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How to Be a Man in a Relationship

Many men are mistaken when they think that a successful relationship with a girl depends on beautiful courtship, gifts, and other trifles. But actually, it is not so. Your relationships will be successful only if you show your male qualities in them. The opinion that it doesn’t matter who is a leader in relationships if two people love each other is wrong – most likely, such a couple will break up sooner or later. When it is about single women seeking single men, they need to get support and protection in the future. And if a man shows weakness in a relationship, it won’t last long.

what a man needs in a relationship

What a Woman Wants from a Man in a Relationship

Many people will agree that there are differences between man and woman in a relationship. We have different values, outlooks on life, different ways of solving problems, and much more. Therefore, it is sometimes so difficult for us to understand and accept each other as we are. But a real man needs to learn it. And most importantly, he needs to know how to please a girl. What do women want and how to be a man in a relationship?


Those girls looking for dates want to see next to them not a muscular macho and a wallet full of money, but a real man – a confident guy who will protect and support. Yes, any woman wants him to be attractive because the approval and envy of her friends are important for her self-esteem. But the guys’ mistake is that they misinterpret the concept of attractiveness, putting an equal sign between it and the size of biceps and triceps.


Girls love attentive guys. This is one of the best qualities of a good man in a relationship. Moreover, this can manifest itself in different ways. To meet after work, call once again and ask how the day went, etc. – these small details can greatly affect the overall impression. And, of course, compliments and pleasant words delight all the girls. It is also worth remembering about gifts. They shouldn’t be expensive. A bouquet or a pleasant trifle just like that without a reason sometimes brings much more joy than formal congratulations in honor of some solemn date.


Unfortunately, men and women perceive this detail of relationships differently. But this shouldn’t stop a guy doing something pleasant to his loved one from time to time: to arrange surprises for her, give flowers or even try to compose a poem for her. How to understand that a girl wants more romance in a relationship? First of all, be more attentive and gentler to her, or even better, make sure that this problem doesn’t arise at all.

A sense of humor and a keen mind

Girls are attracted by funny and witty guys who can enjoy life. With such a nice person, it is pleasant to talk and have a good time. A good sense of humor sometimes plays a crucial role, and an optimistic guy always has more chances than an ever-grumbling bore. So, the ability to make a girl laugh is already a significant step towards gaining her favor. However, it is important to keep a sense of measure as constant and inappropriate gaiety annoys sometimes.


Here is a tip for all of you, guys. Girls often don’t ask you to give advice or solve their problems, but anyway, they just want to talk. They want to tell you about what is happening in their heads, they want to be open with you and tell you about the nuances of their day and what they ate for lunch, and about everything that others are not interested in. More importantly: girls want to be with men who take their thoughts and opinions seriously. They want someone who is doing something or talking when they feel bad.

how to be a man in a relationshipInterest, kindness, and willingness to help

Bad boys turn on women at first, but this feeling passes quickly. Nobody wants to spend their best days with someone who, by and large, is not interested in them. Forget about the bad boy image. Women need someone interested in how they live, who is kind to them and, in general, the one who is always ready to talk about problems and seek compromises to meet each other’s needs. This is what a woman wants from a man in a relationship.

Role of a Man in a Relationship

It is believed that a real man is responsible for his relationships. On a subconscious level, many women are looking for a man who will complement them and create comfortable conditions for living. Women hope that a man will free them from hard work, which consumes a lot of energy and strength, and will become a reliable support in difficulties. What else is required from men?


Relationships often ruin when a man and a woman don’t respect each other; when a man allows his woman to behave disrespectfully and treat him badly; when he tries to change the way she behaves with him, he acts very nice and kind, kisses her constantly, and hopes that she will change her attitude and give him more love, attention, and care. But it is wrong. If you want your woman to respect you, you have to explain the rules of communicating with you from the very beginning of your relationship. But at the same time, you have to respect her.

Don’t be a grumbler

Being a man in a relationship means to be strong. Women despise grumblers. Perhaps you heard from girls that they would like to have a relationship in which a guy would obey in everything. Such a utopia can lead to bad consequences. Subconsciously, girls want to be under the control of a man, and, despite this, they test you in some way to understand how strong you are. So, you have to remember never step back!

Pave the way for a more successful life

To become successful and live a nice life when you have an opportunity to travel and buy expensive things, you have to work hard and be persistent to get it. If you are not one of those who were born in a rich family and want to live a good and easy life, then you have to work hard to enjoy it. In the world in which we live, it is not so easy to achieve success. But if you want to be with the best woman and build a strong and happy family with her, you have to do everything to make her feel happy.

Be less emotional

Sometimes, life challenges us and in such situations, a lady wants to count on her boyfriend. Nowadays, modern women appreciate emotional resistance in men (e.g., conviction, decisiveness, high self-esteem, calmness, etc.), and they don’t like weak men. If a lady understands that a man is emotionally strong, despite hard life or just some difficult situations, this increases her attraction to him.

Let her feel weak

This is the main role of a man in a relationship. When you are courageous and strong, she can relax and become weak being with you. Treating a woman as an equal, you humiliate her. In this case, she doesn’t feel like a real woman. You should always allow your lady to be a little girl next to you. When you do this, she will consider you a real man.

What a Man Needs in a Relationship

Of course, everyone has their own needs in relationships. It is difficult to predict what a man wants. However, some basic things are common for most men. And here they are.


On the male part, support is understood as the unconditional approval of him as a person and his actions. At home, a man wants to relax and be himself. He wants everything that he does to be approved, even if he doesn’t succeed. A man wants to feel that he is the best, and then he will do “good deeds” again and again. This is what a man needs in a relationship. For a man, support doesn’t mean that a woman blindly follows him. This means that she is interested in him and often praises him despite different life situations.


Women need love and care. Men need loyalty and devotion. All this is interconnected because it will not exist without each other. The loyalty of a woman and her devotion are the most important things that a man needs. He wants to know that she will not leave him because he is not rich; she will not have a lover because she doesn’t like him in bed, and so on. Only a man who feels that a woman is devoted to him gives all of himself.

role of a man in a relationshipIntimacy

Of course, it’s no secret that all men need intimacy. However, few men say that this is not just a physical need to satisfy themselves, but also a way to express their love for the one with whom they are engaged in this. Women express their feelings through conversations, hugs, and kisses. Men do it through intimacy. It means closeness, openness, and respect. As women consider the number of kisses and gifts as a sign of men’s love, in the same way, men consider female love for themselves through intimacy.


They need to deserve the praise of their women. This is what a man wants in a relationship. This is their main driving force. They want their women, girlfriends, or spouses show it to them. This is part of their life. Men need to feel worthy. For example, if he washes the dishes, he wants his woman to praise him; he takes a child to kindergarten, a woman should say thanks. In general, everything should be praised.


Men are looking for pleasure. And for them, a woman is always a source of it. This is their nature, just as women have a genetic need for a defender and supporter who can provide a well-fed and safe life for her and their children. To give a man a beautiful night is the pleasant duty of a woman. A real woman will turn sex into a drug, an addiction, and a man will return to her again and again for another “dose.”


Each of the men has their concepts about the manifestation of female care and attention. What does a man want in a relationship if we are talking about care? It is enough for someone that a loved woman makes coffee every morning and doesn’t forget to throw a pinch of salt there as he loves; someone will not be able to live without daily changing handkerchiefs to match the color of a shirt in the breast pocket of a work suit. One way or another, strict observance of these daily rituals, traditions or ordinary routine actions turn relationships into love.

Family values

For most men, a family is a motivation for their achievements. A man, unlike a woman, is more realized in the outside world – he builds a career, seeks financial independence and recognition by society. At a certain stage in his life when he lays the foundation, he doesn’t need a family. But new achievements begin to lose their meaning, and external realization no longer gives him the former fullness of a sense of life. Statistics don’t lie when saying that family men live longer. They have someone to live for. Every real man must know his worth. For this, it is important to constantly improve in physical and intellectual terms. To do this, he can learn new skills, travel, attend seminars, and read literature. In addition, it is important to be strong since the physical condition determines the endurance of a man. Also, particular attention should be paid to the formation of a man as the head of relationships to build the correct model of interpersonal communication with a woman.

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To be a real man in a relationship means to be as safe as houses for a beloved woman, that is, to provide for your family, to support and care for a woman you love and always be there for her.
28.02.2020 12:33
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