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How to Be More Attractive to Women

Many guys want to know what girls like in them most of all. After all, every man has the opportunity to become the one who can attract any girl. It will simplify life and personal relationships with the opposite sex. In the article, we will give advice on what girls like in guys and how to use these tips in practice.

how to become more attractive

How to look more attractive

Internal confidence and attractive appearance are the main qualities that attract women. And there are some ways of how to make yourself look more attractive:

1. Be more active and cheerful

Show more charisma, charm, male confidence, and firmness.

2. Be stylish

Try to look a little better than the others. But don’t stand out too much just to be the first to whom ladies pay attention.

3. Wear glasses if needed

Do glasses make you look more attractive? Yes! This is an accessory that shows your individuality and style. Glasses change your image. And the rightly chosen glasses improve it. Glasses add solidness to many men. And it is much better to wear glasses and be attractive than to squint as a mole trying to see at least something.

4. Use perfume

The light and delicate fragrance of perfume is another point to your attractiveness. Remember that smelling good makes you more attractive.

5. Do some sports

As young ladies go to cosmetic and spa salons, you also have to go to the gym. In general, the gym is your beauty salon. With it, you will radiate vital energy and, consequently, attractiveness. This is how to be more physically attractive to women.

6. Wash your hair

Ideally, you need to wash your hair several times a week but not every day. Otherwise, your hair may become brittle and dull. But if you go to the gym every day and have to wash your hair every day, then do it in the evening and use a good hair conditioner.

7. Take care of your teeth

Use dental floss every day and bleach your teeth every six months. But don’t overdo in pursuit of a snow-white smile: your teeth should look natural. By the way, a week after bleaching, it is better not to drink red wine and coffee, which can spoil the result.

8. Cut your hair every 3-6 weeks

Your haircut should be neat. Find your barber who cuts your hair in the best way and attend him/her every 3-6 weeks. The frequency of visits depends on the type of your haircuts and the speed of hair growth.

how to appear more attractiveHow to make your face more attractive

A man who pays enough time and attention to himself is always attractive and enjoys success among women! The good news is that it’s much easier for men to care for their skin than for women. Just follow these tips that can help your face to look attractive.

1. Do physical exercises

This is the main thing that allows a man to maintain an attractive appearance. Training helps to slow the aging process, improve the skin condition, and increase self-confidence. You’ll just feel much better. During the morning exercises, you get a large dose of endorphins at the very beginning of the day and burn more fat. Thanks to physical activity, blood circulation improves and skin becomes rosy and healthy. Girls will notice this.

2. Drink more water

Drink 8 glasses of clean water per day and maintain an optimal balance of water in your body. Thus, you can delay the appearance of the first wrinkles and feel better. Don’t drink too much coffee and alcohol – the body loses a lot of fluid because of them. And if you drink not enough water, your skin will be dry.

3. Sleep 7-9 hours a day

If you don’t sleep enough, then your nervous system will not have time to recover. There will be traces of lack of sleep on your face. If you get enough sleep, you will feel more cheerful and fresh (and no bloodshot eyes and dark circles).

4. Eat healthy food

To get rid of puffiness on the face, eat food rich in lean proteins and healthy fats; choose vegetables and slowly digested cereals. If you have problem skin, then you need to forget about sweets and simple carbohydrates.

5. Take care of your skin

How to make yourself more attractive? Use face cleansers and moisturizers. Also, use lip balm every morning. If you have skin problems (for example, acne), buy a mild cleanser with 2% salicylic acid. It is good if a moisturizing cream contains SPF-filters and protects from the sun. Thus, you prevent premature aging of the facial skin. It is also desirable to buy a lip balm with UV protection.

6. Shave after shower

While you are taking a shower, the effect of a sauna is created. Pores open up, hair becomes softer and more obedient. Shaving after a shower helps to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation. If you don’t have time for a shower, then at least make a compress with hot water.

7. Change bed linen more often

You need to change pillow cases at least once a week. If this is not done, pores of your skin will be clogged with dust and dirt, and acne will appear. It is especially important to change bed linens if a girl has visited your bed: she probably left on pillowcases remains of cosmetics and hair styling products.

How to feel more attractive

You know that you are a good, kind person who has many special qualities. In fact, you are a cheerful, lively person, you are happy and respected. However, your wonderful qualities have disappeared in the haze of uncertainty, your mood has become gloomy and closed, and you couldn’t make out who you really are, and others couldn’t see how attractive you were, the attraction that was characteristic of you, and all that you were capable of.

For sure, you’ve heard people say: “Who looks good, feels good”. Similarly, if you feel well, you are in a better mood, which will allow you to look better and look good – these are the conditions that fuel one another. The better you look, the better you feel. And when you feel better, you will indeed become more attractive.

Everyone has attractive features. In each of us, there is something special, something for which we are valued and loved. If you find it hard to believe in this, you need to work more on yourself. Don’t give up. Make it a rule to remind yourself that you’re worth someone else’s attention.

1. Increase your self-esteem

A healthy high self-esteem is not only vital but it directly affects your self-confidence. Self-esteem is formed in early childhood. And you can remember that you, for example, were not allowed to show off your achievements or people didn’t admire your beauty and merit. You can grow your self-esteem and become a good teacher for yourself. Who, if not you, will add to yourself the values in this world?

2. Listen to your desires

Often, when we become adults, we cease to hear our needs and don’t know what we really want. Remember how children spontaneously and with all sincerity go towards their “want”. Imagine that you have such an inner child. And you know perfectly what you want. So, how to seem more attractive? Listen to yourself – it gives real clues. And the more easily we follow our true desires, the freer and more naturally we are manifested in the external world, accordingly, the more attractive we become to others.

how to appear more attractive3. Love yourself

Love to oneself is the first step to feel attractive. How nice it is to be next to a man who is careful to himself. I don’t mean narcissism. I’m talking about the ability to take care of oneself, without losing respect for the other. This can become the basis of your magnetism – the ability to hear yourself, let your pleasure into your life, go your own way, and respect your body and your environment.

4. Discover the talents

What can you do well? Draw, dance, sing, or something else? If today you can’t boast of your talents, then use your research interest. Try yourself in different areas, look for new hobbies, and risk discovering new abilities. Only when you present yourself to the world, the world will pay attention to you. And don’t strive to become the best in all matters. To begin with, learn to be carried away and be proud of even small achievements.

5. Be self-convenient

And the key moment is that man’s magnetism and attractiveness is primarily determined by a sense of dignity. You don’t have to make an impression on every woman you like and rejoice if it’s not easy for you to open to a person or if you want privacy now. Appreciate yourself and those around you will be attracted.

How to be more attractive to women: general advice

Female psychology seems a mystery to many representatives of the stronger sex. How to be more attractive to women? What qualities seem attractive to girls? Are there any universal ways to achieve women’s sympathy? These questions worry many men of all ages. And here are our recommendations:

1. Appearance

How to appear more attractive? Many young people spend long hours in the gym to make their body perfect and, therefore, to be more attractive to girls. Of course, almost all women like a fit figure. However, in pursuit of physical perfection, a man shouldn’t forget about hygiene. Surprisingly, many modern men don’t use deodorants and take a shower only occasionally. But even the most perfect body doesn’t seem attractive if it exudes an unpleasant smell.

2. Male character

How to become more attractive in women’s eyes? To please a woman, you need to have certain character traits and be able to demonstrate these features on time. Most girls mention “male character” talking about the qualities a man should have. This is a whole complex of qualities that true women appreciate in real men.

3. Not only masculine qualities

As it has been repeatedly noted, women are very inconsistent creatures. After all, only inconsistency can explain the fact that the chosen one is required to be a real man and at the same time, possess many feminine qualities. Is it possible to be both masculine and feminine at the same time? Most girls are confident that yes, it is possible. Therefore, having set a goal to attract a woman, it is necessary to show her such qualities as tenderness, sensitivity, and romanticism.

4. A little about money

Among men, it is widely believed that modern women are very mercantile: they only need money. Of course, this is not entirely true. The thickness of a wallet is crucial for girls-consumers who are deliberately looking for “sponsors”. The rest reasonably argue that a relationship is built not on the material capabilities of a man but depends on a person himself. And yet we can’t say that money doesn’t matter at all. For the most part, women are pragmatic and they are looking for a man who can provide for them and their children. If a gentleman can’t find money for a bouquet or a restaurant, it’s hardly possible to feel safe next to him. The ability to earn money is a big plus for a man, but the most important thing is to be able to spend this money. Women value generous men that are ready to invest in them. Many even believe that this willingness speaks about the seriousness of men’s intentions.

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