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Best Ways to Last Longer During Sex: Tips for Men

Sex life takes off to an incredible height in the youth, but afterwards, it falls into a ditch of despair, from which it is very difficult to get out. You might be in this ditch right now. Sex is needed not only to give birth to children. Sex serves as an excellent action that brings together even people with different worldviews. It provides a big level of intimacy that is difficult to surpass in other situations. Sex perfectly copes with stress as well as it helps deal with emotional strain, and in general, sex is a nice thing that you can get even for free. Therefore, if you have problems with sex, then you have problems with life, and not just with coitus.

A good sex life cannot be eternal. You are getting older, and your body ceases to be capable of various kinds of experiments and new achievements. However, the sex life can be prolonged until death, or it can be derailed even if you are only 18 years old. Your task is to promptly pay attention to the reasons that kill the quality of your sex.

how to make sex last longer

Is it always better to last longer in bed?

To last longer during sex makes sense only if your partner doesn’t have time to achieve orgasm, if your sex lasts less than 10 minutes, and if you cannot control the situation.

Are you tired of losing control over yourself and the situation during sex? Is your girlfriend tired too? You have no idea what to do with this, "I cannot wait, I cum,” do you? Do you feel like a schoolboy who has just looked at a naked female body and already stained his underwear? Or you might have troubles with keeping the erection. Unfortunately, sometimes, it happens with everyone. You think that it is humiliating and dream about all possible means that will help last longer while having sex.

How to cope with your body and, especially, with the penis?

The first tip on making sex last longer for a man is to keep a positive mood. When you cum constantly too quickly, or you cannot keep an erection, you will probably start each new sex with the thought, "Everything will be as usual." Stop getting yourself into trouble and start thinking about the situation in a different way. So, this time, start with all seriousness and concentration. However, the situation can be more serious. You might have an erectile dysfunction, and you need treatment and a special approach to sex. You should choose right poses for sex, in which the stimulation will not be as strong as you are used to.

A foreplay can also be an important part of sexual relations and a great help to you in sex. With the help of a long foreplay, you can learn to pace yourself. In the end, when was the last time you heard from a woman, "You kissed me too long last time"? Nonetheless, if you overdo, it will be more difficult for both of you to finish, and you will have to masturbate separately. You will do that with the help of a hand, and she will do that with the help of jets in the shower. The only thing that will help you in this matter is practice. Besides practice, try to control your feelings masturbating.

9 ways to last longer in sex for men

This is an eternal stress to reflect on how to increase the size, strength and find the best way to last longer during sex. There is an infinite number of recipes and tips, means, potions, and tricks, but it is quite difficult to find at least one that will work, making sex last longer. In fact, there are no miracles. You have to meet the challenge. There are some useful pieces of advice that will help you find out how to last longer while having sex. Some of them should be applied in advance when you know beforehand that you will have sex, and another one should become a part of your daily life if you really want to last longer.

1. Keep proper nutrition. The first key to a healthy erection is a healthy diet. You should not eat too much before having sex and choose food that is too hearty and fat. If your date is logically coming to having sex, it's better to be a little hungry than stuffed. However, in general, you should eat well. Erections require nutrients that blood brings directly “to the scene,” and these nutrients are needed to produce hormones, without which no sex will take place. best way to last longer during sexBesides, these hormones help you last longer. If you eat properly, you will be able even to do that twice. Erections require healthy carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables will come to your aid, as well as pasta and whole grain bread.) In addition, zinc is needed for the production of testosterone and sperm. You will find it in seafood, nuts and nutritional supplements. Poor nutrition worsens blood circulation and causes problems with erection. A hearty meal before sex lowers the level of testosterone, so, eat at least an hour before sex.

2. Breathe deeply. How can a man last longer during sex? Experts have proved that calm and deep breathing allows a man to increase stress resistance, helps keep the necessary erection for a long time. Deep breathing oxygenates the brain cells. Nonetheless, you will need more than one training to reach the necessary level of effectiveness of the technique, but the results will please both you and your girlfriend.

3. Calm down. One of the best ways to last longer during sex is to relax and make yourself comfortable. In the case of premature ejaculation, excitement always comes from self-doubt and fear of intimacy. If you are overexcited, and you are afraid that everything ends too quickly and you will not be able to last longer, for example, when you have sex with a new girlfriend, you should try to relax. Dim the lights, turn on the light music and practice.

4. Reduce the sensitivity. The classic way is to use a condom, or it will be even better to use a condom with special lubrication. If you use another kind of protection, try to switch attention. Get distracted periodically if you feel that you are about to lose control. This trick is used to keep the erection and avoid premature ejaculation.

5. Try a special device. All things for the penis cause pain, look ugly and have zero efficiencies. However, there are always men who will claim that all these gadgets have given them some result. How do you last longer during sex? The safest and generally good way to last longer (from the technological point of view, of course) is an erection ring. This is a small rubber or plastic thing that is put on the base of the penis to lock the blood inside, it's like to fill a packet with water and tie it. The size will not change, but the hardness will be improved that will help you last longer.

6. Save the strength. How to make sex last longer? Do not jump into the deep end. If you start quickly and furiously, you will soon be exhausted, and your flag will fall. Know the limits of your capabilities.

7. Go in for sports. First of all, you should do crunches. A good ab will facilitate your erection, you will have an attractive body and not a pot-belly. Moreover, if you have a big belly, it visually reduces the size of your penis. When you are in good shape and look fit, you, firstly, are self-confident, and secondly, your confidence stimulates your sexual desire. You can try Kegel's exercises. It doesn’t increase the size, but you will be pleasantly surprised with your ability to last longer.

8. Give up smoking and stop drinking. Smoking has a bad effect on blood circulation. When you want to have sex, it can fail you. Everything always happens at the most inopportune moment. There's another reason for you to give up smoking. When you drink too much, it's bad for the prostate. You have surely had troubles after drinking.

9. Use an appropriate medication. If the problem of your inability to last longer is not eliminated by the methods described above, then try to use a good medicine, designed specifically to make sex last longer.

It is dangerous to assign a therapy yourself, therefore, a mandatory consultation with an andrologist or urologist is required. A specialist will help choose the right medicine as well as the right dosage.

Sex positions to last longer during sex

These sex positions to last longer will help you reduce the frictional forces, affecting the penis. Nonetheless, only a comprehensive solution to the problem can help you in this delicate case. If nothing helps you, go to a specialist, and don’t delay the visit too much. It’s not a joke.

best sex positions to last longer1. A man-on-top position. The old and so well-known man-on-top position will once again help you meet the challenge and last longer. Somehow, it is one of the best sex positions to last longer, and it’s perfect almost for everything. This position that receives the prizes "The most unoriginal position" and "The most popular position" every year is the ideal solution for men who have problems with premature ejaculation. However, here, it is necessary to make a reservation and to warn you that you should do it in a certain order. Firstly, you and your partner should lie on each other as close as it is possible, do not lift your pelvis and do not lift the girl's legs, let the angle be sufficient for the penetration. So, the friction at your penis will be as low as possible.

2. A cowgirl position (option 1.) There is also one important addition. A girl should be not just above you, but she must be, so to speak, at the same time, between your legs. Keep her with your hips, and let her work. So, she has control over your penis, but it's not enough to cum at once. In addition, you can bend your knees, and the girl can sit on your hips. To ensure that this whole structure does not collapse, rest your hands on the bed, and let the girl hold your neck or put her hands on your shoulders.

3. A cowgirl position (option 2.) There are many advantages of a cowgirl position for those who have problems with other sex positions to last longer during sex. You can be distracted by kisses and affectionate looks of your girlfriend. The difference of this option is that the lady is not just above you, but, at the same time, she simply lies on you, instead of rising above. You are slightly tilted to the side, one of your legs lies flat on the bed, and the other is slightly bent in the knee. The girl lies in the space between the two legs.

4. Lying on the side position. This is one of the easy sex positions to last longer, and it is ideal for morning sex because it seems to be meant for half asleep creatures and pandas. The girl lies on her belly, but the lower part of her body is slightly turned sideways. You assume a position from the backside. This position is ideal for those who have bad control and for those who are just bone-lazy. General recommendations that shouldn't be neglected are to move slowly and not to rush things. Excessive excitement will not bring benefits, so just go on in a calm, unhurried, and steady pace. She will be impressed by your ability to control yourself. Obviously, these positions will not work wonders, but they are certainly great for many men and their girlfriends.

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My sex always lasts about 5 minutes, and the girlfriend doesn’t have time to reach orgasm. Thanks for your advice. I will definitely use them!
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