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5 Secrets to Pick Up a Smart Girl

Doing my regular online research a few days ago, I discovered many men complained they couldn’t find smart girls to date. This really surprised me. In fact, our world is full of different ladies and great many of them have a high level of intellect. For instance, Russian girls are considered to be very intelligent and flexible – that’s one of the reasons why they are so popular dating marriage materials.

But is that really problematic to charm a smart girl? No. Great news, huh. First of all, you should understand that brainy women wish to date men who have similar mind capabilities. Meet 5 essential tips on how to pick up girls (including girls from Russia) and enhance your dating life!

Secrets to Pick Up a Smart Girl

1. Possess your own intellectual baggage.

Obvious as it may sound, this is the most solid way to attract brainy ladies. Have you ever heard about sapiosexual people? This is quite a fresh term that describes guys and girls who tend to fall for smart people. If you get a good education and have a wide and diverse circle of knowledge, your chances of picking up girls from intellectual communities rapidly grow. Well, I don’t mean only theoretical knowledge – it is about practical skills and wittiness. By the way, female Russians belong to the most reading category of girls on the planet! If you are good at literature, a Russian beauty’s heart will be yours!

2. Take up the right activities.

Intellect is not only encoded in your genes, your brain capacities depend on how you develop them as well. Your first step to how to pick up a woman should be taking up hobbies that would simultaneously enrich your inner world and give the opportunity to share information with like-minded people. Smart ladies usually know how to get themselves busy with interesting things – join them and check out if there are girls who evoke your interest. Those may be various classes, training, art workshops etc.

3. Demonstrate your knowlegibility.

Many guys nowadays are convinced their dating life will go to another level if they learn many pick up lines for girls and use those on any occasion. But the real situation is different. Hackneyed phrases and gestures aren’t nice; they can irritate a smart girl instead. You know, if she is really intelligent, she can’t feel good around the guy who woos her like a random chick. Personalize your approach! Intellectually developed women prefer specific treatment: talk to her, get to know her, and share your mind with her.

4. Be a gentleman.

Indeed, winning a smart woman’s heart is not possible if you behave like a douchebag. Especially if you are keen on Russian women who value courtesy over many other things. The art of being a gentleman isn’t very hard to master. Keep in mind it refers to both your actions and your speech. How large is your vocabulary? How good are your grammar and spelling? Work it out prior to kicking your search of a smart girlfriend off. Handle your table manners too. You see, every single element helps construct the overall impression about you.

5. Act confidently.

To prove your worth, you should behave in a certain way. Even in our era of emancipation, manliness is what most women look for. Self-confidence is one of the core manly qualities; Russian ladies, for example, tend to crush on confident men. Don’t hesitate to express your opinion, provide some consultations if a girl needs those, and be determined in your wooing! Hope now you are aware of how to pick up girls with high intellect fast and easy.

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Also, places where to look for a girl are important. A smart girl is unlikely to hang out in clubs and bars. It’s better to visit cultural events, exhibitions, theatres, etc.
28.02.2020 11:55
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