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Hottest Girls in Video Games

With Tomb Raider’s latest adventure movie starring gorgeous Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft rocked the house, it is definitely a great moment to take a look at all the video games hotties that get millions of fans around the globe so excited and bothered. In the recent years, video games industry has offered us a lot of strong female characters through their long and illustrious stories, rather than having them simply being trophies or anyhow motivations for main male heroes, as those stunning hot females in video games definitely have evolved into either saviors or greatest villains each on their own terms.

So far, they are no longer secondary class roles constantly in need of saving, or being included just because of their awesome looks, so that we can now celebrate and praise all these hot girls in video games exactly in those terms with no side intent to reinforce the hackneyed stereotype of women in video games industry. So, today we’ll be examining the top 15 sexiest females in video games as we all admire them for their intelligence, prominent accomplishments, personalities, and general likability .

Girl Power or a simple sexualization of females in video games?

The true place of our wonderful females in the world of video games has recently become quite a sensitive topic for discussion. With a lot more powerful, independent female game characters with each one making her own way, it might be bringing into a pretty fair question how exactly girls in video games should be reviewed. Because, you may agree that, in the originally male-dominated sphere, how can all those women be represented? No denial, most women you may encounter in games are just super hot and attractive. Obviously, they need to be a lot larger than the whole life in the way they’re inspiring the same kind of feeling within their game worlds. And it’s practically the same thing with male game characters, although for particular reason men often happen to be way less thoroughly examined by game critics regarding their pretty much equally ostentatious shapes and designs. But turning back to women’s situation, what adds to a perfect female game character?

Apparently developers don’t simply aim to create some eye candies for the gamers to ogle – well, as far as some prefer to believe the narrative. And small doubt, most females in modern video games are just as masculine as the male characters. Giving the fact they might have enough delicate and appealing features, it is nothing more than a specific reality of the entire business. In this way, with the upcoming list, we have chosen to praise and celebrate those best females in video games instead of simply chastise them. So, let’s leave the talks at the door rolling straight to that aesthetically pleasing squad of hot girls from video games. These are our top 15 sexiest females in the gaming world. Enjoy!

Top 15 hottest females in video games

1. Jill Valentine

Game: Resident Evil

females in video games

Zombies everywhere, bloody rivers and gore. Indeed, that’s what most people imagine when someone mentions Resident Evil. Oh well, not forgetting the jump scares as well. Literally, tons of jump scares. Still, other than plain hideous and straight terrifying, the RE series has also gifted its true fans a decade of real eye candies over the next years. Among others, in addition to being an absolute badass, Jill from Resident Evil is the most well-thought-out female character next door. Well, at least Jill is the kind of girl you would wish to be neighbors with just in case of a global zombie apocalypse. And while the countless zombie hordes continue to drag their vicious corpses along the landscapes of pop culture, the only thing we will never be bored of viewing is this stunning beauty appearing on our screens again and again.

2. Juliet Starling

Game: Lollipop Chainsaw

sexualization of females in video games

What sort of psychopath, aggressive she-nut would run around wielding only a chainsaw with a heart painted on it while sucking lollipops and dressed in a cheerleading outfit? Exactly! That’s the sort of a zombie slayer that has captured thousands of hearts. Only giving the fact this representative of sexy girls in video games had to saw her boyfriend’s head off having casted a spell on him in order to keep him from turning into one of those walking dead things might be showing that Juliet is all the way down for her boy. Even though she may have a few quirks.

3. Cassie Cage

Game: Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat may be synonymous with blood, broken skulls and all other things unseemly. Still, the fighting franchise has provided its fans with something more special rather than just blood and guts. At the same time, the game actually offers quite a couple of lookers. However, those beauties not trying to rip your spine off are quite busy looking forward to splitting you in two. That’s why the number of suitable hottest girls in video games representing MK series really tends to narrow down. Although Cassie might be a newbie to the Mortal Kombat franchise, she has already left her own mark as the game’s most attractive fighter. Daughter of Sonia Blade and Johnny Cage, Ms. Cage inherited the very best of her mom and dad. With Sonia’s beautiful facial features and Johnny’s signature wit in addition to his sharp tongue, the girl not only looks awesome, but can also hold herself pretty well too.

4. Lara Croft

Game: Tomb Raider

best females in video games

The same as Michael Jordan to the court, Ms. Croft is to the best females in video games: the dominant game-changer. Lovely English accent, bad-ass moves, tight outfits, and now with the new movie came up we certainly can expect even a dirtier and grittier vixen than the girl most of us originally fell in love with.

5. Cindy Aurum

Game: Final Fantasy

hot females in video games

While Cindy may not necessarily be that much of some major character within her game, but Ms. Aurum certainly demonstrated to be one of the hottest girls in video games. The FF series undoubtedly owns its share of mouthwatering babes, yet this girlie has left her signature mark, having established her own as one of the game’s most wonderful. Every single detail – from her cute curly hair and red hat, to Cindy’s tight yellow jacket, paired with no less tight jean shorts and leather boots – screams unique style. The FF designers managed to make it ultra hard for the fans of the series to turn their eyes away from such a seductive blondie.

6. Rayne

Game: BloodRayne

hot girls from video games

The redhead protagonist of the series named after her, Rayne fairly has one of the most tearful and tragic stories on our list. Being orphaned after girl’s vampire father killed her mother, Rayne took up the job of vampire hunter. So, it comes as no surprise that Rayne handles herself pretty well in a fight. But don’t let her lethal play fool you, Rayne is a true stunner. The half-vampire hottie leaves almost nothing to be desired when it comes to looks department. And despite girl’s hands entirely on her profession, the woman certainly knows how to do a proper cleanup and, being absolutely honest here, whether in her combat suit or that groundbreaking dress she was wearing at the beginning of BloodRayne 2, this lady looks so fine in just about anything.

7. Purna

Game: Dead Island

hottest girls in video games

If you got stuck on the Banoi island, where the undead have taken over - what would you do? That’s an easy one. You go pick the one who’ll be the firearms expert so that they can use their skills and unleash a powerful revolver to all those walkers. According to Purna’s backstory, she used to be a police officer who lost her job when she put down a child molester who failed to be convicted due to his enormous wealth and connections. That’s surely a big plus to her character in addition to the woman’s astonishing curves.

8. Trish

Game: Devil May Cry

hot girls in video games

We used to meet quite a few magnificent females in video games who upon the very introduction have already electrocuted us with their charming facial features and hot bodies and were appealing enough for most of us to still lust after. However, this freelance devil-huntress will always have her own place in our hearts. And together with the girl’s appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, we definitely have seen something more of her.

9. Zoe Castillo

Game: Dreamfall

hottest females in video games

Zoe Castillo happened in the awfully wrong place at the awfully wrong time when Castillo and the woman she was rescuing came across a stiff at Zoe’s ex-boyfriend’s apartment, leading to those two sharing adventures. Anyway, Zoe is still one of those hot girls in video games.

10. Kaileena

Game: Prince of Persia


Unlike most unplayable female game characters, Kaileena is not some kind of a damsel in distress. In this way, in Warrior Within she is the main antagonist, but the Prince later warmed her heart turning Kaileena into his ride-or-die girlie in The Two Thrones. The character was voiced by Monica Bellucci herself in the first game, so it somehow goes toward explaining why the girl in the game is barely dressed. But, still, we don’t really care why.

11. Candy Suxxx

Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


You may ask why not Misty from GTA part III, not Mercedes from GTA Vice City, not that wacky Colombian chick from GTA San Andreas. Why not any other babe from GTA?! Well, let us tell you why. It is because Candy is an ideal GTA type of girl: a redhead pornstar rocking an American flag bikini the entire game. Truly gifted flesh! Thank you, Rockstar. It would nearly be un-American to overlook such patriotic naked girls in video games!

12. Chloe Frazer

Game: Uncharted: Among Thieves

sexy girls in video games

Elena Fisher can be fulfilling her role of a good girl in the Uncharted series pretty well, still Chloe’s absolutely dangerous bad chick style is precisely what the doctor ordered for the perfect sequel. There’s just something about her accent making many of us drive on the wrong side of the road.

13. Leah

Game: Diablo III

diablo 3

Mostly out of respect for Deckard Cain himself we somehow kept away from adding Leah, but once we actually found out the chick is a screamer – with the rattling ability to destroy just everything around her – we simply could no longer contain ourselves. What’s more, Leah will always hold you down to the very end if you ever end up attacked by demons.

14. Miranda Lawson

Game: Mass Effect 2

hot girls in video games

Miranda Lawson is the true definition of bad meaning good, but that does not change the fact she’s still a snitch. With that being said, all bets are off when it comes about kissing and some other stuff too.

15. Chun Li

Game: Street Fighter

gamers dating

The Street Fighter series went too hard having pumped out literally a ton of ripped male playable characters to choose from, but it also has some female fighters on the roster. With each having her own unique abilities and charm, the most recognizable and by far sexy has to be Chun Li.

The girl’s blue qipao along with brown leggings definitely make Chun Li instantly recognizable, and it was precisely this image that has conquered the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide. Even better, now the Street Fighter’s fandom is able to enjoy Chun-Li’s gorgeous beauty in HD. Sounds awesome to us! What do you think ?

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I’ve been fascinated by the Tomb Raider game since I was a teenager. This is a very good and interesting game with an extremely attractive protagonist.
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