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What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings?

61% of men and 69% of women admitted that they broke off a new relationship just because their partner didn’t know how to kiss good and pleasant. Is it that important? Usually, people don’t mention kisses in the context of sexual life or write about it in sexology literature. One of the reasons, for sure, is that kisses very often occur in a non-sexual context: kiss someone on the cheek to greet or say goodbye, kiss the child’s wound so that it stops hurting, kiss the dice for good luck, etc.

When you give and get a kiss, you can experience goosebumps, especially if you do that with a person who is dear to you. Everyone knows that you can express your love, admiration and many other feelings with the help of a kiss, depending on the chosen type of it. And while some of them are more formal, other ones penetrate deep into your soul.

what your kiss says about him

Benefits of Kissing and Why Do We Kiss?

All people kiss from time to time, not reflecting whether there are any benefits of kissing. Nonetheless, some scientists believe that the kisses of another person are based on genetics, that is, all people are predisposed to this. According to their theory, kisses play a paramount role in preserving humans, and they help us survive in different conditions, for example, by strengthening the spiritual and physical connection with other people whom, for example, you meet on a single women website. Evolutionary it is formed that the long-term benefits of kissing are masked by the short-term enjoyment. Such pleasure is based on many sensory neurons that are located on the tongue and lips. The impact of a kiss on the emotional and physical condition of a person is so great that there is even a separate science, philematology. So, here are some of the main benefits of kissing.

1. This strengthens your immune system

Passionate kisses strengthen the immune system of both participants at once in this exciting process. While kissing, your body activates neuropeptides that normalize metabolism and neutralize viruses and pathogenic bacteria. American scientists have found out that kisses also extend our lives for as much as five years, that is, exactly as much as regular sports classes provide. The same can be said about sex (it prolongs life by three years with regular practice and has a lot of other indisputable advantages) and even about friendly hugs. So, you are interested in strengthening your immune system, then “add” kissing to your regular routine. Thus, people who like kissing turn to doctors much less often.

2. This works as a pain killer and antibiotic

According to physiologists and psycho-physiologists, hugs and kisses are the simplest anabolics that activate areas in the brain that are responsible for producing opiates and endorphins. So, kissing serves as a perfect pain killer for both mental and physical wounds. Some experts attribute even a rejuvenating effect of kissing. When you are kissing, your lungs work better, you start breathing much intensively, so the lungs are cleaned. Thus, people who like to kiss are less likely to get pulmonary diseases. Australian scientists have found out that human saliva contains a huge amount of antibiotics, and when you are kissing, they get into the partner’s organism and have a therapeutic effect on it.

3. This improves your relationships

About 92% of women receive sexual pleasure from kisses, and 2% of lucky ones can even get an orgasm from this! So, even if your woman does not belong to this 2 %, still kiss her passionately and have fun! According to statistics, 41% of couples consider a passionate tongue kiss to be one of the best manifestations of love. Such a kiss gives an emotional splash, which can serve as a prevention from breakups. A kiss is a good way to make your partner shut up, so you can avoid explanations and quarrels. Sexologists are sure that when people use their tongue while kissing, 70% of them can easily turn on. Human saliva also contains androsterone, which increases sexual desire in women and men. what a kiss says A kiss says about love much more eloquently than words, so when you look at single women photo, think about meeting offline. If you want to make a declaration of love, just kiss your partner with all the passion that you have.

How Kiss Affects to Your Health?

Some studies have shown that kissing is not only very pleasant but also useful occupation. While most bacteria in humans are identical, 20 percent of the bacteria in each person is individual. This means that every kiss helps strengthen your immunity in general. Besides, kisses can keep your teeth clean. During the kiss, more saliva is released, which washes dangerous bacteria and makes your smile snow-white. Kisses can also lower blood pressure. So, in general, kisses improve blood circulation, prevent and relieve headaches, and improve skin health. Couples who kiss several times a day have significantly fewer health problems. This is a great reason to kiss much more often.

Of course, none of the above-mentioned things will benefit if kissing a person who is sick. Diseases such as herpes, flu and even meningitis are transmitted through a kiss. However, such cases are rare, and scientists are unanimous: the kiss has more advantages than disadvantages.

Types of Kiss and What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings

A kiss is a door, having opened which, strangers can become lovers, those who are in a quarrel can make up, and those who are in long-distance relationships can understand what real love is. When a guy says he wants to kiss you, it means that he wants to move to the next level and open this notorious door. Have you ever thought that you can express many feelings with the help of kissing, without saying a word, for example, passion and desire for intimacy, tenderness, and even sadness? What types of kiss should you be aware of and what his kiss says about how he feels?

A head kiss

Very often, this type of kissing has no sexual connotation, it is more about the care and desire to protect. A man in every possible way wants to become a strong shoulder to rely on. Usually people with an impressive age gap like this type of kissing. A person who gives such a kiss is ready to support and become a shoulder to cry on.

A lip kiss

Such a kiss in public says about how he feels, it can express friendliness, good mood, wish a good day or goodnight. Sometimes close friends who are not in a romantic or sexual relationship express their disposition to each other with such a kiss. Sometimes such a kiss is used by a couple in public when they don’t want to show their feelings too brightly.

A closed-mouth kiss

If the lips are closed while kissing, this may indicate that two people are still not quite comfortable with each other. If a couple who is in a long-term relationship, kisses this way, this may indicate an emotional barrier. However, if it is about the very beginning of the relationship, then what a kiss says? Such a kiss may tell about sympathy, especially on the part of a man who does not like to talk about his feelings.

A tongue kiss

This is a very intimate, passionate and sensual kiss, the technique of which can change a million times. Usually, it begins with a barely noticeable touch of the lips, after which the speed of the kiss, the number of movements, and the ways of moving the tongue can slowly increase. What the way you kiss says about you? Undoubtedly, such a way of kissing says that you have a strong feeling towards a person, it is an expression of great love and passion.

A cheek kiss

Do you know what his kiss says about how he feels about you? A polite and friendly cheek kiss is a sign of gratitude or sympathy. Besides, a man can “test the waters,” trying to understand whether a girl is ready to move closer. If a man kisses his woman on the cheek, then she is dear to him not only as a lover but also as a good faithful friend, with whom he wants to share not only joy but also sorrows and anxieties.

A soft kiss

Usually, the first kiss happens his way. Do you know what his kiss says about him? If a man kisses a girl gently and softly, it means that the guy is romantic and caring, he wants to continue the relationship, but first, he wants to make sure that the partner feels the same. He doesn’t want to rush things or make pressure on the girl.

An eye kiss

Such a kiss is very romantically called “angelic,” and it is a very gentle and quiet, touching and intimate way of kissing. Lips lightly touch not only the eyelids but also the corners of the eyes and eyebrows. Such a manifestation of feelings speaks of caring, trust, and comfort between people. Do you know what your kiss says about him? This is a sign of deep and strong feelings.

A slobber kiss

This is pure sexual energy. It resembles the struggle of two tigers in the mating season when a man strives to take control of the situation and faces resistance. This type of kiss speaks of the great excitement of the partners and the prevalence of the sensual, passionate side of relationships over the inner, spiritual.

A controlling kiss

Such a kiss demonstrates a huge inner power and sexual energy when the desire to display it in physical relationships is much stronger than everything else. Many men prefer this type of kisses since it helps them to take a leadership position and get power over a partner, besides, often it leads to sexual intercourse.

An empty kiss

This kiss is not a contact one. A person just moves with their lips and sometimes with their hand, as if sending an air kiss towards the object of their sympathy. It can be used both between partners and between friends or other people who like playful behavior and have warm relationships.

what the way you kiss says about youA hand kiss

This is a kiss that expresses respect and admiration. In a more formal setting, the meaning of this kiss is undoubtedly elegance and respect. It is a historic kiss among the gentlemen with great manners who usually try to seduce ladies in movies. It can also be an act of tenderness since the palm is very sensitive to the touch of the lips.

Kisses on your breast

Often it is not about a single kiss, but a series of gentle or passionate kisses. A man starts kissing the neck of the partner and goes down to the breast and stomach. Such kisses tell about the partner’s passion and sexual desire. Skin receptors usually respond very sensitively to such affection, so usually, a more intimate form of intimacy becomes a continuation of such kisses.

A stomach kiss

This type of kissing is possible between lovers. What a kiss says about love? A partner is trying to tell you that you are close. After all, there are a lot of nerve endings on a stomach. So, when you stimulate these nerve endings, you activate a strong sexual desire.

A nose kiss

How you kiss says about you a lot of things. This kiss means a desire to draw attention and make someone smile. This is a very funny and cute type of kissing. It is suitable for those couples in which people trust each other completely, not being afraid to seem ridiculous or awkward. Often couples in love who are together for a long time, want to cheer up their soulmates with such a kiss.

A shoulder kiss

Often such type of kissing tells about secret passion. A guy wants you, but he controls his desire to move further. In most people, these areas of the body are extremely erogenous, that is, when a partner is kissing your shoulder, you may want intimacy much faster.

Go and kiss your partner

The efforts made by the couple in a long-term relationship inform their partners of their sincere care, love and respect. And this is extremely important for the development of a healthy relationship. But, unfortunately, the longer the couple together is, the fewer people pay attention to kisses. They begin to believe that this is not so important. However, even in a long-term relationship, people should kiss not less than 5 times a day.

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