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Dating a Pisces Woman: A Complete Guide

The global ocean is filled with a huge number of fish species just as the human world is full of the types of people who were born in the house of the same zodiac sign. Of course, all people have many different pros and cons, formed on the basis of life experience, genetic predisposition or personal beliefs. Nonetheless, people who belong to the same zodiac sign have much more in common. For example, love for Pisces women has a special meaning. It can make them become depressed or help become the happiest person on earth. Their hearts are filled with a variety of feelings and secrets, which cannot be discovered at once. Pisces women are big dreamers, and their love is inconceivable without imagination and fantasies, they adore to be in love. So, what should you know if you think about dating a Pisces woman?

facts about a Pisces woman

Pisces woman characteristics

The female representative who was born in the house of Pisces is an example of femininity and romance. Pisces women personality is wonderful and multifaceted. Their seductiveness does not scream about itself but attracts with a special charm, and their excellent taste helps enhance this impression.


A graceful and sophisticated Pisces woman likes to shine in society very much, but it must be up there with her: respectable, bohemian, and elegant. Even if a woman has a strong character and is endowed with considerable inner strength, she will still have the appearance of a charming person in need of protection. Anyway, the majority of these girls really need men's support. These ladies share such traits as special sentimentality, dreaminess and, alas, tearfulness. The Moon has a great influence on their behavior. If it is full, it makes Pisces women cheerful, while the new moon period is accompanied by apathy, a decrease in activity, and sometimes, a depressive state.

You will surely like a company of a charming Pisces girl because it will be very pleasant, since they aren’t used to screaming and quarreling. Sometimes, they achieve more using their innate gentleness and tact than the representatives of other signs who prefer harsh methods.


Talking about a Pisces woman, it’s necessary to mention that they know how to create a cozy home atmosphere filled with warmth and comfort. At the same time, they cannot be called too big orderly girls because they will sleep peacefully even if there is a layer of dust. She will rather invite and please her guests with some delicious dishes than focus on boring household chores. Representatives of this zodiac sign adore a luxurious life, but they prefer to shift financial issues onto their partners. They are not able to save and are quite able to give the last money for something unnecessary.


Taking a closer look at Pisces woman compatibility, such a woman will choose men who have a subdued character and are not very sexually attractive because this helps them feel the security they need. dating a Pisces womanHowever, they dream about a completely different type of men, for example, one who can combine romanticism and nobility with outstanding physical virtues, moderate external negligence and deliberate rudeness of manners. In their fantasies, they often imagine a romantic escape with such an admirer. Nevertheless, Pisces women continue to live their usual life, demonstrating all the necessary qualities to match the status of an exemplary spouse. However, the wedding ring can do nothing with the obvious sexual instincts of some women, so they can be involved in love affairs, even if they have a quite happy and harmonious family life. Perceive it just as one of the facts about a Pisces woman.


The Pisces women take special care about the inner world of the children and their spiritual development. These women do not force their kids to anything, often giving them complete freedom, which they absolutely do not know how to use. A strict, principled teacher who knows how to achieve obedience and discipline is not about Pisces women, but they can significantly enrich the inner world of a child and develop the multi-faceted aspects of their personality. Children adore the mothers of this zodiac sign, and they become good friends.

How to tell if a Pisces woman likes you?

You cannot even imagine how this woman is picky in terms of love. She will be interested only in a partner who, along with other strong sides, is able to become her true soul mate. Most often, the typical path of love relationships begins with the usual friendship, slightly tinted in a romantic tone. A Pisces woman cannot open up to a person who hasn’t gained her trust yet. Usually, she starts trusting only after a certain period of dating. There is no reason for worries if such a woman perceives you just as a friend, this is a hopeful sign.

The girl in love tries to surround the object of her affection with warmth, attention, and care. She is very susceptible to even the most insignificant claims of a man, perceiving them as a sign of rejection and dislike.

Such a woman will always require confirmation of your love. She wants to know about her indispensability in your life. In this case, a man should show slight jealousy, otherwise, she will have doubts. Most men simply do not understand such claims, but Pisces women are able to compensate for all the shortcomings with their care, sexuality, and sensuality. However, if they see that the men do not reciprocate them, they step back and leave forever. Pisces women are extremely loyal and faithful if they love the partner, they can move mountains for a man who loves them back. For example, Eva Mendes is a famous Pisces woman who has proven that she can do a lot for her loved ones.

How to date a Pisces woman?

Do you know how to attract a Pisces woman? You can get her attention by starting a conversation about theater, poetry, or art since they are usually very well versed in these themes. The main thing you shouldn’t forget about is that it’s necessary to give a good account of yourself. You can get Pisces women talking if you share some issue with them, showing that you treat this challenge as nothing extraordinary, and you are ready to solve this problem. One of the main rules for men who are dreaming about Pisces woman dating is a demonstration of an attentive and kind attitude to her as well as spiritual sensitivity. And, of course, do not forget about the compliments.

Watch your words

If you have found out that you are the best match for Pisces women, then you should remember that you should carefully watch your words and actions because these creatures with a delicate psyche react very actively to even the slightest insults. If a partner shows indifference, behaves rudely, and abuses the kindness and forgiveness of the woman, she will surely leave. Even if you’re having a fight, you should still be very prudent, adhering to certain acceptable limits and not insisting too much on your opinion.

Feel her mood

Only an attentive and sensitive man, who feels all the nuances of her changing mood as well as the direction of thoughts and wishes, can keep this woman. One of the foundations of building long-term relationships with the people of this zodiac sign is emotional intimacy, which they greatly value. Nonetheless, even if you are in a long-term happy relationship, there should be a reasonable proportion of detachment, mystery and, in some way, negligence in your behavior. A man who does not forget about the romanticism and love of these girls to everything mystical will get more chances to keep the love of the Pisces woman.

Look for “your” place

A Pisces girl likes to feel the connection with her partner, and she perceives it as something special, which was born at the highest level. They will willingly believe that they have already been together with their loved ones in a past life. It would be nice to find a cozy and romantic place, which you could call your own, and sometimes spend your free time there.

Give her personal space

Trying to spend as much time as possible with a Pisces woman, you need to be sensitive to the moments when she wants to be alone with her thoughts and dreams. You shouldn’t put her in a box under any circumstances because you can keep a Pisces woman only by giving her complete freedom.

This feminine person wants to be treated like a princess, and men who are ready to meet her “requirements” are usually generously rewarded. Nevertheless, if a woman was born in the house of Pisces, even time-proved recommendations may not work out.

Pisces compatibility Do not be afraid to experiment

A Pisces woman is eager to try something new, from playing the guitar to skydiving, even if she has never done such experiments. It’s great if you have a fascinating hobby. It is safe to say that she will eagerly support your ideas and will find a special use for your talents when she understands all the nuances.

Are you compatible with Pisces women?

A woman will choose a partner regardless of their status, position, appearance or manner of communication. Her choice can be a complete surprise for all her acquaintances because it is dictated by the heart and intuition. However, men should remember that they will have to take full responsibility for the family if they decide to start a committed relationship. A girl will be completely indifferent to how and where you earn money, the main thing is wealth in the house and peace of mind. Often, these women choose older men, but only if they are cheerful, optimistic and ready to be responsive to the wishes of the soulmate.

Talking about Pisces compatibility, they are well compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. A calm and balanced relationship can be with Air and Earth signs as well.

Pisces woman in bed

Many men don’t know how to seduce a Pisces woman, even though such a woman is sexually attractive to them. Her femininity, sensuality, and eroticism are literally seen in every movement and word. In fact, the lady is used to giving men the opportunity to dominate in their sexual relationships.

If you dream about Pisces women in bed, you should know that this woman can be a surprisingly impulsive and artistic mistress. She always plays the role that her man likes most. It is easy for her to create an atmosphere of violent passion or pacified bliss if both of you need it. However, she will not reject any sexual fantasies of her partner.

How to turn on a Pisces woman sexually? Thanks to excessive emotionality, she reacts even to minor irritants. These women can get an orgasm even without penetration.

The richest imagination of Pisces girls creates a lot of erotic fantasies, which they do not always know how to put into practice. Nonetheless, their emancipation, sensuality, and excitement do not leave their partners indifferent. They don’t mind having anal and oral sex as well as being involved in love games and practicing BDSM.

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Mi sister is Pisces and she is very kind, responsive, and smart. But her mood swings are completely unpredictable. She needs a man who will be able to calm her down.
28.02.2020 12:24
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