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How to Get a Kiss on the First Date

When it comes to a first date with a new special person you’ve met, the most popular question is gonna be “how to get a girl to kiss you?” Let’s approach this matter comprehensively and figure out how to make your date flawless and what girls think about kissing.


Is it okay to kiss on the first date?

Although we allegedly live in the era when many things are allowed, most young people still feel uncertain about it. Well, if you check out any first date tips – including those given on our site – you will understand there’s nothing wrong with kisses. However, there are also many factors that actually define whether your attempt will be successful or not.

Basically, it’s all about the chemistry between you and your crush. No chemistry – no proper dating. Here we have only two main variants: you may resonate with a particular person or not. If you two feel the connection, congrats! Yet the rest job is to be done. The very last paragraph will tell you what steps to take in order to get a girl to kiss you.

Do men and women see kissing on the first date in a different perspective?

I wouldn’t say it is 100% different but it is surely dissimilar. It is natural that guys and girls have different visions of life and love. They perceive physical interaction, romance, and even feelings in two very contrasting ways.

Men are primarily oriented on communication with as many people as possible so it is harder for them to concentrate on a meaningful conversation with just one person. Women, in their turn, are more into intimacy; they always try to build a significant relationship with anyone they communicate closely. As the second, guys are definitely more interested in the physical aspect – they want to touch, to caress, and to kiss. Girls enjoy talking most of all. Understanding these distinctions is necessary to get your crush to kiss you.

How to actually get a kiss on the first date?

1. Search for good first date ideas. The very first thing to do to make your date unforgettable is to pick the best possible scenario. Are you aware of her preferences? Where, when, and how does she like to hang out? Find the answers and plan ahead.

2. Arrive on time. Being late for your first date is unacceptable. Strictly speaking, men are supposed to arrive a bit earlier to do all preparations and wait for their ladies to come.

3. Bring something as a gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bouquet of flowers – if they are too banal for you. I’d recommend you bring a meaningful present that matches your crush’s hobbies or interests.

4. Put your phone aside. The most disgusting thing you can do to your girl on a first date is being on your phone instead of being keen on her. Please, please leave it in your pocket for a while.

5. Be sincere. Demonstrating your real qualities and views is one of the certain ways how to get your girlfriend to kiss you after a date. No need to wear a mask if you wanna get her curious about you!

6. Promote the dialogue. A good first date should bring you two closer and help you get to know each other. Work on your communication skills so your girl will enjoy the time together.

7. Accompany her home. First, this is chivalrous; second, this ensures her safety. If you pick her up, it is an absolute must-do to drive her back home.

8. Give a kiss! The final tip on how to get a girl to kiss you is as simple as you could’ve ever imagined. Yes, modern guys are expected to take the initiative. Keep the tabs on how your date runs and if it was great, don’t hesitate to give her a kiss!

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I think it's best to kiss a girl at the end of the first date. A guy should accompany the lady home and gently kiss her goodbye. It creates some kind of intrigue.
28.02.2020 11:54
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