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Dating a Girl in Her 20s: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to dating after 40, men prefer to date sexy young girls. Senior dating sites often offer dating young Russian girls, because they are brought up according to patriarchal rules, where man is the main authority in their lives. This way of bringing up often results in young Russian girls dating older western men. But, senior dating requires certain rules, and whether you date a Russian or a western woman, you should know them.

Dating a Girl in Her 20s: Tips and Tricks

Show Your Maturity
Dating a young girl can give you the feeling that you're much younger than you really are. But, don't try to act like some college stud, because she fell for you for being an older guy. Guys' maturity is miles behind girls' maturity, that's why young girls inclined to date older men. Although, younger guys can be physically much sexier than you are, you have an emotional stability. And if she longs for it, give it to her. Show how mature you are, and leave the fart- and tits-jokes for the younger guys. Especially if you date a Russian girl, because if there's something that Russian men truly lack, it's maturity.

Show Your Smartness
Girls think that older men are more clever than young guys. And you shouldn't disappoint her, with showing that age and cleverness don't necessary walk hand in hand. It doesn't mean that you must lecture her about Chinese economic or the politics or Arabic states. You have a life experience, thus you can touch upon many topics. Moreover, you can share your experience with her. But, you should be careful with that. Be sure that it doesn't turn into lecturing her.

Don't Try to Buy Her
It is a common mistake when it comes to dating for seniors. The paranoia that she may leave you for a younger guy, often forces you to swamp her in huge amount of expensive gifts. But, sooner or later she may start thinking that you want to buy her. When it comes to Russian women, expensive gifts can be perceived by them as the lack of self-confidence. And in the end, do you really think that she is with you because of the money? Than, maybe you should leave now, because one of you is an unreliable partner. Either you, because of your paranoia or she (if you suspicions are right), because of her greed.

Don't Try to Be Superior
This is a common mistake that the majority of older men tend to make. While it is undeniable truth, that you've lived longer than she, and you have a bigger life experience, you mustn't play your younger girlfriend down. Though, her experience may be inferior to yours, it doesn't mean that you should play “the teacher and the student”, unless she asks you to. Moreover, sometimes an inexperienced can give a good advice to the experienced one. So, listen to her thoughts and ideas, as male knowledge and experience is often inferior to female intuition.

Last, but not the least, you shouldn't listen to rumours. If you date a girl in her 20s, be ready for the jokes about your age gap and rumours about her being unfaithful to you. People can often be jealous, so don't let them break your relationships.

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I dated a Ukrainian girl, and my main problem was the language barrier – it created difficulties in communication. But with time, she improved her English and the problem was solved.
28.02.2020 11:56
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