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Sex with a Russian Girl: How to Get the Best of It

Hollywood rules of sex, the intimate emancipation of Western Europe, exotic Kamasutra - these are just a few examples of intimate life with an eye on which lovers of modern Russia are building their sex-life. At one time, in a liberated country that gained sexual freedom, it was only heard of Indian Kamasutra, French love, and Swedish family (as Russians call a family made of three partners). But was there really no sexual tradition in Russia before? Of course, it existed. But not all Russians know about this. We will arrange for you a small but fascinating excursion into the history in order to understand Russian women and their attitude towards sex better.


Sex in Russia: Traditions and History

Any nation has traditions, including sexual ones. On the one hand, in the East, people are much more careful with written sources, and therefore they came to us in an unimpaired form of ancient Indian tracts of intimate properties. On the other hand, in the West, advertising is much better than in Russia, so in the view of many Russians, all they do in bed is copying Europeans.

Russian historians are in no hurry to defend their doctoral dissertations on the topic of sex in Russia - in the first decades of the Romanov dynasty, priceless scrolls and annals of ancient times were destroyed for a number of political reasons. Today, much of the history and traditions of the Slavic peoples (including the theme of Russian women and sex) have to be restored by "indirect evidence" - evidence of foreigners.

The Oldest Bacchanalia

Byzantine historians considered the Slavs as a branch of the Huns. Procopius Caesarea describes the ancestors of modern Russians as people of enormous height, powerful weight, and enormous strength with a golden-red skin color. But the Slavs were mostly fair-haired already in the VI century. Patriarchal relations and polygamy prevailed in Russia at that time (usually from two to four wives). At the same time, wives were not in a slavish submission to their husbands in any tribe. Moreover, the "unloved" Russian women could almost officially, without hiding, change their husbands and have sex with them. And if a woman could find a gentleman who "offered her his heart," promising to make her "the main" wife, an ancient Slavic young lady changed her spouse.

Emperor Maurice, another Byzantine historian of the same VI century, was astonished by the way of copulation favored by the Slavs - in the water: on the lake or river bank, or even surfacing in a wide river. Maurice was amazed by the fact that the Slavic youth had fun with group sex during the holidays even before marriage - no one thought of virginity. Sex with Russian women was not reprehensible if a man was a member of the clan.

couple-in-bedThe ancestors of Russian people associated sexuality with a holiday, laughter, hymns, and a kind of musical accompaniment for a long time (until the XII century). So, one of these holidays of the ancient Slavs - named in honor of the god Lada - later became the day of Ivan Kupala. It's even hard to imagine a sexual expanse in honor of Lada if you remember a much more decent holiday of Ivan Kupala in the XVII century. Orthodox monks wrote that this was a real feast of emancipation and debauchery, which involved men, women and even teenagers.

The "trademark" sign of ancient Slavic intimate relations was the absence of bestiality and homosexuality, as well as the categorical reluctance of men to make their victories over women for general discussion. Bragging about bedtime successes were practiced by ancient Indian heroes and Western European knights as evidenced by many historical sources.

Sexual Prohibitions

The founder of the struggle "for moral principles" in Kievan Rus should probably be considered Princess Olga. In 953, she issued the first decree on the sex- and wedding-related standards, particularly that on monetary or clothing compensation for a lack of...virginity!

However, it was forbidden for the priests to conduct the defloration of Russian women in bed only by Prince Sviatoslav in 967. He declared that from that moment the deprivation of virginity is the husband's direct duty and dignity. Sviatoslav tried to prohibit dancing "at an indecent time", on days when general holidays were not celebrated. The fact is that for many peoples of the world including the Slavs, dances were considered erotic fun amusements: intimate places, usually covered with a tunic or a jacket, were denuded, which gave people a kind of sexual pleasure. But this was a big mistake by sexual reformers - the people began to rebel. Soon they had to cancel the decree.

What Russian Women Prefer in Bed

Hundreds of years have passed since the rule of kings and princes in Russia. This country has undergone many changes which concerned both political and social structure. All these changes undoubtedly left a mark on Russian people making them very original and, sometimes, difficult to understand. But the topic of sex, despite the fact it was completely disregarded by the communist regime, remained virtually unchanged. Russian girls were hot in bed centuries ago, and they are still considered the same today. Russians like to have sex and they are free in this regard as well as the rest of the civilized world.

Hot Russian women have some preferences in sex. They are not something special, but they should be known if you have serious intentions to start an intimate life with a Russian girl. For this reason, we have prepared for you a small list that will help you feel more confident, and your girlfriend will get real pleasure from sex with you:

1. Play the main role. Beautiful Russian women prefer to really give themselves to their men. This means that in bed there can be only one boss - it's you. Do not hesitate to set the rhythm of movements or insistently hint at changing the posture. But do not turn into a sex tyrant - Russian women do not like it.

2. Bring variety to intimate life. Sex should be regular but not monotonous. Many Russian girls say that the main sources of life for them are new sensations and new experiences. This rule applies to everything, including sex.

3. Be careful with your fantasies! If you decide to try unconventional sex with a Russian woman, make sure she does not mind it. Russians do not really like the word "unconventional", and if it involves sex, then a lot of prejudice may arise. Sexy Russian women can be very liberated, but for this, you need to make some efforts, buddy.

4. Bring it to the end. Russian girls hate egoism ... especially in bed. If you think only about yourself, about your own orgasm - your relationship will last very short. These ladies are used to the fact that their interests are placed above the men`s one - follow this golden rule of Russian women dating.

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