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How to Make a Girl Obsessed with You

Not only women but also men dream of getting much attention from the opposite sex. For this, the girls mostly need to be well-groomed and sociable, but the guys have to make more efforts to achieve the desired result. Historically that happened that a man is obliged to pursue, conquer a woman, relying entirely on his charm and mind because this is how the things work out. But times have changed as well as people. Although girls are sure that a young man should court them, quite often there are situations when young ladies chase gentlemen. A pretty girl herself can chase a man and seek his attention in every possible way. We are used to an image of a young man initiating a relationship and making his way to a girl’s heart through icy indifference.

However, not everyone likes this alignment: you’re always around, have to constantly remind about yourself and call her on dates. But what then? Only failures and disappointment. It is not surprising that many men keep asking the same question, "How to get girls obsessed with you?" Neither every man nor every woman will succeed in this, but it's still worth a shot. Do you agree? Nowadays some men are waiting for the first steps from the girls, while the latter ones don’t understand what they want from them. Today, the psychology of interpersonal relationships offers effective methods and techniques for men to make the girl obsessed with you and attract attention from the opposite sex so that the girls will fight for the prospect of a relationship. How to get girls obsessed with you? Meet girls looking for dates by simply clicking this link.

make a girl obsessed with you

What Do Women Prefer?

To get the girl, a man needs to analyze himself and figure out whether he matches the female ideal of a life partner. Only by cultivating certain qualities in oneself by which girls evaluate potential suitors, one can become close to the perfect, and therefore, be in demand among the opposite sex. Girls are attracted to young people who are confident in themselves, achieve ambitious goals and have purely male hobbies.

An ideal guy is a man who is:

  • confident;
  • resolute and purposeful;
  • independent and self-sufficient;
  • strong and able to protect a girl;
  • intellectually developed and striving for further self-development;
  • neat, tidy and stylish man.

Girls prefer successful guys because they want to live in abundance. Besides, success means money, and the latter means confidence in the future. The desire of girls to find a successful and wealthy man is not due to their commercialism. Psychologists believe that this desire is at an instinctive level since future mothers and spouses are looking for a partner who can support their family. If a man doesn’t own millions at the moment but has a clear action plan and follows it, this is regarded as “good potential for growth” by the girls. Success consists of two factors:

  • Ability to set ambitious goals;
  • The ability to achieve them.

There is a goal-setting system (SMART). Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a time frame. An example of a correctly set goal: to gain 10 kg of muscle mass for 6 months. This goal meets all the criteria stated. Usually, people set goals like, “It would be good to lose weight in a month,” but they never reach them. Correct goal setting is half the success. You can simply write down a goal in a notebook. The main thing is that at any moment you know exactly what has already been done and what remains to be done. Ideally, a man should clearly understand what he wants from life, be able to make plans, and also find ways to implement them. You should set realistic and feasible tasks to grow and strengthen confidence in yourself.

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The Typical Behavior of a Girl Who Likes You

People communicate verbally and non-verbally. And if the first is mainly the result of the work of consciousness, then by non-verbal signs one can judge the subconscious desires and emotions of a person. In love, it is not so easy to decide on the first step because one wants to know for sure that sympathy is mutual. How to make her want you and notice the signs a girl is obsessed with you? Let's figure it out. She constantly looks at you, laughs at your jokes and seems a little alarmed, being near you. You don’t know for sure whether she flirts, whether she likes you as a friend or not at all. Regardless of whether you are in love with this girl and die of a desire to find out if your feeling is mutual, or you are just wondering if she likes you, there are several ways to check whether a girl likes you or not.

1. Observe her body language. Keep track of the way she sits or stands. The girl will try to face you if she likes you. If she turns to you openly, then she doesn’t mind communicating with you. If a woman chooses a “closed position,” that is, she sits with crossed arms or legs, she is most likely worried or embarrassed when talking with you. However, she might give you a sign that she is not interested in further communication. Pay attention to her feet when a girl is sitting in a cross-legged position. If they are directed to your side, she would like to know you better.

2. Mind the eye contact. If a girl looks at you for a few seconds or looks away as soon as you look at her, most likely she likes you. Each of these options is a sign that the girl is interested in you. When a girl is worried or simply not ready to reveal her feelings, she looks away, but you can still be liked by her. If a girl likes you, her pupils will dilate when talking to you, although it's hard to notice. If you looked at a girl and noticed that she was looking at you, she might like you.

how to get the girl3. Pay attention to the situation. The meaning of body language signs depends on the situation. For example, when a girl touches your hand during the conversation, it might seem as flirting. On the contrary, a simple slapping on the shoulder to inform that your friend is looking for you or to attract your attention can hardly be determined as flirting, as the girl simply trying to help. If you talk animatedly about something, a girl can look at you without breaking eye contact, but this doesn't always mean that she likes you. Perhaps this is just her reaction to the conversation. However, if a girl maintains eye contact for a long time without talking to you, if she looks at you but turns away as soon as you look at her, most likely, she fancies you.

4. Pay attention to whether she is trying to touch you or get closer. If a girl likes you, she will try to touch you because this is a way to flirt, although it is very obvious. Thus, the girl concludes how you react. For example, she can take your hand when you’re kidding, gently put a hand on your knee, touch your shoulder or arm. Not all girls tend to touch a guy while flirting. In this case, you shouldn't immediately take it too personally and think that she doesn't like you. Perhaps she is just nervous. If you like a girl, feel free to try to break the physical barrier between you and see how she reacts.

5. Watch the reaction of her friends. If you see that many of her friends often look at you and smile or giggle, most likely, she told them about you, and they are now aware of her feelings. Sometimes, the friends of this girl even dare to come up and tell you that she likes you. When she talks with friends, and you accidentally pass by or approach her, they immediately stop talking. In this case, most likely, the conversation was just about you.

6. Pay attention to her attempts to find out about your relationship. If a girl likes you, she will want to know if you are single to understand whether to flirt with you. She can ask directly if you have a girlfriend, or she can use a more subtle approach. She can tease you jokingly, for example, by saying, “I bet you watched this movie with your girlfriend!” If you like her, use this opportunity and flirt in response! For example, you can say, “I don’t have a girlfriend, but I want to watch this movie." And invite her to go to the cinema.

How to Catch Her Eye

Attracting the girl’s attention seems as difficult as climbing the mountain, but there's no need to challenge yourself every time! Follow our tips on how to get the girl and attract her attention, and you will find it much easier to start a relationship.

1. Be funny, but not vulgar. Everyone likes to laugh. If you make a girl laugh, it will mostly attract (and hold) her attention. You need to turn yourself into a comedian like Jim Carrey though. There’s no need to tell jokes every minute but inserting a funny remark in a conversation is a good way to attract the girl’s attention. Whatever the kind of humor is, never pause for an approving after a joke. It should be quick and witty humor. If she thinks this is funny, then she will laugh. But don’t expect her to laugh after every joke of yours and never ask her whether the joke isn’t funny if she doesn’t laugh. Don’t use these things to make a girl blush.

2. Try to succeed in your favorite occupations. If you’re into what you are doing, you will likely catch a few female's eyes. Passion and the ability to do something good show that you are concerned not only about yourself, that you can work hard and are a passionate person. This also proves that you don't waste your time on simply doing something, but have ambitions, and do it as best as possible. If you go in for sport, try to become a sports star or team leader. If you are involved in a discussion club, do your best to lead the discussion. If you attend art or photography classes, don't be afraid to demonstrate your creative side (and skills).

3. Show good manners. Most girls like polite and helpful guys. Don't say offensive things, including swearing and sexist, racist and other inappropriate jokes and comments. If you behave like a gentleman, showing your respect for women and all people in general, girls will tend to happily accept your company. Saying something inappropriate isn't the best way to make friends or maintain a friendship. Maybe your male friends may find it cool, but the girls will turn their backs on you. It is easy to be rude and criticize, but it is much harder to believe in something. Be a man and start believing.

4. Be self-confident. Confidence acts on most girls like a magnet. If you look and act confidently, do not hesitate to discuss what you're aware of, and simply approach the girl without any doubts, and you will not go unnoticed. Remember that you are a great guy. When you demonstrate self-confidence, this is visible, and girls quickly notice this. But avoid being too cocky. Arrogance and confidence are two different things. If you are self-confident, you believe in yourself and don't bother the others. If you are impudent, then you want people to know about this confidence (that is, every single person). Insolent behavior often scares girls away. They need those believing in themselves and don't try to prove this to everyone.

5. Maintain eye contact. Start by paying attention first if you want a girl to notice you. No matter you sit in a classroom or a bar, the eye contact is your secret weapon in winning the attention of a girl. Look at her, and when she notices this, look away. Repeat this, hold your eyes for a second and smile if you think this is the right moment, look away again then. So you make her interested, as well as a hint that you like her. If your interest is mutual, she will sometimes look at you to catch your eye again. This will confirm that she's interested. When you talk with girls, try as hard as possible to maintain constant eye contact with them. So you show your confidence and unflagging attention.

6. Be relaxed with girls. Even if a volcano is erupting inside you, calm behavior near the girls will give the impression that you are confident in yourself and it is easy to spend time with you. If you are tense or nervous, you are more likely to feel embarrassed because of your small oversights. This discourages most females. Calmness will allow you to fully enjoy the girl’s company, remain confident and show her the real self. It’s sometimes difficult to maintain confidence but try to imagine that the girl you are trying to impress is just a friend. You are not nervous near a friend, so why worry about her? If you feel confident, you can look cool and calm, so you will get popularity. You will immediately win a girl's attention.

7. Keep yourself fit. Although you are probably a great guy, it’s important to remember that many girls like athletic boys. Besides, the gym is a good place to attract the attention of that special girl. If you want to attract that stunning person whom you are so keen on, you need to keep yourself in good shape. Begin your workouts by incorporating cardio and strength exercises into them to pump your muscles and keep yourself in incredible shape. Don't forget that most women admire guys in good shape, but they aren't attracted to those like Arnold Schwarzenegger, so don't overdo. If it’s already hard to raise your hand because the muscles are almost tearing your shirt, maybe it’s time to slightly reduce the load in training.

The Main Ways to Get to Her Heart

It’s not enough to win the attention of a girl, the goal is to make her want you. It’s not enough just to look good or be confident in yourself. To get the heart of a girl that you like, you need to act wisely resorting to certain tactics. Usually, various tricks in relationships are used by girls because they are more cunning, but men are capable of it as well. If you don’t know how to get a girl to like you and start looking for a reason to meet, use the tips below.

Use the technique closer - further

The technique is the alternation of actions that cause positive and negative emotions in a girl, that is, the guy first gets closer to the girl, and then abruptly moves away from her. Often this kind of manipulation is used by women, but this behavior has a much stronger effect on the fair sex. This happens because the girls are more impressionable and also use “closer-further” technique on a subconscious level, while the guys contemplate about their actions well and better control their emotions. Closer means positive impressions. It is worthwhile to show your feelings for the girl, say compliments, and give presents. Further means negative emotions, accordingly. It is necessary to ignore calls, practically avoid communicating. After a period of coolness, you need to start showing interest in her again. A kind of roller coaster in a relationship ties the victim of manipulation to a person who uses this technique.

Intrigue her, but pretend that interest in her is dying away

A similar way to get a girl to be obsessed with you, using the “closer-further” technique is to lower interest in a young lady. The difference is that the first manipulation is very sharp, and pleasant moments alternate with unpleasant ones more than once. Changes in attitude towards her in the second trick are smooth. First, the guy must make sure that he likes the girl, and then he needs to gradually move away from the subject of sympathy. If the girl is interested in the guy, she will begin to prove that she is worthy of attention. how to make her want youStart shortening the time you spend with your girlfriend. However, it is very important not to overdo it with coolness towards the young lady, otherwise, she will just get bored with such a languid love story. Besides, it is better to use this advice in the initial stages of a relationship.

Make a girl think about you

The fair sex is characterized by a strong impressionability because of which their thoughts can often be occupied by a guy. Of course, girls like to remember pleasant moments with a guy, which means that you need to create these memories. Also, after a meeting, you need to get in touch with a girlfriend from time to time, that is, call or write SMS. Messages don’t have to be informative or fanciful, just wish her good morning or a good day, and she will think more about you. A small gift also helps in this matter. This advice cannot be carried out simultaneously with the previous methods of increasing the girl’s interest in her boyfriend. It is difficult to say which one will be more effective, it all depends on you and the person whose attention you want to attract.

Be occupied, focus on that

This tip is very similar to the previous way to make a girl obsessed with you. You should show her that meetings with her don’t take all your time. Remember that if your lady considers you a businessperson, then in her eyes you will automatically become successful. Such a turn is quite possible if you communicate less with a girl because of some personal hobby, but everyone understands that a businessperson should not cancel all matters only because his beloved one wants it. Of course, in this matter one shouldn't go too far, that is, one should not completely ignore the girl.

Figure out her weaknesses

Each person has their weaknesses, and it is precisely them that can be used to tie someone to yourself. To begin with, it’s worth getting to know a girl well to understand what she likes. This tip can be used as part of the “closer” technique from the first tip in the article. That is, at the beginning of a romantic relationship, it’s very important to know the woman. Then you can make her fall in love with you and avoid revealing something that may disappoint her. Be attentive to what she says, and also observe her behavior in different situations. Remember that this will not go unnoticed by a girl, and she will certainly regard your behavior as a kind of care that only suits you.

Become a strong and worthy guy

Strong and decent guys are with decent girls, weak guys are with affordable girls. Therefore, to make a girl fall in love with you, become such a strong and worthy guy that can attract the attention of girls and seduce them only with appearance, character. Then you will see how life changes and how easy it is to make a girl obsessed with you. But the problem is completely different because today people can’t find each other in connection with incorrect information and the imposed opinions of society. To get rid of all this, value the girl for her inner world, then she will also appreciate you for who you are.

Do not be jealous

Jealousy shows your vulnerability and affection. That is, the girl feels her superiority over you. It is no secret that one of the manipulative methods that girls often use is jealousy. For example, a woman says that other men are interested in her, or specifically puts on miniskirts and dresses with a deep neckline. Even if you don’t like it, don’t comment, just note that it looks great.

When starting the relationship with someone, remember that most girls don't need a slave. Women prefer a partner that is equal to them, and even better, the very “real” man who will dominate, confidently lead them, making others respect him. Become the man and girls will look for your attention themselves.

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