” and not to look foolish at the same time. Now it’s enough to write a message, “Hello, how are you doing?” and it will force to revive all past experiences, cause anger (in case the ex has a new loved one) or provoke an attack of timid hope (in case the ex is still alone). And the message like, “What if we go somewhere together?” is completely unsettling.

“Guess who sent me a message on Facebook!? James! He’s zombieing me!”

Cuffing season

This is one of the most popular dating terms because autumn and winter are the most “depressive” seasons of the year. It means the following: during the autumn-winter season, those, who prefer to lead a single or polygamous lifestyle during the warm season, start living monogamous life. That is, they find partners with whom they spend the cold months. When the cold ends and the need to spend most of the leisure time at home disappears, most seasonal couples break up. “Cuffing season” has a scientific explanation like most phenomena of our life. Our DNA is the reason for this phenomenon, which has been forming for hundreds of thousands of years. Ancient people, in conditions of limited resources and a difficult climate, had a better chance of surviving when they were united in groups and couples. Therefore, “cuffing season” begins every time the weather worsens, and it gets dark outside the window.

“My favorite cafe starts making buckthorn tea with honey. I think that the cuffing season started!”


modern dating termsThe absolute majority of people turn into “domestic cats” when they are in long-term relationships. They lie on the couch together and watch the series, crunching chips, and if they go out, then they do it together. But there is another category of people, which includes both guys and girls. They are not at all stopped by the fact that they are in a relationship. “So what?” – Heartbreakers raise their eyebrows in surprise, answering the reproach. This term means that a person, who has already had a partner, continues to go out on dates with others. That is, cushioning assumes that there are several other people besides full-time partners to whom they write messages and give signs of attention. And if there is a breakup with full-time partners, they will seek comfort in soft hearts and feelings of other people.

“I know that he really loves me, but he is still texting his ex. I think he is cushioning me.”


This term means to make others perceive things as they really are. It comes from the original film with Keanu Reeves, in which the main character had to decide what pill to choose – red or blue. People often are torn between two things. And in order to choose the right pill, we have to weigh the pros and cons.

“Actually, I was redpilled in my first year at university.”

Online Dating Terms

Check out these online dating terms and what they really mean.


It takes place when you communicate with a person on a dating site, but don’t strive to transfer relationships to a new level and postpone a real meeting, as long as your attention is occupied by more interesting and important personalities. Literally, you don’t really like the person, but you aren’t ready to push him/her away or say “no.”

“I don’t know what she wants from me. Whether she likes me or is just playing. Hope she is not benching me.”


This is about people who are not going to meet in real life, they spread false information about themselves and send fake photos. This can happen unintentionally. People with whom you are chatting just feel what aspect of their character you might like. Perhaps they believe that this small lie will be forgiven. They think that thus they will have more chances to get your attention.

“He told me that he is tall, has dark hair and blue eyes. But he catfished me. In real life, he is small, has blonde hair and green eyes.”

Slide into the DM’s

This is a term that refers to the act of directing another person’s messaging on a social website, usually for romantic reasons.

“Katie sent me a photo, and she looks awesome! I’m about to slide in the DM’s.”

Negative Online Dating Terms

Here are online dating terms that you should recognize as soon as possible because they destroy relationships.


This looks like messages of playful, but at the same time, addressless content to attract any indiscriminate individual of the opposite sex to make someone pay attention. It happens without enthusiasm, solely for the purpose of staying in touch. When a person sends such messages, he or she means, “You are wonderful, but there are better lovers. I’m not so crazy about you to write you constantly!”

“This girl answers to every message I send her. But she doesn’t want to meet in real life. It looks like she’s breadcrumbing me.”


dating terms 2019This one of the most confusing terms for dating. Imagine a situation: after a first date, a potential partner disappeared forever without any explanation. Or you have been chatting for many months, but never met, although, judging by the words of your friend, you are the biggest love of his/her life. It is quite difficult to understand such behavior. But sometimes it can be even worse – a person just disappears, but at the same time, you notice his/her presence in social networks: this person watches your stories on Instagram, you can see the time when he/she was online, and so on. And what if this man or woman puts likes under your photos? Is it a hint? What does it mean? And this is unbearable: a person whom you want to forget is constantly “ghosting” somewhere nearby.

“Actually, I don’t have anything to my ex, but I can’t let her go. I think I’m just going to ghost her.”


This happens when a person dates someone, hiding him/her from everyone. The victim of stashing is hidden from any part of the life of the partner. Why? Because in this way, they can pretend that they don’t actually date, that is, lovers can do what they find interesting and, in general, be inattentive and terrible.

“My girlfriend is not going to introduce me to her friends or family. It looks like she is stashing me.”


This means that someone rejects you not directly but cowardly and politely. You don’t even realize that you have been rejected and you continue to harbor hopes about your future together. Imagine the situation that you invite a girl to dine with you, but instead of a direct and unambiguous “no,” she responses something like, “I would really like to, but I’m sorry, not today! My cousin comes to me, and he certainly needs to be brought to the exhibition.” And you feel rejected but are willing to wait for the next chance. Of course, the next time, you will face failure too and another “reason” for refusal.

“I wanted to go out with this girl last night, but she curved me. I will wait!”

Sexuality Terms

One-night stand

It can be called one of the most popular dating terms 2018. First of all, it means sex with an unfamiliar person. It is spontaneous and unforeseen sexual intercourse (often without contraception). At this moment, there is a disconnection of consciousness. It is conditionally possible to say that minds are shadowed, actions are not controlled, and the biological, sexually colored need eclipses all socially organizing moments.

“I met my ex at the bar last week. Feelings came over me, and we had a one-night stand.”

Booty call

This is the so-called telephone call with the purpose to cause a spontaneous or accidental meeting with sex intentions. Speaking in a simple way, it means “talking on a mobile phone for a date with far-reaching consequences.” Of course, we mean sex here.

“I made a booty call to the ex, and it seems that she is going to come to me tonight.”

Thirst trap

Get naked, get the right angle, show hips, take a photo and that is all! This term means a sexy photo uploaded to social networks to get attention. Such dating terms can also be referred to a person considered sexy.

“OMG, did you see Lizzie’s selfie? She looks so sexy! It looks like a thirst trap.”

Eggplant water emojis

Emojis expand and complement messages. They perform the function of establishing contact and allow people to convey the state when they are too lazy to type many letters. That is, the text is replaced by a visual image, accordingly easier for perception. It is a new, universal, and flexible language of communication. Messages of erotic content are exactly the area where the visual image is better than a thousand words. Bananas, eggplants, water drops and cats with hearts instead of eyes – all this can be used in messages with sexual overtones.

popular dating terms“He sent me eggplant emoji. It turned me on so much. I know what he meant!”

Sexual Identity Terms


This is the lack of sexual desire in a person until a strong emotional attachment to another is formed. In fact, demisexuality is a consequence of the satisfaction of communicating with a particular person at a certain stage. A demisexual individual may have a desire for one person, but this desire can’t turn into something bigger too quickly. Demisexuals need time.

“Some time ago I thought I don’t need sex because no one attracted me. But now I have a sexual desire for people when I get to know them! Doesn’t it look like I am demisexual?”


Many people haven’t heard about such dating slang terms. It is the one who feels attraction to smart individuals. Such people need to have something they can talk about. This is natural, as it adds intimacy of emotions. If you are usually attracted to an educated person, then, most likely, you are smart. And if you feel that you are turned on, your eyes roll back, and you ask a friend not to stop talking, then you have every right to be called sapiosexual.

“The only thing I like in women is their mind. I am a real sapiosexual.”

Baseball Terms for Dating

Among modern youth, various baseball terms, describing relationships and sex are very common. Moreover, singers use this slang in their songs, and writers describe many things in their books with its help. Look at these baseball dating terms definitions.

  • First base. This term is used to describe kiss, in particular, French kiss.
  • Second base. Using this term, people mean touching or kissing, being naked. However, sometimes it means touching of erogenous zones.
  • Third base. To caress genitals. It doesn’t turn into sex.
  • Homerun. Sex itself.
  • Pitching. A man who performs anal sex.
  • Switch hitter. It means having sex with both genders.
  • Playing for the other team. To belong to such groups as gays or lesbians.
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