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All About Taurus Women: Check Your Compatibility

Any lady of this sign embodies all the true feminine qualities, so they want to see only real men near them. These ladies were created for love and family. They will be perfect companions to practical and prudent men. They are very soft, friendly, balanced, honest, kind, gentle, affectionate, and beautiful. So, how to interest such a girl? Let’s get to know all about Taurus women.

Taurus woman characteristics

Taurus Woman Traits

These girls have a feminine nature. They are good mistresses and wonderful life partners. Obstinacy is manifested by gentle perseverance, not aggression. They like to bring home comfort. Great diligence and patience make them a desirable employee for any company. So, let’s consider Taurus woman characteristics in detail.


In their appearance, there are common features: softness and femininity forms. They are always attractive. They can be described in one word – erotic. Amazing femininity and seduction are seen in such a lady, regardless of what she is wearing – an evening dress or a pajama.


What can be said about Taurus woman personality? These ladies have a very strong personality. It is not easy to catch them. But if you succeed in this, you can be sure that it is forever. They can talk about your joint future and children on the first date. But don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that she will want to have a wedding tomorrow. It means that she is a reliable partner. But if your intentions are not serious, don’t fool their heads. By the way, we should talk about jealousy. For a long time, these girls will tolerate all suspicions, experiencing emotions within themselves. But, if you exhaust their patience, you will regret your actions. Most likely, you will have a scandal.

Choice of a life partner

Only those men who are notable for their brilliance of mind, neat appearance and good earnings have the chances of winning the attention of these ladies. And such men are the best in terms of Taurus woman compatibility. The fact is that for such women, attention is important not just in the form of banal gifts and trinkets. You should try to get the best for them and do it with love. For these girls, men should be perfect in everything: in signs of attention, the choice of places for rest, dishes in restaurants, and sex.

Love and family

The representatives of this zodiac sign are charming ladies. They love courtship and compliments. Such ladies are desirable life partners for many men. They like to create coziness in the houses and delight family members with delicious culinary masterpieces, and so on. They become loving and caring mothers. These girls devote themselves to children and husbands.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman?

It is rather difficult for such women to fall in love with someone. They prefer to think carefully about everything. To win the heart of such a lady, try to meet the following requirements:

Taurus woman compatibilityGet her attention and please her

Make her a pleasant but not shocking compliment, praise her beauty or character. Let a benevolent smile play on your lips while the voice will be velvety and charming. Look into her eyes and in no case take her time. After you say all that you want, slow down a bit. Don’t immediately run away. Wait for her reaction, even if it’s just a look back.

Give her a small gift

This is the next step of how to attract a Taurus woman. Let the gift be not only nice but also practical enough. It shouldn’t be a trinket that she throws away the next day, mentally reproaching you with wastefulness. This should be a thing that will remain with her for at least a couple of years and will continually remind her of you. Perfumes are very well suited if, of course, you are able to please her tastes.

Arrange an unusual date

When a woman pays attention to you, you can ask her to go out. Ideally, this will be a walk through the park, which will end with a lunch in a small restaurant. It is great if calm Italian music sounds there and there are very few people. How to seduce a Taurus woman and what to talk about on the first date? Choose neutral topics. Tell her about your work or study as well as about your plans for the future. This girl is certainly capable of devoted and sincere love. But it will be much more pleasant for her to fall in love with a man who firmly knows what he wants in life!

Take care of yourself

Dating with her, you will have to take care of your appearance. Bright, catchy clothes of acidic colors will have to be thrown in the garbage. She will just hesitate to appear with you in public. By the way, if such clothes are present in your wardrobe, then it is worth considering whether you really fit each other. If you look at what your girl is wearing, you will not see screaming styles or shades. Everything will be grandly noble and elegant. The same style is recommended for you. Classic lines and dull colors will calm and relax her.

Become a strong man

These ladies will never fall in love with men whom they consider weak. They are strong, albeit feminine. Tell a couple of stories about how you behaved firmly and decisively, coped with big problems, showed wonders of self-control and composure. But aggressive men will only cause their reciprocal aggression. Just look like a real man, but don’t overdo it. Such a man is the best match for a Taurus woman.

Be serious about your future

If you have frivolous plans for a joint future with a woman, it is better to look for another object for lust. She will spend a long time with you, but if she really loves you, she will certainly want to formalize your relationship. She is a family woman, not an adventurer and not for one night! Therefore, before you start your courtship, decide what you want to get and what you are ready to do to win her heart.

Signs That a Taurus Woman Likes You

Astrologers claim that thanks to the sign of the zodiac you can learn about a person’s character and understand how people manifest their feelings. How to figure out whether a Taurus woman is in love and how to get her attention if she has not yet noticed you? The stars will advise you themselves. There are several criteria by which it is easier to learn about the love of women of this zodiac sign. Below we describe all the points:

She will constantly try to make you laugh

Your smile, shining eyes, and good mood will be her main reward of the day. But if she sees that you are not responding to her jokes properly, she will behave with restraint and seriousness. She will not perceive the lack of a sense of humor as a disadvantage, but it will be a little minus. If she is ready to amuse you at any time, regard this as a clear sign of her interest.

She will try to be part of your life

When a girl shows interest in your words and deeds, searches for the common in your interests and hobbies, helps solve your problems, seeks to spend all her free time with you, enjoys meeting your friends and relatives, and acquaints you with hers, congratulations – she is yours!

She becomes prettier every day

Her interests and behavior change. In her manner, there are refinement, some mystery, and grace. Her eyes sparkle with joy, romance, and tenderness. The appearance of a Taurus woman in love also changes – refinement and femininity appear in her outfits, hairstyle, and image become prettier. The energy of the girl in love causes a continuous positive, however, there are mood swings and sometimes sadness and depressions flicker. But it is okay. She just likes you and is nervous.

She becomes jealous

Do you want one more interesting facts about a Taurus woman? She will limit you to communicate with the opposite sex because of suspicion and jealousy, especially if she has a lack of self-confidence or her relationship in the past ended in cheating. She is just afraid of losing a guy with whom she plans to share the love throughout her life.

how to attract a Taurus womanShe constantly texts and calls

Thus, she expresses her love. But long conversations on the phone and bulky messages are not for her. She may wish you good morning, good night, say that she loves you or find out how you are doing, but she resolves all the important issues only in person.

She seems shy

Dating a Taurus woman, you may notice that she is silent for the first time. The most part of communication is accompanied by gestures. But over time, if she has serious feelings, she will be revealed to her loved one.

She separates you from the rest

She will look at you affectionately and gently. Just pay attention to how she interacts with other guys. If you bring her to your friends and if a girl likes you, she will often smile only at you and laugh at even the most unsuccessful jokes.

She tries to touch you all the time

In addition, there are the most obvious signs of attraction from a girl. For example, she touches your hand or puts her head on your shoulder. If the girl is not a timid one, then she will flirt with you, gently tease and playfully indulge.

She often calls you by name

This is also a sure sign of interest. Guys by nature don’t pay special attention to such trifles. Girls, on the contrary, know that referring to a guy by name, they emphasize that they distinguish him, especially if they speak to him diminutively and affectionately.

Taurus Woman in Bed

There are few people like her: comparing to naive, and flirtatious ladies, she seems to be experienced even in her youth. Women of this sign are incredibly strong and hardy in bed. They can please partners with several sexual acts overnight. And here is another tip: the more sex acts per night you have, the better. Taurus women in bed are tireless, and the feeling of fatigue in sex is unfamiliar to them. But despite the passionate behavior in bed, such a girl is quite conservative, not requiring incredible erotic experiments and actions from a partner.

Body contact with a partner is of great importance for these ladies. Mutual erotic caress increases the degree of excitement and gives inexpressible sensations to both participants of sex. The neck, the area behind the ears and the collarbone are their erogenous zones. Knowing this, you can “disarm” almost any representative of this zodiac sign, paying active attention to sensitive spots on her body.

She will tell you without any modesty where to caress her and how to kiss to give maximum pleasure to a Taurus woman in bed. And the more she likes you, the more she trusts you. A high level of trust, in turn, contributes to the greater emancipation in bed. The environment in which everything happens is another very important nuance of sexual intimacy for her. Such a lady loves everything unusual, romance, luxury – in a word, anything that is not banal. You can light candles and have sex in the bath.

How to satisfy her in bed? It is not very difficult. It is enough to engage with passionate, but “standard” (without surprises and impromptu) sex. Few of them will appreciate any form of perversion and deviation from the classics.

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I’m dating a Taurus girl, and everything goes quite well in our relationship. I always try to care for her, take into account her desires and needs, and support her in difficult times.
28.02.2020 12:28
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